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Thank you

Thank you it works great but just need to buy a new charger for it

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: wrich55416


Great phone

Grandson needed a phone. Worked with the Kajeet system. He loves it. This is a phone he can grow into and use until the newest and best becomes his teenage wish.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: jerisbargainstore


Great phone at a great price...But buy and extended battery for it..

Great phone, but its out dated. I had a hard time playing the new games like Angry Birds. but everything else worked great.. also make sure to sync your contacts with your gmail account because if you dont and then get a phone other than an HTC is going to be hard to get your contacts in. I just replaced my with the nexus s and I does not work with anything else but your gmail account. Battery life is average if you compare it to any HTC phone that runs 4g. Its size is good it doesnt feel like your carring a laptop in your pocket even tho you are.... apps are good, you can link your phonebook numbers to your facebook account in your pictures you can select photoalbums from your facebook friends and view them as if they were in your SD card. same with Flicker. Picture quality is really good (5mp) easy to customize and loud ring tones...Only cons about the phone is outdated processor and battery life... But keep in mind that the Hero 200 was the first Evo...Read full review...


evo works great but battery life is poor

I have to say since I am a droid user I love the Evo, better then the crappy hero, which has memory leaks, I lost 3 phones because of the hero. the Evo on the other hand is incredible, two things are missing though, 16 gigs of ram instead of an expansion card which the Evo, cannot save apps to SD card unless you have a special app for that, and battery life, oh way bad, but besides that this phone rocks. Fast, user friendly, awesome camera, and very nice keyboard, even with swipe :) yes it has swipe unbelievably with the new upgrade. I had the I phone 4 and this blows it out of the water, only thing comparable is the Droid X by Verizon and that interface is not as good as HTC, however the Droid X battery life does rock, anyone with an I phone would switch to either one if they ever used it. because of the battery life and memory I ive this phone a 4 star, the i phone 4 is 3.5 at best, to many droped calls and battery life is almost as bad. Unless you go 4 g and then the Evo sucks lol, wow like 1 hour and you are done....
suggest u get a better battery if you purchase it
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HTC Hero, Great on a Budget

The CDMA version, or as most people know it, the Sprint HTC Hero is a great phone for people who want to introduce themselves to the world of android, or for people who know android to move to if they ever see themselves switching to sprint on a budget.

First, however, I'll go through the cons of the device, so we can end on a Happy Note.

The biggest complaint I have, as it is about a year or so old now, is the speed. It is certainly not as amazing as it was at launch, being stuck with a 528mHz processor and only 256 MB of onboard memory and ram, it's not quite the fastest phone you'll ever see.

Furthermore, Like most android phones, The battery life isn't its shining star, either, with about 5-6 hours of consistent use, depending on programs being used and data being transferred.

Adding on to its limited on-board memory amount of 256 mb rom size, you'll find yourself pretty quickly running out of space for applications. I have to run through an "application deletion" routine once every other week or so, but it's not that hard, cause I always have random games I don't play any more or useless apps that somehow peaked my curiosity while I was browsing the Market.

Now to get to the brighter sides of the HTC Hero.

The first obvious plus is that it is running the ever-popular Android Operating system, version 2.1 officially from Sprint. It's an efficient little device, able to greatly show off many of the amazing features that make Android a competent smart phone OS.

For those who are more brave, and not afraid to temporarily void their phones warranty (which at this time is almost a moot point, since most hero users are past their one year Manufacturers warranty anyway) the phone can easily be rooted and loaded with one of the few 2.2 roms ported over to the Hero, Such as AOSPmod or CyanogenMod, Both of which make this phone a snappy little sport.

The screen isn't the biggest, but for a phone of this size, the screen is well proportioned and easy to navigate, with only a few poorly designed apps having issues while trying to navigate their menus and pages. It can easily replace a computer in a pinch and has plenty of detail to appreciate the beauty of its 5 MP Camera with autofocus.

Moving to the camera, it is very capable of taking close-to-studio quality images, especially if you use many of the amazing free or paid camera applications from the market. It has easily replaced the 12 mp digital camera that we used before acquiring this phone, cause let's be honest, in today's standards, aside from professional applications, when is anyone gonna need 12 megapixels? And the ability to use up to a 32 GB microsd card definitely is nice for when you like to take a lot of pictures, videos or carry your mp3 library with you.

Music on the phone is up to par with what you'd expect from an mp3 player. It may not be a replacement for your iPod classic with it's powerhouse media playing power, but for your bus/train ride to work or your workout session, it's ability to stream either through headphones OR through a stereo bluetooth capable headset, Music is a dream for being a smart phone.

All in all, for the price, which in most cases, depending on where you shop, is under $100 USD, you can't beat a phone like the Sprint HTC Hero. Whether you're shopping online, checking email, listening to your music or even using it as a cell phone (who does that anymore?) This is a great buy.
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Great entry phone for the Android Market.

I already had one of these phones on my account. I purchased this one as an upgrade to an antiquated LG Rumor 2 for one of the users on my phone plan. It seems that this is a phone favored by women, because all the women on my plan have one now.

Pros: 3G - No additional costs to operate on the Sprint network (4G + $10 more per phone)
Android - Lots of Apps
7 home screens to (like a desktop)
HTC - Very good manufacturer support and development
Size - Thin and light, fits well in one hand
Battery if replaceable

Cons: No QWERTY keyboard, touchscreen only
Google Gmail activation requirement
Battery life is challenging, moderate usage of phone, text and apps require daily charging
Sprint only supports up to Eclair 2.1 software update (2.2 is a huge update)

Bottom line: This is a great phone for someone who wants a compact, 3G, Android, social media phone and can text on a touchscreen without the additional cost of going 4G.
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HTC Hero

The hero has an abundance of capabilities. They just aren't that easy to access or use. Coming from a Palm Pre and the most excellent WebOS, everything took an extra step or two. No more swiping and its gone. In any case the phone is quite capable and for those that aren't into being the first on the block to own a device, now is your chance to own a previously top tier phone. Again the learning curve is a bit steep and not at all intuitive (as was the Pre). So if you have patience this phone will get you there and then some. But again its no longer the top dog as 4g is around as well as more powerful processors to boot.
The phone is very durable and should last a fairly decent amount of time to the average user. Battery life can be disappointing (I've found this to be the case for most high-end phones), but this is mostly dependent on the apps one chooses to use. Also since the battery is pretty powerful it can get hot quickly.
Its an android phone so you have a ton of apps available to you in the Market Place, the web location where Google/Android apps are sold. The choices can be staggering for the uninitiated. For most it will be old hat though as most users of top tier phones have come to expect a wide assortment of applications.
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2nd best phone in Summer 2010 Market

I give it a good rating and not a excellent because there is still a lot of improvement that can be done. Phone looks and feel great, very stylish, up to date with technology, and superb screen size. I love the screen size for browser the internet and watching video. Of course i'm a guy and I got big khaki pockets for the phone so i don't mind the big bulkiness, i actually like the screen size more than the iphone. As far as speed, the internet is really fast but programs needs some work to move in and out faster. A fast internet but slow software isn't gonna help it much. The Android software stinks, could use better functionality like the iphone. I miss the iphone due to simplicity, easy to navigate and organize app around. Sprint network is great but their data network isn't that great. I can call and text instantly but having trouble connecting to the data network to use app that require online access.

9/6/10 Update:
Batteries perform good unless you are using flash from like watch youtube videos. That's why Iphone decided not to use flash on their phones and I know why now. From a full charge battery watching youtube, the whole battery drains in one hour compare to your regular videos which last for about 2.5 times longer. Going in and out of video files sometimes lags and freezes. Your video search loads kinda slow if you're trying to get all the way down to the bottom for your video. I wish you can set the setting for video to show just a list so it can scroll down faster than trying to load all the video picture while slowing down the scrolling down part. Be prepare to get extra batteries on the side and thank goodness this phone has that feature unlike the iphones. Once its dead its dead. Does what I need to do and they need to start putting up more general app like local banks, etrade, and etc.
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HTC Could lose some weight!

I love the fact that this phone can do just about everything a computer can do plus take pictures and video. The phone is very responsive and fast as swiping across screens is super easy and lag isn't seen. However, for the female consumhers the phone will look quite large and feel quite large in the hand. If the phone was a little slimmer, sort of like the Droid Incredible then i believe more female consumers can be reached. The captive buttons are also agitating as they can easily be pressed without trying to when swiping across the screen. I also dislike that there isn't a decication camera button and that that the front facing camera mirrors and would show words backwards. Last dislikeness of this phone would be that you have to reach way up to the top to put screen to sleep instead of being able choose one of the captive buttons at the bottom of the phone.

All in the phone is a excellent device that works.

I decided to buy the phone due to the fact that it has a 8mega pixil camera with flash and a front facing camera. i love taking pictures with a phone and being that this phone had such a large camera lens, i knew great pictures will come from this phone.
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HTC Hero =)

I love my HTC Hero with Google.
It does occasionally slow down, and the processor could be beefed up a bit to compensate, but overall it's a great phone with few problems.
I'm clumsy on touch screens, so I also wouldn't mind a larger keyboard to work with.

Otherwise, I woud recommend this to anyone starting out with a SmartPhone or even those looking for an affordable smartphone to get the daily needs taken care of.

Would it replace the functionality of a full PDA or Crackberry? no, but it's close and it's great for an Android smartphone product.

I even convinced my mother, a long-time basic call/text user into getting one and she's had no problems figuring it out and using it daily. She loves it, I love it.

Mine was stolen at my workplace, and I liked the model so much I'm getting another off Ebay right now.
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