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Good phone, but a bit out-of-date

I bought this for my fiancee so she would give me back my phone! She needed GPS and an ease-of-use smartphone, and while this one is a bit outdated, it is still a good phone and value...

There are a couple of feature issues that I have found:
1. Some of the pre-installed apps have some errors that make them inoperable, so I had to go to the Market to get newer ones.
2. The Market will not upgrade to Google Play
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Great little HTC android.

Greatest little HTC there is. Got it when it first came out but unfortunately with the release of the iPhone 4 that summer, this phone didn't receive much attention. Also the price for it was beyond that of the iPhone so my mother resorted with getting me the apple product instead. I came back to buy this one because I felt I was rarely using my upgraded iPhone 5 and the reception from the cheapest plan, Sprint, was horrible. Thought I would get this phone as a Go Phone but the one I ordered kept restarting. Didn't want to stay with the phone for long if it didn't work.Read full review...


If you can get it cheap GO FOR IT, otherwise dont waste your money.

While outdated and unable to play flash, it's 600MHZ cpu is capable of overclocking to 800mhz with CM7 and Set CPU, making it a very worthy pocketable Android phone.

Not powerful enough to run PSX emulators, it can still handle GBA and SNES but don't expect much beyond that. This is a great phone for browsing and texting, though sadly swype is not supported. It's not a 4G phone, but It's quick enough to do the job.

Having a headset jack also makes it great for listening to music, especially if you have a stereo system in your car with an aux port.

It's small screen made it hard to type if you have larger hands, but you can adapt to it quite well. You'll find yourself zoomed into pages to read text due to the screen.

Over all, while I did enjoy this phone, there are better ones to choose from with newer technology, and a better price for a newer device, I don't think I can recommend this unless you can get it cheap.
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I really love this phone so far ....

I think that I am just a bit behind the times. This phone does EVERYTHING for me! It has taken me a couple of days to understand what all of the buttons were and how to use them and still I am figuring out some things. But overall I absolutely love this phone. It is really pretty easy to use. I downloaded Ivona so that I had speech to text and I LOVE THAT!!
Great used phone in perfect condition so no complaints at all.
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great phone for the money

this is a good smartphone for the money. very easy to use, the only negative for me would be space, but a larger sd card can fix that. bought it for my son, my daughter already had one, so i would say we like this phone, the more apps you run the more you need to watch the app settings, you can also get an app killer on the droid market to help conserve battery life. all in all, highly recommend.Read full review...


I am glad that I purchased this phone.

This is my first smartphone because I am just coming out of the dark ages and saying good bye to my old dinosaur. This phone has been simple to learn to use. I did not get a manual with it so I have had to teach my self. The screen is very touchy though so I have to touch it lightly to make selections. That could be a problem for someone with large or heavy fingers. I would recommend it for someone who has never had a smartphone.Read full review...


Great phone.

I brought the phone because I wanted a more updated phone. I like that the size was great. Not too big and not too small. I can't think of any dislikes about the phone. Its like any of the other htc androids just smaller and just as fun. There are many apps that are free for the phone. Downloads were fast. I recommend a 8gb or larger sd card for the phone. It was easy to set up the phone like you want it. wi-fi works well. If you have pre-paid service, I recommend you purchase an additional data plan.Read full review...


This is a good phone but has minor defects.

I bought this phone because I wanted an HTC touch screen that worked better than the average phone but not precisely like an Iphone. I like the wifi, weather application and the amount of data the phone can hold. What I do not like about the phone is the inaccurate time the phone displays for the messages. At times the phone will not carry out phone calls successfully. It definitely is a better phone than any other one I have had before except for the times it doesn't work very well.Read full review...


HTC Aria is a pretty good phone if you dont want an overkill phone

HTC Aria is my first android phone. I was used to a blackberry where battery could last me 2-3 days. Android OS is pretty good but consumes a lot of battery, but you do get a lot of fancy new features compared to what I used to have. Overall the Aria, it is a pretty good phone eventhough it has only a 3.2" display is very nice phone and manageable.Read full review...


Very effective! Works Great!!

Works great and effectively. You can also stay connected with friends easily. the 5 mp camera takes amazing pictures, and it is also great to surf the web overall it is a good phone. the only disadvantage of this phone is the small screen, compared to all the other android smart phonesRead full review...

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