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Great value for the price

I was able to activate it on the Sprint Network, but it took awhile to figure out how to do so. (I had to enter the activation code manually and then enter my phone number and MSID, then go into settings and update the profile.) The stock battery life is terrible; however, extended life batteries are available for less than $10 online. (I ordered one and it doubled the battery life.) Call quality is very clear, and, while the stock browser is slow, other browsers (such as Opera Mini and UC Browser) are available via the Google Play store. It is a great backup phone, and I hope it will last until I find a new phone I really like.Read full review...

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Refurbished HTC Evo 4G

I say this is a good value because I only paid $9 for it, so I suppose I got my money's worth. But I was very disappointed to find out that the phone did not have Google Play Store. It has the outdated "Market" applications manager. After numerous support calls to HTC, Google, and Sprint, no one has come up with a solution that will allow me to install Google Play Store or download app's without it. As it stands, I cannot download any app's. I don't think this a function of the phone. It is more related to Sprint blocking services on old phones to force customers to buy new ones.

There are a couple of problems that are directly related to the phone, but they are minor nuisances. The phone does not vibrate, so I do not know when I am getting a phone call or message when the ringer is turned down. Also, the case has wear and damage that was not described in the listing.

Other than that, everything seems to work. The apps that are already on the phone seem to work, I can do phone calls and texts, take pictures, and connect it to the desktop through a USB cable. I haven't used the navigation app yet, but I suppose it will work also.
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Jury is out!

I bought these phones as cheap phones my kids could use since they broke their more expensive phones. So far have not been able to activate them on sprint. Have to take to a Sprint Tech store and if they can't get it working i can get it swapped for a newer phone under the insurance plan.Read full review...

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Better than fair

I was surprised when the phone arrived, it was in better than fair shape. I only use it to connect to Internet and read email, does everything I got it for.

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I like this phone

Does a good job, lots of apps.

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Battery life is no good

I bought the phone because my current phone was giving out & I didn't want to spend a lot on a brand new phone. I really like the size of the screen & the display is very clear. The size of the phone is a good size. More easy to find. The features are prettycool also. The battery is an issue. It takes forever to charge but lasts a very short time. You can charge it a little faster by shutting down the phone but you may miss a few phone calls & text, as long as it takes to get a full charge. Overall, its a great phone but the battery life sucks.Read full review...


Great phone with many more pros than cons

The large screen and buttons along with swype technology is great for women with long nails.its always hard to text for us. The screen is bright and great for watching videos or for the kindle app. And for a phone the camera is above average. The only downside is the battery. It is highly power intensive. The battery only lasts about 1.5 hours of continued use before it needs charging. However, there are speed chargers, extra batteries and extended life batteries available for people who need backup battery life.Read full review...


Good capability at a fraction of the cost

I bought this phone knowing it was about 2 years ago that the product was released. The newer versions are more slim and lighter, but the cost is too much. Was thinking about buying a Galaxy s3 but $600-$800 is just way out of line - I can by a tablet or laptop!. Overall the phone has a great display. It has all the capability I was looking for. The 4G coverage has limited coverage. Kind of cool to watch Netflix on your phone. Camera and camcorder work great. Overall- I feel I got a good phone at a very reasonable price by buying the previous model.Read full review...


Good Smart Phone

The best thing about this phone is definitely the display. It's extremely high-resolution for the size. The touch screen is pretty good for resistive technology (as opposed to capacitive screens like the iPhone or Pre). The only other resistive screen phones I've used are the LG Versa and Voyager, and it feels like HTC has just done it better somehow, especially with sliding/scrolling.

HTC also did a spectacular job of making Windows Mobile usable with your finger by way of the TouchFLO 3D interface. There is a stylus included that slides nicely into the bottom of the phone, but I've found that I rarely need to pull it out. It's pretty, but it's also very functional as well. They did a great job on the different text input methods that are available as well. The full QWERTY is probably not practical for anyone but those with the tiniest of fingers, but I find the compact QWERTY setup pretty usable. If that doesn't work for you, you can switch to the phone keypad style and T9 it.

The text messaging interface does have a few quirks. When I tap on a message in the TouchFLO interface and it goes into the messaging screen, the keyboard pops up but doesn't want to type in the text box until you hit it. When you do hit it, sometimes you get a little dance where the keyboard isn't sure that it wants to stay up or not. I can usually tap the text box again before the keyboard goes away and then everything is fine, so it is a minor annoyance.

The camera seems to work fine; I've seen a lot of reviews that say it sucks but the performance seems pretty standard as far as most phone cameras go.

Overall, performance-wise, it is not as bad as I was expecting. I've experienced a few versions of Windows Mobile on different devices, and I know how sluggish it can get, but aside from a few isolated incidents where the device just seemed to lock up altogether (prompting me to perform a soft reset), the performance was actually better than other WinMo phones I've used. It's got a decent processor and plenty of memory. It's no 3GS but I wasn't expecting that.

Will be looking forward to my next upgrade so I can experience a newer HTC model, but until then I will be enjoying myself with the Diamond, especially with how cheap I got it without contract incentives.
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good phone

The sleek and modern HTC EVO 4G mobile provides excellent performance. This HTC smartphone features the WiFi capability, which allows you to access the internet at a great speed. Featuring the 4.3-inch touchscreen display, this HTC EVO cell phone allows you to access every application smoothly and lets you view photos and videos too. The HTC EVO 4G mobile features 8 megapixel camera with auto Focus and 2x LED Flash, and 1.3 megapixel front facing camera for capturing your special moments. The 2.1 Bluetooth technology of this HTC smartphone allows you quickly share and transfer data with other compatible devices. This HTC EVO cell phone has 4G network, which allows you stream and upload online content from the web faster.Read full review...

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