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Good replacement for a prior unit

This has always been a quality printer and i just needed a replacement since HP no longer manufactures this particular printer. Vender was good to work with. Recommend this printer for most home needs.Read full review...

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by Top critical review

Good but needs TLC

When this printer is good it is very good when it is bad it is awful. So long as you have enough ink and don't have to align the print heads it works great but should you have to align the print heads it can consume a great deal of ink and sometimes won't even accept the alignment even if the printer makes excellent prints. Love most features on this and found that it works best to download the drivers for this system from the HP site rather than the disc. Good luck with it as the inks are expensive and don't last too long. Do love the prints when it is working correctly.Read full review...

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HP OfficeJet Pro 8500 All-In-One Inkjet Printer

This printer is a replacement for an OfficeJet 8500 I already owned. It had died and it was not cost effective to put parts in, as they would have cost more than the cost to just replace the printer. That said, this is a great printer for a small business home office. I use it for printing, scanning, faxing, copies, etc.

If you need a good printer for the above, I highly recommend the OfficeJET 8500.
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Worst Purchase I've made in recent time!

The printer arrived well packed in a FedEx package.
When I tried to set it up it kept saying it had a paper jam, yet there wasn't any paper in it.
I took it to a local repair shop which cost me $45 for them to tell me it had a broken gear.
The shop said it wouldn't be worth fixing.
I threw it out.
The worst purchase I have made in recent time.
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HP Officejet Pro 8500 Premier All-in-One A909n (CB025A)

I run a Small Business in which we print a good amount of documents, mostly in black n white, color on occasion, and also have a high need to scan clients documents as they are presented to us to prepare Tax Returns and other Accounting related Statements and Documents. Over the last 3 years I have used two HP printers to run my business. The first was a HP Model 5510 (low budget all-in-one - $109) and a HP Color Laser Model 2600n - $299). I replaced both with this HP Officejet Pro 8500 Premier Wireless All-in-One 909n.

** Pros: Officejet 8500 Ink Cartridge costs are much lower than that of any Ink Cartridge cost of running a laser printer. Quality of the print appears to be the same if not identical to that of the laser. You can adjust the color print settings to a vibrant and higher quality to match that of the similar quality put out by a color laser. Don’t be afraid to play with the settings to get what you need. This printer has lots of setting options to choose from so you get exactly what you need. The fax works perfectly and also comes with software options to make faxing directly from your computer to the HP Officejet Pro 8500 a snap. This All-in-One kicks performance when it comes to the software and options you get when scanning. Scanning is quick and the quality is superb. Lastly, its Wireless capability allows you to put this printer directly on your Network, so it can be shared by everyone in your office or even home. This was easy to set up and if done correctly, is safe in secure on your protected Network from hackers getting in. You can also set up this printer to print directly from the Internet, no matter where you are. The power saver function for this printer will save you lots in energy costs vs. a laser printer or budget all-in-one which constantly are sucking power from you when not in use.

** Cons: The Officejet Pro 8500 initial set up and software installation is both timely and intimidating. The printer itself needs to be turned on immediately so that it completes a rather long internal warm-up, testing and initialization. I suggest waiting the 20 minutes it takes to complete this step and then install your software. Otherwise, if you install the software just after plugging and turning on the printer, you will get an error trying to connect to the printer. It has to complete all its testing.

** Recommendation: I would buy it but make sure to go directly to the HP online website and buy yourself a Warranty Care Package for the printer. This will cover all the problems that others mention in their reviews and more. Its just over $100 for a 3year, but they have 1 and 2 year options also.
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I have not been able to use it since I received it. Thank-you

Dear ebay,
I bought it because I need an all in one printer. I like it because it has all the needs I like. However, I haven't been able to use it. It did not have the two head printers or the cord to connect to the wall. I have already written to you twice able the product. I would probably like it if I had all the parts. I had to go to Wall Mart and buy me a simple printer until you guys can get it to work for me. I would surely appreciate it.

I await your respond.

Rodney J. Alderete
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Just what I expected

Used printer replaced the exact model that had developed a firmware issue. A real workhorse of a printer, scanner and fax machine.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: 1stopoutletllc


I LOVE IT....Ive now had it for about a year....Love it more than 1st day.

I love all of the features of this product. I also like the aesthetic appearance of this product. Not bulky at all and does not take up a lot of space. Being that it is wireless is a huge feature because it allows many users to utilize this printer, fax, copier, scanner and also can be put in a copy room, etc with no wiring needed to the network.

Most of all I love how easy it was to set this printer up. I did my homework before ordering this printer. It was a mix of good and bad reviews, the bad ones mainly focusing on installation. So I was on the fence about ordering.

Being that the price was excellent on this magnificent machine and it had everything and more I needed. I decided that I would take a chance on it. It really was a tough decision due to the fact that it was being shipped with no support, etc.

Now Im no computer whiz or highly mechanically inclined. I do however have common sense and can follow instructions.

When it arrived I was so excited and eager to get it unpacked and set-up. After I got it placed and plugged in I inserted the driver CD.

Here is where my heart started pumping. I didnt want any trouble, I didnt want it to NOT be compatible with my system, I didnt want to have to return my new toy!!!!

This program took right off and never stopped running until it finished its installation. I was ecstatic!!!!

I had NOT one problem. NOT one!!!!

I browsed the utilities and there is plenty of support and help topics if you should run into a snag but all of the reviews that had me so worried about this printer were false and unfounded.

The wireless connection is flawless. The touch screen display on printer is wonderful and is simple and easy to use. It has a wireless connection wizard that does all the work for you. Im telling you this machine is amazing. Dont let anything you read discourage you from getting this model printer. HP has never ever let me down and they have only increased my trust and confidence in them with this one.

It looks great!! Works great!! It is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!

There is nothing not to like about this machine. The sound and vibration I also read about was exaggerated and not accurate. It is not more than any other printer I have had or used.

I feel that if you take your time setting up. Reading the material provided for installation and follow simple prompt and directions. You will breeze through this as I did.

Im only writing this review because I really wanted this machine and I almost didnt buy it because of what I read in reviews. Maybe they were impatient or didnt follow the simple instruction and direction. I dont know but this thing pretty much set up itself.

Im also writing because when I believe in something and use it. I dont mind sharing my experience and knowledge to promote a great product and help others to make a smart decision.

Well I hope I have eased some of your apprehension and helped you to make a decision to purchase this product. I couldnt be more happy with it. That included the great price I paid for it.

I feel I should have paid more. If I had know how easy to install, use and the quality of operation. I would have paid more.

All I can say is "Thank you HP". I will be a loyal customer for the rest of my life.

Good luck to you all and no matter what you do in life. Take your time and do your homework. That way no decision will be made in haste and you will have no regrets because you did all you could have done to have made your decision.
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received in timely manner

Received in timely manner and in condition that was specified. Thank you.


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The printer won't align, it doesn't read the new ink placed in it but ...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: eshopingcart

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