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good phone and easy to use ,it is have agood camira ,thanks

he HTC Inspire 4G ( is a big, powerful and affordably priced Android cell phone for AT&T, and it can stand up well against Apple's iPhone. Comparable in many ways to Verizon's popular Motorola Droid X, this high-quality super-phone is loaded with useful apps and makes a good big-screen theater for videos. It's one of The Best Android Phones, as well as one of the The 10 Best Touch-Screen Phones and The Best Phones on AT&T.Read full review...


I'm very happy with this phone.

This phone is great. have all kinds of apps and features that come in the phone ready to use. the screen is responsive, the volume is good. Yes it is big and people talk about it need to loose weight but what do you expect if you want a screen over 4 inches? You can't put a 4 inch screen in a 3 inch frame duhhhh.
The battery life I'm still playing around with to get the longest life per charge lowering the brightness, the time before it goes to stand-by, you can't keep charging it when you still got battery life you will shorten the life of the battery, let the phone tell you when to charge it let it drain. Even though I like phones with the sliding key pad they tend to have smaller screens this has nice screen for even when you are texting not the little screens that alot of bar phones have. Loving this phone.
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Product in great condition and as advertised.

I am very pleased with the product I received. It arrived in excellent condition. There were no major blemishes or cosmetic problems with the phone. I have been using it for two weeks and it shows no functional irregularities. I feel as though it were a new (unused) phone.

It did not come with the user manual, standard headphones, and the 8GB SD memory card was not included.

Overall I am still quite pleased with the product and would consider purchasing again from BlissWireless when I seek another unlocked cell phone.
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Good phone; Good value for the price.

I love this phone because it serve the purpose i got it for. I use it for Calls,text and minor web purposes. All the apps is not really important to me.However, it has good wide screen for watching movies and it is light to carry. If i am not playing game or using it for GPS, the battery life last for almost 2 days for me. But when i play my beloved Solitare with it, a full charge last for about 4 hours.One problem: it does not sync to Window 8. I have tried every possible solution provided by HTC but to no avail. Beside that, i like the phone because it is portable, easy to operate, and it is affordable.Read full review...


Whether its worth unremarkable. But I regret that it dies without reason !!

HTC Inspire 4G - 4GB - Black / Gray ( UNLOCKED ) AT&T 8GB SD card GSM Smartphone
( 360852205511 )
On Apr 05, I bought a phone / you sold it on ebay. But on August 9, 2014, The phone has the following symptoms it as the screen becomes dark not light up as before. I guess the problem may be possible due to battery I bought a different battery to replace the old battery, but when changing to a new battery. The screen of the phone is still dark. The reason I buy a battery to replace the old battery. Because I stay 100% is due by battery. As for the phone, I just can not believe how bad it is.
Honestly that: When I eat rice but sometimes also crashed. But from the day I had the phone in hand & I never dropped it on the ground once.
Whether its worth unremarkable. But I regret that it dies without reason !!!
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Love this phone, it has great features and is worth the price.

This phone is awesome. If your looking for something similar to the iphone but with extra features, this is a great alternative.


AWESOME after you update the battery and get a big sd card!!! LOVE IT!

I love this phone more than any other I've had. I didn't think I'd like a touch screen, because I hate finger prints, and I loved the slider keyboards.. but I got a protector that helps with no finger prints, or grease smudges. The batter life SUCKS.. I had to charge it ALL the time.. BUT Thankfully You can order a bigger battery and it evens out to average. I wouldn't suggest keeping the factory size battery in it. I really enjoy it, though it does have some glitches. Sometimes it freezes and I have to take the battery out... and sometimes you have to 'force close' applications. I've never had a phone that didn't have a few glitches though. Another bad thing about it is the memory. You are going to want to get a big sd card to put in it. (I have 32gb which is great) and you'll want to move some of your apps to the sd card. Otherwise there isn't a lot of room.

Pro's - Easy to use, different screens to keep your favorite apps on, and my 2 and 3 year old can even play games on it. Easy to transfer contacts, has the BEST camera and comes with so many cool features. My two year old is learning numbers and shapes on it. Great with watching netflix, and thankfully has more than one button to control it. (unlike the iphone3)

Cons: Standard Battery Sucks (Buying a more powerful one is a must) Memory Sucks (Buying a big memory card is a must - I suggest 32gb) has a few glitches like freezing.
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Battery Life sucks, phone is pretty awesome, great service!

Absolutely Love this phone...my only complaint is the Battery life. I always have it set to power saver mode, keep my wi-fi turned off and it still drains constantly. I have had to buy a portable charger to keep with me at all times, b/c Ive been caught twice at the ER with my mother, without a charger, and after a couple hours of being there my phone would be about to die. So if your considering this phone, I deff. recommend reviewing chargers or extra batteries before you purchase. Since I have my travel charger, I always plug it in while I'm driving & Its helped.Read full review...


A phone for a person with a $200-250 bugdet

I bought this product with the intantion to get a cheap GSM android phone to use outside of the United States which it is ($200 without a contract)which for me was a good price, bear in mind that it has a descant 8 MP camera and HD video recording, i dislike the fact that it can't be upgraded to newer versions of android (i.e. Android 4.0), among a few other problems that after 2 months of owning the phone with normal usage it occasionally has system problems and must restart itself, it is a little bulky which you would think is due to the battery but the battery surprisingly doesn't last any longer then any regular phone.Read full review...


Excellent phone, great performance, great value!

Excellent phone, I upgrade my very old 10 years phone with this one, easy of use and with a lot of features, excellent quality on pictures and the flash really bright better than a iphone 4, works fast, the only detail I found it's the g-sensor, some times it's freeze or not working, but as a technician i am looking to fix it.Read full review...

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