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One of the best games ever

This game was recommended to me by a friend and at first i thought, single player, offline, primitive girl with a spear and bow hunting rabbits and boars, there's no way I'm gonna like this. But i played through the opening mission and realized there was more to it. And it was great. This is perhaps one of the best games I've ever played and it was enough to get me off of destiny for a few weeks. Its easy to follow, and the controls are pretty user friendly. This game lets you truly go anywhere on the map without much limitation. As far as keeping you busy, there are story missions, side quests, and errands. There is some farming, but not too much. You aren't gonna be grinding for days. A few minutes and then you can continue your task. There are tons of Collectable items to search which can be traded with vendors for new gear/weapons and a giant open world to explore. Gearing up is pretty easy through various vendors and excess farmed materials can be sold for in game currency. The game goes through day/night cycles and even weather change which seems to affect wild life in the game. Amazing graphics, and smooth gameplay. Zero dawn will keep you busy and entertained for days. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for interesting game play and a great/compelling story. I would say this game is a single player open world sci fi post apocalyptic action adventure 3rd person shooter title.Read full review...

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One of the BEST GAMES I have ever played!! Fantastice Single Player Narrative based games!!!

Compelling story, Loveable character, fantastice world, and no need for grinding! I put off buying this game for 6 months because I thought it was going to be feminist claptrap garbabe, man was I wrong. It does have some of those elements in the game, it is afterall built in a matriarchal world. Even with these elements present the story and the main character overshadow these flaws. Aloy is a very likeable character who you become endeared to in the beginning of the story. It is a must play for any player who likes narrative based single player games!Read full review...

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Wasn't sure what to expect

This game has so far been amazing. Although sometimes very challenging, It never feels impossible. After a pretty long beginning/ tutorial, you are left on your own to figure most of the gameplay on your own. Facing different mechanical beasts, it's up to the player to figure out the best way to take them down. I'm having a blast playing and I highly recommend this open world adventure!!Read full review...

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Beautiful and unique game

I've been addicted since the minute I popped the disc into the PS4. Beautiful game from a visual standpoint. The protagonist is fantastic. The gameplay is unique and although it can be challenging, the story line slowly teaches you the controls and maneuvers. Highly recommend this game to those who enjoy open world environments.Read full review...

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Amazing game

I was skeptic of this game at first but I must say, this is a great game. Hunting wildlife, killing machines, taking out bandits, plentiful side missions and crafting your own weapons makes for fantastic gameplay.Read full review...

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Graphics are wonderful. It's a challenging game, there's plenty of quests to keep you hooked, and so much to explore as well. You want to get stronger and level up as much as possible to fight all these incredibly designed machines. I recommend this game to anyone who asks.Read full review...

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After hearing so much about this game and enjoying the new God of War which is made by the same company i finally decided to get it and try it out. I was very happy to find that this game hadn't been hyped up at all it has a great plot and awesome graphics. I'm currently only about 10 to 15% into the game but have enjoyed playing it thus far and expect to continue to enjoy it as i progress further.Read full review...

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One of my favorite games!!

One of the best games I've ever played. Eloy is so life-like and admirable as a person. I miss her after finishing the game! Awesome story, genius level!! It put Breath of the Wild (zelda) game to shame!!Read full review...


Great game, deep story, and compelling gameplay.

Very good game can't get enough of the graphics and great compelling story. Love the exploration part as well.

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Horizon Rises

This game really flows with the gameplay mechanics and is easy to hop on and have a blast exploring with simple and smart weapons. Awesome experience.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: jasorodame0

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