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Great Phone

This is a great Phone that has a lot of features that I need, among them a built in fm radio so you can listen to music without incurring data charges. The gentleman I bought if from was very quick to get me the phone, answered my questions, a true professionalRead full review...

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Htc thunderbolt

Advertised as never used, was a store display. Worked horribly. Froze a lot, very slow, overheated easily in otterbox case. Had to get a different phone shortly after. My son had same phone few years back, we did not have all these issues. That is why I picked it for my daughter to use for a few months until she was due for her next upgrade through Verizon. She like all teenagers broke her phone and needed a temporary replacement. Could just be because phone is an outdated older model, but it sucked. Seller was good in handling the sale, shipping quickly, price was not bad, BUT product horrible.Read full review...

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Good performance, 4G, and value, but low battery life. 4/5

I was looking for something to replace my old BlackBerry Storm for about 14 months until I could renew my contract with Verizon and upgrade to a newer phone. I liked the way BlackBerry handled e-mail, but just about everything else was sub-par. After deciding to go with an Android phone, I was looking for something fairly cheap with 4G. My brother recommended the Thunderbolt, which he had received as a work phone, and generally liked. It had the added advantage of being a little older, so I could get one for a reasonable price.

After ordering this one slightly used, I was impressed with the phone at first, until I realized I could not use the Chrome browser because it did not have Ice Cream Sandwich. After some searching, apparently Verizon and HTC were supposed to have rolled out ICS for a bunch of the older phones by last August, but that deadline passed without a word. So I assume I will get the update at some point, but HTC has not put out any information, which is quite frustrating, needless to say.

The phone has pretty good performance, though in some graphics-intensive games it clearly struggles somewhat. And the battery life is not great; I'll probably get three hours or so if I'm using it heavily. I leave it plugged in during the day at work, though, and plug it into the car on long trips, and that eliminates most of the battery problem.

It's certainly no Droid Razr, but it is a fairly cheap 4G phone that does all the things you would want a smartphone to do without any significant problems aside from the battery life.
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Features are awesome. Battery & Blue Tooth need improvements. .

The HTC Thunderbolt is by far an extraordinarily well-thought-out piece of mobile equipment. Its open architecture allows you to apply apps that are better-performing and non-proprietary, unlike Apple's iPhone.

As a phone it functions well. It has a built in mobile wifi hotspot capability which is enormously helpful in that it combines the ease of a cell phone with the convenience of having internet support and VPN support on the road.

Unknown to many people, and not touted by Verizon, the phone is capable of hard-wire tethering. This IS important because if you're in a 3G spot rather than the Verizon LTE 4G network, your connection speeds are very, very fast. I had the ENvTouch 1100 touch screen phone and it was faster on 3G than the ENv 9900 that preceded it. This phone on 3G is much faster since you connect direct without the use of intervening software which was the Verizon wireless manager program.

You can play games, and if you're a gamer this phone's out of this world. You can digitize movies and with the right apps you can watch MP4s in HiDef which is incredible. Gone are the days of worrying about syncing audio and visual tracks because the technology now lets you display your video files in non-compressed, native file formats (again with the right apps).

Apps are cheap and easy to purchase. You don't need the iTunes connection to get your apps delivered to your phone. One less headache to contend with.

Reception is good to better than my ENv Touch 1100.

Problem areas:

1. Blue tooth earpiece connections. I get audio but not duplex operation unless I go through a complex series of steps. The blue tooth works well with non earpiece devices such as data devices or cellular gateway devices to allow direct fax.

2. Battery life. The puny 1400 mah battery that Verizon/HTC gives you with this phone does it an injustice! Aftermarket batteries are available from Seidio in 1600 and 1800 mah configurations that fit in the slim design of the phone. However this phone is a power monster. Its dual core snapdragon micro-processor EATS power voraciously! In order to conserve you have to turn off blue tooth and internet when not in use. When the internet is in "always on" mode it will keep you on webpages all day. So you can't close out your browser. And being on the net will eat the puny battery in a matter of 4 to 6 hours before the phone shuts it off to conserve power.

Cold boot time is extraordinarily faster than iPhones of the past.

Common Fixes: Best Blue Tooth earpiece devices are available through Jawbone. They're recommended and use digital connections rather than audio/microphone duplex operations. Jawbone actually has downloadable apps for their earpieces too. Battery: If you're a gamer or like watching streaming video, or both, order the Seidio 3400 mah battery. Its bulky but comes with a battery door. They also sell a case that takes into account this very issue and the case is almost as rugged as Otter Box.

Verizon/HTC sells a 2800 mah battery for this phone, but its more expensive, and for less money, Seidio's battery gives you a full 8 or more hours between charges if you use the net or gaming all the time.

Another solution to add on is to get a Seidio combo external charging pack and spare trays for batteries. This way you can always have a fresh battery on tap provided you have extra batteries.
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Good but dated.

I absolutely love the HTC thunderbolt. First it comes with 8gb internally which helps big after adding a 32gb sd card because you get around 30GB of space. I love the kickstand. I love the version of Slacker this phone has on it. 4.3 screen size with LTE to boot is great when watching videos on Netflix or Youtube.

I dislike the poor battery life and recommend either always have a second battery or just shoot for the extended battery. I believe doing the above is a must if you are a moderate to heavy user....especially if you are in a LTE area. *The earpiece volume is not as loud as most other phones after having different android phones and the iphone I can tell the difference. The speakerphone is also so so in terms of loudness.

I've had three thunderbolts and I can say the one's I owned also were slower in terms of LTE speeds than my Droid Bionic which came out five months after the thunderbolt. I received mostly 5-8 mbps with the thunderbolt but with the bionic I constantly hovered around 9-13 mbps on average.

Overall the thunderbolt is one of my favorite devices but if choosing between this device or a newer device such as a bionic or something newer just go newer because the hardware spec's have been updated since the thunderbolt's release.

If just looking for a phone thats cheaper and still has LTE then go for the thunderbolt as long as you are aware of the battery life.
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I'm AM happy with it. But, GPS is bad and you NEED an extended battery.

Verizon's 4G LTE just went live for me and I wanted to get a 4G capable phone. At the time There were only two phones available The HTC Thunderbolt and Samsung Droid Charge. I came from a Droid 1 and a Droid 2 Global. After holding the two options in my hand the Thunderbolt feels more substantial (like the Droids I owned). The Samsung is very light and plastic-y. I just thought I might break it somehow. A friend of mine also owns the HTC Incredible which is arguably the best of that generation of Android phones. I know HTC makes very high quality phones.

I love the build quality both hardware and software. The in-call speaker (the one by your ear) is loud and clear compared to my Droids.

IMPORTANT: If you use GPS on a regular basis I cannot recommend this phone. I have read that people get the GPS to work, but mine doesn't. I was just on vacation for two weeks and the GPS was worthless the entire time. Luckily my wife has a Droid 1 which has a fantastic GPS. She would pick up twelve satellites in 60 seconds and I would pick up two in ten minutes (then lose the signal).

I abhor the stock battery life. When I first got the phone I could get 5 hours before needing to charge. That is completely unacceptable. However, I did need/want the 4G capability. I bought an aftermarket extended battery. I can now make it through the day 8-10 hours. That is still pretty pathetic, but is becomes "acceptable." Future software updates should help extend the battery life some. There are also tricks like turning off the 4G when you don't need it.

The HTC Thunderbolt is also fairly expensive. At $699 full retail MSRP it's VERY pricey. However, these "phones" now have so much technology packed into them that a high MSRP is likely to become the standard.

- 4G LTE!!!
- Aesthetically pleasing and intuitive interface (HTC Sense).
- Solid build quality
- Includes (if bought new)32GB micro-SD card ($60-$100 value)

- Stock battery life is ridiculously bad.
- GPS is unusable (for me).
- Not many cases for the extended battery.
- Pretty expensive.
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I love this phone, so happy not to have a contract in this economy to risky

I didn't want to go back on a contract so decided this was an affordable alternative. The phone itself is slightly outdated and very heavy, but the screen is a good size and very responsive, very little lag while on the web and for me that's pretty great for the price considering the only place I sacrificed was in the weight. I have read of issues with short battery life, I didn't notice a difference but I'm use to the smartphone drain and carry a external charge as well as car/work adapters so I never risk it.Read full review...


Powerful phone but battery drains quickly.

I really like the HTC Thunderbolt. I chose HTC over the other droid phones (Motorola, LG, Samsung, ETC) Because of the interface. It makes it easy to navigate the phone. I've tried to use a Samsung Galaxy SII but I couldn't get used the the controls of the phone after using this. The battery life isn't great but I'm not going to base my review on that because I knew the battery life wasn't that great when I bought it. The gingerbread update helps the power management. Hopefully there will be a quality high mAh batter that doesn't require a larger back case.Read full review...


Great Phone but Battery Life Sucks, Extended Battery is an Absolute Must!!!

Great phone... But, the stock battery sucks! It's good for about 4 hours max. Buy a 3500 mah battery with the phone! If you don't, you'll be hating life. Had the battery life of the original battery been better, Iwould have given the phone a 5/5 in all areas.

The phone is fast, feature packed and has an awesome screen. I have zero complaints about it other than the battery life.

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Great phone with battery life of less than 5 hours with normal usage.

4G speeds are amazing, could get anywhere from 10mbps up to 29mbps depending on area. HTC Sense is user friendly with vast selection of widgets, much better than my previous phone the Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate. This beast is power hungry and battery life is unbelievable poor since there is not built in option to toggle between 3G/4G or turn off 4G. You can manually turn off 4G and switch to CDMA, no option to switch to 3G only. For a full day of usage you must either get an extended battery or have one or two standard batteries ready for swap. Phone doesn't have some of the features I liked in the Fascinate so I highly recommend installing custom rom such as BAMF 1.7 to add those missing features.Read full review...



it did not take very long to operate the phone however.i paid too much for the phone i had to resell the phone to a privet party i went with the droid charge for less money.and a better screen quality if i had my choice i would had both phones but my wife would not approve of me having over $600 worth of phones and you can only use one at a time.maybe when the market slows down i will keep one as a back up,i do like the big clock on the phone the other things is you cant get all your informatIon transfer to your phone property it Only get the name and phone numbers only' no address or Bdays or notes takes long time to put information in your phone thanks to voice command it helps you with the entries and spelling
other then that i can go on with other features but there is so many. and im so busy with my droid charge now and i only had the thunderbolt for 5 days when i sold it to someone else if you get one hold on to it and take a class that verizon gives at their stores between 6pm to 7pm on wed so you can learn about your thunderbolt or any phone you decide to get is operator by verizon go to the class and learn about your phone
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Thunderbolts are great android phones

I love the HTC Thunderbolt, especially when they are rooted. Battery life isn't the greatest with the Thunderbolt, but it has a nice size screen, and it's pretty easy to use.

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