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Security monitor

Excellent video and audio..


Cute little TV -

For use on-site while working on TV transmitters as a monitor. Does a great job and is easy to operate

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: 2012vincente86



I have a HLT10 television and cannot find a replacement remote for it. The advertisement on the site said this one would work for my tv so I tried it. I was skeptical about it, but it works great. I am so pleased. It is exactly as represented and does all that it is supposed to do. AND, it came several days sooner than expected - even better.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: mjmelect


Haier HDTV 7" portable.

Very nice portable HDTV. Great picture and has RCA inputs to use with other equipment. Very satisfied.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: cbrxx97


Case Meltdown

I put mine in it's original box and opened it about a year later to find that the outer case had melted, leaving my tv unusable. It was not stored improperly and was made with a defective rubberized outer case. Sick!!!!!Read full review...

Verified purchase: No


Simple TV for simple viewing

I bought this TV as a screen to review my digital photos while I'm on the road. For this purpose the TV is almost useless since the resolution is so low, but as a TV it's terrific. I live in a high rise with a clear line of sight to the Empire State Building so reception is excellent even without an antenna. The unit was purchased used without a remote so I'm unable to utilize all features. If you want a simple TV for simple viewing this is okay, but a unit with higher resolution would be better for critical purposes.Read full review...


Personal review.

I use this mainly as a monitor to play classic video games and watch some tv. Digital tv reception is a bit buggy on cable, once all "available channels" (non encrypted) are scanned, several of them are just blank with nothing on them, you need to remove them manually else you'll get dozens and dozens of empty blank channels, an average digital tv would skip those and keep only the ones with programming, also a handful of channels don't even show up on the list (OPB 1,2,3), again, on the regular tv they do. There are times when some channels become unresponsive with the remote for several seconds when surfing, even after turning the device off you need to wait several seconds for the tv to change channels. Issues might be related to the cable provider (Comcast), who knows.

A firmware update through the usb port from a pc could fix those issues, but so far I haven't been able to find any firmware updates anywhere. Battery time is about 2 hours when fully charged, when the battery is empty it shuts down without warning, no blinking light or anything to warn you. Also you need a better antenna to get more over the air channels. The device is not HD, but overall is a good gadget for the price. It's got a few bugs but works fine. I would recommend it.
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Good if looking for cheap monitor.

Cool product that I am currently using as a field monitor for my dslr. The size was much bigger than i anticipated, but i can't complain because the screen is huge! Had some problems at first connecting the dslr, because I was getting very bad video out of it. Afterwards I found out there was a conflict with the firmware and so I took care of that. Image is good enough I suppose, considering I am getting SD out of my camera. But for $40 I can't really complain, a great field monitor!Read full review...


I own four of these TVs, and would buy a couple more, if needed.

I have four of these puppies. I use two above my computer monitor, for security cameras and TV feed from my DirecTV sat receiver. I have one above main TV for security cam feed, and use the forth one for line/coax/signal testing. If I could find a couple more at a really good price, I'd buy more. It has a remote, and for the four units I own, the remotes are NOT interchangeable. Which is great for my applications. It get both ATSC and NTSC, with a tripod mount hole on the bottom. They can be mounted in any location with a 1/4"/20 bolt. With the composite and RF inputs, they can be connected to about video device. It also have a micro USB jack for "upgrades", but I've never received an upgrade for them, yet. (I'm not even sure how or where to get the upgrades, yet.) For off air reception I would suggest a better antenna than the one that comes with it. I've only used mine in the city and I still needed a better antenna. I've had good luck with a attic antenna, and with an attic Shortwave antenna wire. Great to use as monitors for your video needs. My only complaints are the antenna reception, and the varied response with the remotes. I rarely use the remotes due to my units being used for specific video feeds.
Overall, depending on your needs, it's a very nice television.
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Good picture, features, tuner, in a small package that is reasonabile price

I initially purchased the Eviant equivalent of the Haier based on reviews I had read. It does have a good picture and a good tuner. I decided to purchase the Haier to check it out and it is equally good in regard to picture and the stations it can pull in. I do like the remote better for the Haier, and for the money, it was a good deal. I primarily have the smaller battery powered TV's for emergency situations since I live in Florida and power outages are a definite possibility due to tropical weather systems. I would rate this as "excellent" overall and recommend the use of a remote antenna in order to pull in as many stations as possible.Read full review...

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