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Love it

It was pretty good got here pretty quick

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great game....good value for the price paid....

good game for older children who know how to read, my nine year old loves this game and wanted me to order it because she watches these movies, and shows..the game is very similar to the shows/movies...just involves alot of reading...Read full review...


High School Musical: Makin' the Cut! (Nintendo DS)

i bought this game for my daughter who loves high school musical!(she has just turned 9.) she loves the game, i think maybe it is a little hard some of the controls, but i think it is just a case of practise, and it keeps her busy trying!
I think it is better than getting a game which is easy and can be completed in a day!
And i too love it! (lol) lots of different, fun things to do!
you get to control the dance moves, music and video editing all in seprate challenges! and then put them all together too! with more things too...
and you get to listen to all the songs too!
overall i would definitely recommended this game, but be prepared to practise!
Read full review...


Prompt delivery and great game.

My girls love High School Musical movies. So they were very excited to receive this game. It is not to hard or too easy for my 10 year old and my 6 year old loves the challenge. The graphics and music are great. It was a great purchase.Read full review...


High School Musical Makin the Cut

I got this for my almost 8 year old daughter b/c she is nuts about everything High School Musical. I thought it would be good for her but I think it's more geared toward someone older, it's very hard for her to play, she can't get to the next level, I've been trying to help but as an adult I'm ashamed to admit that I'm having a tough time with it also. What we both loveda bout it is that it plays music from HSM1 and eventually, once we get to the next levels we will be able to get HSM2 music. I recommend this game for someone 10 and over.Read full review...



This is an AWESOME combo deal at a real steal!! I stocked up for Christmas gifts!!The gift package is beautiful, ready to give in it's own gift box. The DS game is included, an extra stylist and other goodies. Every High School Musical fan will love this game and have hours of Wild Cat fun!! Every gift giver will love the low price!Read full review...


High School Musical

The price was awsome for a "new" DS game. I usually purchase games for $20-$30, so this is the number one factor in why I decided to make the purchase. Also, my 6 year old loves High School Musical.


Game for my daughter

She absolutely loved it. She really loved the hard case that she got with it because she is still a huge High School Musical fan. She has several new games however that is the one of her choice. By the way my daughter is 8 yrs. old and I would recommend it to anyone of that age.Read full review...


Tweens will love it!

my 11 year old niece is staying entertained for alot longer than so many I have paid full retail for. Ebay is the way to go...Paid about 5-6.00 for it, that I can afford to pay, especially when they get burn out, but so far she said this one if "fun and it is COOLLLLLLLLL...." hope that helps.Read full review...


Get Ya Head In The Game!!

What a great game. You have dance steps that you need to follow and you can even make your own music video. It has songs from two of the movies and it is hard not to sing along. This game is very addictive.Read full review...

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