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I like it, but they need to keep providing multiplayer!

The Halo series has been amazing and cutting edge, but it's really a shame to see so many games of all sorts from FPS to Racing (Halo, COD, Dirt, etc.) move away from LOCAL multiplayer capability. It used to be so awesome to get a bunch of friends together and play the newest game, have a four way battle, do some co-op levels, etc. While I have strong internet, it's not the same to only play with people online who are sitting in some other city rather than right next to you (and must own a system and the game as well, which is surely why they're doing it... plus development costs). Anyway, good game, but really hope some of the high end games go back to providing a lot of multi-player options because online is great, but that's at least half the fun of the game.Read full review...

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Worth the time

I'd been feeling nostalgic and decided to go on a Halo marathon. I finished 1-3 and felt it was finally time to see if 4 was as bad as all the hype claimed.

It is a bit of a departure from their formula, I find. There's a good deal more "Press X to X" to be had, which feels more like CoD than Halo. The story is more confused- the main campaign never explains why you're fighting elites again. The end is anti-climactic, you wind up fighting the same three monster types for the last two levels, with no real "final encounter." There's a strange amount of weapon overlap, with the BR, scoped Magnum, Covenant Carbine, and two new weapons filling the same niche, the DMR and Light Rifle. My biggest complaint is the Spartan Ops: without an Xbox Live subscription, I couldn't even play the extra solo missions, which left the story feeling very empty.

There is a lot of good to be found, however. The armor powers are a better system than the one-use equipment from 3. The graphics are great, although with perhaps a bit too much blinding HDR. The gameplay is fun, and isn't that the ultimate goal? It's challenging without being needlessly difficult.

It definitely wasn't as good as the first three, but it was worth a few bucks to pick up used.
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Great campaign, great story but short. Game lacks maps and game types

Halo 4 is the next great game in the Halo story line, with a twist. The campaign gameplay and story line is great. The length of the campaign, however, was rather short.

The new addition to Halo 4 is spartan ops. While the missions are short, they are new ones each week. The maps for spartan ops are recycled throughout which gets boring after a while of playing them. You see the same things and each mission has objectives that you run back and forth to.

The matchmaking is better than I expected, except for the lack of maps and lack of game types on matchmaking. They have more maps available for multiplayer but not matchmaking. 343 has been adding a new game type each week but they have also gotten rid of some. Still not all the maps are released into the play lists.
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Halo 4 greatly anticipated. A bit of a let dowm but still awesome game.

I have played all of the Halo games so I was naturally excited to play Halo 4. My fiance and I were excited about it being produced by 343 so it was expected to be awesome. Don't get me wrong the game is super fun and beautiful. Its just the little things that kind of ruin it for some gamers. I listedeverything that I was disappointed in.

The sounds and voices of enemies are gone - All the little grunty noises and funny things grunts use to say and really any noise that the enemy makes is just gone. Its a very strange feeling of silence all through the game missing those sounds.

The forge is def no where near what it was. Tooka way so many feature and cool things.

The theatre and recording is lame at best. You can only save clips and images from video taken in online multi player. Nome of your campaign is recorded, none of spartan ops

Will continue review later when my computer cooperates. .
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New Player

Took a little longer to arrive than I expected, but not worrisomely slow. The game itself is fun. Graphics are decent, with some very minor perspective glitches. Story line is alright, the Master Chief being solo most of the game. I like to run through the game in easy mode first, then normal, and progress that way, and it progresses well in difficulty. All in all it's a good game and I am satisfied with the purchase.Read full review...

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Pretty Short Game, Nothing Amazing, Good Graphics, Lack of Imagination.


Halo 4 is the latest adventure from Bungie, of course this time we are back to playing master chief and although better graphics than in the previous games I have to wonder if Bungie has lost its way, this game seemed to be rushed, the new weapons you can use from the prometheans (The new bad guys) are slow and apart from the fact they are orange and they look different they are exactly the same as the human guns, it seems Bungie is beginning to lack in imagination, in all it is worth playing but I would not get too excited.

The online game is still pretty much the same, although in Halo: Reach there were a lot more vehicles to choose from and play with and as I am sure you have guessed it a lot of the players seem to be kids and it is pretty annoying as they are incapable of actually playing on a team, which brings to mind the question of "why do they even bother playing in the first place".

Although I am sure a lot of people will disagree with me I have to say I preferred reach, I do not enjoy the fact that I have to be online to play all the features of Halo 4, "Firefight" was always good to play and have a we bit of fun with.

It is a bit of a moan for my first review but I promise they will get better, I would recommend this game but I would wait until the price comes down or at least get it second hand.

I hope this helped.

Keiron West
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Halo 4 for XBOX 360.

Good graphics for an older gaming platform, can see the early progress of what is now realistic imaging. Story line is fairly well laid out, maybe a bit repetitive. Audio is great when listening through a home theater system. An enjoyable game overall.Read full review...

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Awesome Product! Great value for the money!

A few notable story threads are left annoyingly hanging, and some of the flip-3-switches areas of the campaign can be a little bit of a grind on higher difficulty on a few levels. But, here is the bottom line, Halo 4 is incredible. It’s probably fair to say that it’s better than I think, any of us, hardcore fans or casual, thought it had any chance of being. Microsoft clearly wrote a blank check for Halo 4, and every last cent shows up on the screen. For me, this isn’t just the best Halo, it’s probably the best Xbox game this year and quite possibly, the best video game on any platform as well. Halo 4 surprises, delights and kicks some serious ass and it suddenly makes the wait for Halo 5 on the next-generation Xbox a lot harder. Master Chief is back baby…Read full review...


Amazing fps for xbox

This game is great and came in the mail at an okay time, but not only does the game look amazing it plays amazing. Overall it was worth the purchase.

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Not as great and entertaining as halo 1-3 but still fun.

Good to see master chief again but not much of a story to it.
Here's what makes a great game;
1.) Smooth and enjoyable game play
2.) Able to save when and were you want
3.) Adventure and descovery. Like a good book a good game should make you want to see what's going to happen next not just running around and killing things.

Remember, Halo 1 you start out waking up then you were under attack by some unknown force and as you progressed through the game there was always something new to dicover or explore. Your ship, the Halo, the covenent, the flood, etc.. and the story kept evolving through all of the first three games.

Halo 4 is missing items 2 and 3. Esspecially 3, Something the first 3 games had in spades. The only thing new is meeting one of the forerunners the rest is just running and shooting.

I hope Halo 5 has more depth to it like the first three.
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