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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Movie was very entertaining. Everyone in my family watched it and enjoyed every moment of it. Don't hesistate in watching this movie. I recommend watching the previous movies beforehand so you can feel more attach to the characters. Over all I would watch again.Read full review...

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Gobs of Suspense

A high point in the HP series, this is a well-acted & beautifully constructed true representation of the JKRowling's books - conveying the tight suspense for both the magical world and the inner world of the One Who Lived. It has a wonderful momentum that carries you through inside jokes among the characters as well as the very depth of pathos in the climactic scenes of the Goblet of Fire competition. This film is HP at it's best and not one to miss!Read full review...

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"Fire" Flickers for Book fans, Flames for Movie Buffs

"Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" is the fourth movie in the Harry Potter franchise, based on the very popular children's book series. Please do keep in mind that this movie is based on the book, which means that as good as the movie is, reading the book is better.

Before I begin, I must make one point clear. There are 2 types of people who will watch this movie: the readers and fans of the books, and the watchers and viewers of movies. Each of these two groups will have a varying opinion of this story and that is due to their level of expectation. Almost certainly you will find that the fans of the book will not like this movie very much (as so much was edited out for time-constraints), but those who have not read the books almost all love the movie for it's action and adventure.

That having been said, this movie really races along in it's fast paced action. We begin with Harry and his friends excitedly attending a huge international sporting event. We do not get to see the actual event, just before and afterwards. During the post-game party, a terrorist attack by a group known as 'Death Eaters', breaks out. The plot moves along quickly to the beginning of the school year where Harry and pals are beginning their 4th year of instruction at "magical high school" Hogwarts. Immediately introduced are a gaggle of female students from a French wizarding school and a surly bunch of male students from a Bulgarian wizarding school. One student from each school will be competing with a Hogwarts student in an inter-school competition call the Tri-Wizard tournament.

But alas for poor Harry, a happy and carefree school year is not in the cards. Under very unusual circumstances, his name is drawn to also compete in the magical that he is underage, underskilled and underprepared to compete in. Everyone is mad at Harry for "cheating" to get his name in the competition...even his best friend Ron. Luckily things pick up for Harry when he starts winning in the competitions and at least most people are not mad at him anymore...but he has other problems...such as the very awkward position of having to ask the girl he has a crush on, to the school dance. The plot culminates right where you think it would end...Harry wins the competition but is transported right into the arms of his most evil foe, Lord Voldemort, who now is reborn with a powerful new body. From this point on, the story gets darker, as Lord Voldemort and death go hand-in-hand.

To movie-watchers, this film is filled with fast-paced action presented at a break-neck speed. Excellent special effects male you feel that you are right in the story. To book-fans, you may feel that the characters in this story are oversimplified and presented in their very base terms. There is no complexity to their roles or to the story. The book that this film is based on is long and complicated and to film it just like the book would be near-impossible, however I feel this movie could have been better. But movie-only fans seem to like it.

Along with his DVD comes a bonus disk, which includes special features. Extra footage, a self-guided tour of the school, interviews with cast and crew and games and activities equal hours of interactive fun.

I hope that you enjoyed this review and that it has helped you in some way. If you found it to be insightful or helpful, I would kindly request that you vote "YES" (it was helpful). Thank you.
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Good dvd, works great

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Great movie!

Great movie been wanting to see this again and it was so affordable.

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Harry Potter the hero again

I have read all the HP books and must admit that this movie was the first one where one og the good guys die..sad as it may be the dark lord arrises from his half death and once again uses the imperius curse to have others do his bidding. The death eaters including, malfoys dad, are enough to make you wanna scream at the movie but honestly, this review is for people who have not only read this book but the next two chapters in Harrys life, as I have. This movie leads into the next and judging from the book it is going to be good having Dumbledores Army fighting mean old Umbridge. JK Rowling is an excellent writer and these movies helps the books come to life.

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Good fun and entertaining.

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This one was just okay to me...

I consider myself a Harry Potter fan. I have seen all 4 of the movies, BUT I have not read any of the books (I know, I know...) Although I understand that a movie cannot possibly contain all the nuances and details that a book can deliver for the first time when watching this movie I felt totally lost. Without having any knowledge of the book the storyline just didn't flow for me. Now the special effects... were wonderful, but at the end of the movie I felt totally unfulfilled- I just didn't get this one. However, if you ARE familiar with the book your experience may be totally different because you will be able to fill in the bits and peices that appear to be left out of the movie.Read full review...


Absolutely amazing movie

I made the mistake of not seeing this movie in theaters, but watching this DVD was absolutely amazing anyways. I felt that this movie was truest to the book than any of the previous movies, and the effects and acting were mind-bogglingly wonderful.

My only major issue with this movie is that a few scenes were missing from the book. I can only think of two off the top of my head, which don't really detract from the plot very much. I'm thinking about the Quidditch match itself (the events before and after are still there) and a few obstacles in the last challenge. While they would have been absolutely amazing to see on this DVD, I can't bring myself to count them against the overall movie. If these scenes were still there, it would have to get a 6/5.

My only *minor* issue is that they're getting cheaper on the packaging. It doesn't come in the nice cardboard box that the very first movie came in, and the only thing inside the case was the DVD itself. No chapter listing, no bonus feature disk (like the first movie had), nothing. Again, can't count this against the movie itself.

Without a doubt, this is an amazing DVD. I encourage everyone to buy it if they've ever liked anything Harry Potter.
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This was my favorite Harry Potter book.

The effects were amazing! Due to the volume of material in the book they had to cut out much of the book story. The first four chapters are exempt in the movie. I want to see the whole book acted out. The actors are top notch, and it is fun to see them change and grow in every movie. Voldemort returns, and Harry is tested as never before. You must watch each of the movies or the next one will leave you confused. I will buy each of the movies as I have read and own each book.Read full review...

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