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This is my first smart phone so I can't really compare it to another cell phone. The phone operates on windows mobile 6.1 that has been visually enhanced by the HTC 3D flow interface. Overall I like it because of it's capabilities and what I was looking for in a smart phone (3G and WiFi capable). I upgraded the htc firmware which enhanced most things but the blue tooth sometimes don't sinc with my car and I must redial again this was not a issue with the previous firmware. If you try doing to many functions quickly it sometimes slows up and you need to be patient for it to perform those functions. But overall I'm sure all smart phones have some type of issue. After using the phone for a few weeks some people might want a bigger screen if they spend a lot of their time on the internet. It's about perfect for me considering how I use it. Note my battery life has been very good compared to other people complaints about smart phones.
Honestly I'm not sure if I would recommend it though. For the playas if you try various things you might be surprise how you can mask things like incoming text and phone calls. If the phone is laying on its face its hard to see if a call is incoming and on silent!!! The bright screen doesn't really show thru which I think is great and there are apps that let you route incoming text to specific folders incognito style!!! The diamond is probably not in the class of a iPhone thought.
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love it - HTC has made a fan of me

The best thing about this phone is definitely the display. It's extremely high-resolution for the size. The touch screen is pretty good for resistive technology (as opposed to capacitive screens like the iPhone or Pre). The only other resistive screen phones I've used are the LG Versa and Voyager, and it feels like HTC has just done it better somehow, especially with sliding/scrolling.

HTC also did a spectacular job of making Windows Mobile usable with your finger by way of the TouchFLO 3D interface. There is a stylus included that slides nicely into the bottom of the phone, but I've found that I rarely need to pull it out. It's pretty, but it's also very functional as well. They did a great job on the different text input methods that are available as well. The full QWERTY is probably not practical for anyone but those with the tiniest of fingers, but I find the compact QWERTY setup pretty usable. If that doesn't work for you, you can switch to the phone keypad style and T9 it.

The text messaging interface does have a few quirks. When I tap on a message in the TouchFLO interface and it goes into the messaging screen, the keyboard pops up but doesn't want to type in the text box until you hit it. When you do hit it, sometimes you get a little dance where the keyboard isn't sure that it wants to stay up or not. I can usually tap the text box again before the keyboard goes away and then everything is fine, so it is a minor annoyance.

The camera seems to work fine; I've seen a lot of reviews that say it sucks but the performance seems pretty standard as far as most phone cameras go.

Overall, performance-wise, it is not as bad as I was expecting. I've experienced a few versions of Windows Mobile on different devices, and I know how sluggish it can get, but aside from a few isolated incidents where the device just seemed to lock up altogether (prompting me to perform a soft reset), the performance was actually better than other WinMo phones I've used. It's got a decent processor and plenty of memory. It's no 3GS but I wasn't expecting that.

Will be looking forward to my next upgrade so I can experience a newer HTC model, but until then I will be enjoying myself with the Diamond, especially with how cheap I got it without contract incentives.
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Coulda Benn A Good Phone...

I have nothing against the seller, personally, so this review will be as unbiased as possible...
I have been using PDAs since my first Sharp electronic organizer I bought from Circuit City in Mission Viejo in 1988.
Since then, I have used most of them, Apple Newton, LG Phenom, Philips Velo 1, Hitachi HPW-200, Casio E10, Philips Nino 320, HP Jornada 680, Casio E100, HP Jornada 690, Casio E125, Ericsson R380, Treo 90, Dell Axim X5, Sony Clie NZ90, Palm Tungsten W, T-mobile MDA II, Imate PDA2K, Treo 680, Dell Axim X30i, Palm Tungsten T5, T-mobile SDA, Nokia 9500, Garmin Ique M5, Sony Ericsson P990, T-mobile Dash, Motorola Macau, Treo 680, Asus P527, Samsung Blackjack II and today I received my Franklin Ebookman E911.
I have had GTE, LA Cellular, AT&T, T-Mobile, Cingular, AT&T and now Cricket.
I have never bought an HTC phone, per se, as some of my phones above have been manufactured by HTC.
I got Cricket for my teen daughter as she blew up our AT&T bill with her texting.
I saw this auction for an HTC Diamond, flashed for Cricket.
The seller said it was a GSM/CDMA phone.
I know HTC makes phones that work with both and I figured this one would be great.
Use Cricket when in a dual-band area and switch to AT&T when in a tri-band area like Las Vegas.
I assume the seller is not familiar with this model; I doubt he our-right lied saying it works with both.
I found out, it doesn’t; it is just a CDMA phone.
I needed one that works with both, so I wouldn’t have to carry around two phones.
Now, it looks like I’ll have to.
In closing, don’t trust what a seller tells you; do your own homework as it will bite you in the butt later.
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Good upgrade if you have an old phone

I had a old blackberry curve, which by todays standards, is a piece of junk; so i wanted better broadband/internet, but I am stuck in my stupid contract and cant get any discounts for months; of course retail on these phones is insane, so i went the ebay route; if you want to upgrade without paying a million dollars for something brand new, this is a good choice; i may have overpaid a bit (I paid 140 plus 10 shipping), but for around 100 to 125 -ish, its probably a good deal; the screen is pretty, the touchscreen responds well, albeit a little small, (and no QWERTY); I'm a PC guy so i like the interface and it was easy for me to pick up and go...
I would say speedwise (which is my biggest hot button)..if an Iphone (what i really want) is a 10, then this phone is about a 6; its got all the bells/whistles you need..if you can get if for under 130 i say pull the trigger, if not, maybe go with something newer and spend a few extra bucks
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HTC Diamond

HTC diamond is a pretty nice phone it comes with the older version of windows mobile. (6.1) And that can not be updated. The OS seems to freeze up sometimes and requires you to power the phone down and the internet on it is a little glitchy it will sometimes start giving off an error 777 blah blah blah so in which case it needs to be restarted. It also has sync problems and update issues. Anyways what microsoft system has ever been flawless. It is really easy to use and get use to. Touch response is great and there are a lot of free fun and useful apps for this phone as well as pay for apps. The battery life is good on stand by so long as the LCD is off but when running apps it losses battery life fast. Charging this phone takes a considerable amount of time as well. Being a lot smaller then the htc evo the screen and resolution come in pretty nice. I recommend HTC Diamond to anyone looking to get started on smart phones because alot of the other OS are a tad more complicated to walk through.Read full review...


Great windows mobile phone

I'd like to say this device is "great", almost excellent as the interface runs smoothly and complements well with the programs it has. This phone has great features and I have no problems towards adapting to it all. On that note, it is great for lifestyle users, but for business use it can be troublesome. Reason being is that the battery life can drain quickly due to the multiple program usage along with the background lighting consuming the battery life. You must have your charger available after 20 hrs, but that's just a small compremise for me at least. Also, the keyboard is slightly difficult to use. You can solve the keyboard problem by installing SPB Keyboard, which allows a landscape keyboard to assist with texting or emails. Hands down, it's a "great phone", just not excellent.Read full review...


HTC Touch Diamond (Sprint)

For being a WINDOWS phone, it is nice. I love the look and the size! Uses Opera for Internet browsing.

NOW TO THE BAD! The Phone OS is VERY SLOW. It is almost unusable at times! I had this phone for less than two weeks and I had to HARD REST it several times before I just had to send it back! It was constantly freezing on me and as the days went on, the phone was just getting SLOWER and SLOWER. Also I am not one to get as many APPS on my phone as possible. I just use the phone for what it is. Phone and internet. Texting is VERY difficult. The on-screen keyboard is VERY small and VERY cramped. I dont have FAT FINGERS, but this phone sure made me feel like I did! I REALLY wanted to enjoy this phone! In the end, the POOR performance won the battle!

I know you may say, "well maybe He got a bad phone." I have a co-workers that had all the same issues and had to return theirs as well. There are many forums on the internet about how BAD this phone is. If you can avoid it, please do so!
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a winner

I absolutely love the design, the small size, the touch-flo 3d interface and the ease of use. Other than the small querty touch screen keyboard, which takes some time to get used to, this phone is a joy. Plus, having prior experience with Windows-based phones, it makes it even easier for me to use.

One notable flaw: the battery life is garbage...
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works great easy to use. touch pad small but very clear.can conect to laptop for sync and to use as a modem for net. also you should buy a rubberised case. easy to add music to. has apps to cut and make your own ring tones from any sound file. if it broke today i would def order another one.Read full review...


Perfect first time smartphone.

my first smartphone so I wanted a used one to practice with and it is perfect.I prefer getting my phones thru ebay rather than my cell phone company because it is much cheaper. There aren't any salespeople trying to get you to renew your contract. I have also gotten both my teen daughters their first smartphones through Ebay. Now I am going to search for some inexpensive covers to ptotect our purchases.Read full review...

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