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Good value100% agree

Long battery life100% agree

Small form factor100% agree

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Perfect for my purpose.

I am a senior citizen who has one of the government phones on the AT&T network. It has no 3G or 4G. This phone is ideal because it has those and the SIM card from my government phone fits right in. I am well satisfied. It is just a bit smaller than I expected but that's no problem.Read full review...

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Good phone for size and price

I've had this phone for almost a year now and now im tired of it. but i must say its a good phone, only problem i have with it is the memory space is VERY LOW . Other then that its a pretty good phone. Wouldn't be upgrading if it had a front camera cause the phone doesn't have a camera button so its hard to take pictures. But the battery life is average , and the features are just like any other android but there are certain games and apps unavailable to this phone due to size and capabilities . but i still think its an overall good phone.Read full review...


All together, if you want a smartphone that isn't as wide/big, this is it.

I bought this product for my mom. She loves the aesthetics of it and so do I. We both like the size of it and overall look. It's sleek. For a novice smartphone user, the basic functions of this phone is great.Read full review...


I consider the HTC Wildfire S a classic smart phone.

I love the phone. It's camera is great. I am still using the phone. I consider the HTC Wildfire S a classic phone. Even though it's small but it is compact. I recommend buying a hard case cover for it when using. However I enjoy using this phone for it's camera and sound recording.Read full review...



My son wanted this phone and was very surprised when he realized he could save alot of money because if you do not pay for the t mobile data plan the internet will work wireless in any wifi spot or home you can connect to. This lets him use an unlimited text $15.00 a month phone plan, which works out to be very reasonable as teenagers use text and rarely make a call or receive one these days. For me adding a line and data was a minimum of $49.99 on my t mobile plan. So we are enjoying a savings of 35.00 a month which saves over $400.00 a year for just his phone.Read full review...


Nice small toy.

Well for starters smart phones it is OK but the battery life when using the net or wireless is short. You have to go through google play to download apps and does not have enough memory to support those apps unless you store them on a memory card. You cannot update the operating system. Do I recommend it? Yes as introdution to smart phones but not to some one dealt with them because the it will be downgrade.Read full review...


Great intro to smart phones.

Great Starter phone. Got this as an intro to smart phones for my wife - she is very happy with it. It was just $20 more than the cheap prepay smart phones that I tried to start with and was greatly disappointed. I have been very satisfied with HTC phones including this one.

It was a bit smaller than I had expected - but turns out my wife prefers it and did not want a large phone like I have. Apps all run well; and start up surprisingly well - Skype runs very well and loads very quickly compared to other phones where it seemed to be a hog on the system.
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Fabulous phone that actually fits in my pocket!

I love this phone! This is my first smartphone and I was looking for something small. I have no fat-finger problems (tho I am a girl). It's easy to use, screen looks good, pictures look good, and it fits in my pocket. I'm on t-mobile prepaid (no data), but I love that I can download all the apps off wifi and t-mobile's web-for-a-day saves the day occasionally. I've gone 4 days on standby without recharging (probably didn't use that much except for listening to the radio during my morning walk). Great phone!Read full review...


Great little phone!!!

Great little phone. I bought this for my 11 year old son who is begging me for an iphone. Being that im on t-mobile I cannot get an iphone. This phone has all of the same features and is small enough to fit in a pocket. Its easy to use and packs alot of features.Read full review...


I give it a 4/5.

This is a great phone but if you're a heavy app user, then it's not for you. There's only 512 MB of internal memory and all apps are not movable to your SD Card. Other than that little tidbit, I am enjoying my phone greatly :)Read full review...

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