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Holy blood holy grail

So far the book is very compelling . Haven't finished reading the book.

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Historians present a theory of Jesus that questions religion and his life

This is a book by Micheal Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln. They have researched documents, ancient digs, interviews of numerous heirarcy and theorize that Jesus had a family. The blood line is in a French family line of royalty. It's quite revealing and gets you to thinking about this possibilty. These authors also wrote The Messianic Legacy which poses similair ideas. T bought this book out of curiosity. It covers a lot of biblical history if you like books of that sort, also secret societies, and others too numerous to go into. I thought it was a good book.Read full review...


Good book. Read with a good search engine handy to see if you can versome o

Entertaining. Some of what they present does not stand up to historical scrutiny. But I think on whole they may be on to something. It makes sense though, that Christ did not die. And it is not only these authors who say so. Look into his tomb in Kashmir.Read full review...


They Found The Holy Grail! Maybe.

The authors Michael Baigent, Henry Lincoln, and Richard Leigh spent ten years on the trail of this documetary/mystery of The Holy Grail. Their research leads them to secret societies such as the Prieure de Sion and The Knights Templar all having mysterious links to an early French Royal family. The book is a little dry and slow in some parts but they do evetually come to the big conclusion that Jesus and Mary Magdalene may have had children together and that these children may have been early French Royalty. However for all the wild publicity this book got, it is not sensational. The authors are themselves skepticcal of their findings.Read full review...



. . . a great, enlightening relief for skeptics.

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Holy Blood, Holy Grail

I was purchasing 2 of these books on behalf of my son; who reimbursed me. One was for himself and the other for his father-in-law. One person sent the book very promptly and was very curtious and left feedback. However, the other person that was paid for the book; never did send the book or feedback and with the dispute I filed I have yet to be reimbursed for it. I love e-bay; for the most part people are honest and thoughtful. It is the few that are out there that have no sense of honesty or business that tends to make people hesitate to buy. I just want to let you know that I have not stopped buying and hope to be selling soon. I am not out there to get rich. LOL I just want to share some things that I have with others so that they can enjoy shopping with someone that does intend to be honest and will answer their questions when they have one. May the Great Spirit always be with you and yours!Read full review...


Shocking, and life changing

I am surprised that this book did not shake the foundations of christianity more then it did. The later chapters about the real life of jesus, not the made up stories the religions use to make more money. I would have thought that this would have been as big as the fictional book that came out from this book-The Da Vinci code. If you really want to learn the real history of that time, not the fables, read this book, and learn the real truth.Read full review...


One of the sources for Dan Brown's bestseller

If you're one of the fans of Dan Brown's novel and, like me, need to delve more into the history of the story, this book is one of the works to begin with, there are others but this book is quite complete and very informative, entertaining and again, if you're like me, and you want to know more about the history behind this alternative view of Christianity and the possible repurcussions it could have on the beliefs of modern Christians, this is the book to have, I consider it somewhat of a prequel to The DaVinci Code, as I said earlier, there are other works on the same subject, but, in my opinion this is the book with the most source material in Brown's novel, and its very entertaining and thought provoking in it's own right.Read full review...


Here you will find your proof!

This book is a must-have for any history buff or biblical scholar. The authors' exhaustive and superb research has resulted in the best book ever written on this subject, bar none.


What DO you KNOW for sure

Very Thought provoking! What is the truth? What is faith? Do you know what lies beneath your family tree? How much is the Grail worth? Do you blindly worship a great story or follow unasailable truth? For over 1000 years secrets have been hidden from you. Do they affect you. You should hear what these folks have found and what they think it means. You can't choose if you havn't heard the choices! I also recomend the follow up volume; "The Messianic Legacy"Read full review...

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