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An excellent movie.

Great story, great action. Everyone who was in the movie gave a wonderful performance. I STRONGLY encourage others to purchase this very fine film.

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Strange But Interesting.

Draws you in immediately with Great Visual Scenery and Believable Characters. Has a European Feel with it's Locations and Characters Accents.
This is One Movie I was unable to find playing on Cable and Bought the DVD.Read full review...

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Blonde Survivor

Exciting spy-chase adventure starring a no-nonsense girl who is a survivor!

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Unusual yet beautiful movie with great actress and interesting storyline.

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Love This Movie !!!!

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CIA Super Warrior via DNA manipulation

Excelent wow and her "dad" EricBana is a treasure.....cast of very sick German Freaks who contract to the do the dirty work of killing both "Dad" and DNA enhanced " Hanna" Saoirse Ronan ......Hanna is cut lose by "Dad" to kill the red witch....played byCIA's Cate Blanchett....who is Evil Personified....a very intellegent and engaging film!!!!! Brings us back to the super soildier sought after by USA BRITIAN RUSSIA ISRAEL FRANCE really by any country with half a brain before and after ww2Read full review...



A pretty standard movie about a female that puts the whoop ass on several men.

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Solid 4 star! Very entertaining, alot of action, decent story line

I let my daughter (13yr old) pick out our movie, and she happened to pick this 1. I breifly read the back of it and thought, "we'll give it a shot" I'm so glad I did. Eric Bana is a good actor, and plays a strong supporting roll. THis girl Hanna however ROCKS! I love the whole story line as well. When I review movies, I try not to just explain the movie, more so I tell you why I liked it, and if you like me hey they you might too. SO with that in mind I won't say much about it that you couldnt read on the back of the movie, or on previews. This girl, is a super hero I guess. In the sense that shes better then most at fighting. Seems far more intelligent, and had "something" done to her that wouldn't of happened to her biologically. But she just the kinda of "super hero" I like. Not superman, or the punisher. SOmeone that can kick some butt, and doesn't mind doing it. This is a re-freshing movie, and you won't be disappointed you got it. For me it was awesome because I thought it was gonna be a dud! If you have your heart set on watching this, I still believe you wont be disappointed. ITs a solid 4 star movie, that keeps you focused the whole time. Its good to see hollywood come out with some new stuff.Read full review...


a fav movie

good characters good story great action adventure.. and the suspense is neat too

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A good movie

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