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This printer is phenomenal. I plugged it into my PC running Windows 10 and did not even have to install a driver. This printer is fast and reliable. Cost of operating is very low. I highly recommend the P2015.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: dandydealz


Decent Printer, Suspect Formatter, Terrible support

My seller was very responsive to an early set-up problem. The printer was very lightly used. This is just as well because the build level borders on flimsy when compared to earlier models on the same design, e.g. the 2100 and 2300.

A number of web forum entries point to a high failure rate for the formatter in this model. Happily, that board is side-mounted with,solderless connectors, so replacement would be easy once you had the part in hand.

This review covers my experience with the single-pass model. The duplexing version should be more desirable, with the caveat that the build level might be marginal when it comes to implementing the more complicated paper handling in duplex.

Copy quality and speed are excellent. It was easy to find and install a memory-maxing card, but this did not reduce first-copy time, or time required to add a large .pdf file to the buffer. These values seem limited by the PC's speed in getting the document into the buffer.

This printer was a value purchase. It would make sense to look at later iterations of this light-weight line, especially if the formatter failure issue was resolved by HP China.

One final and serious caveat: HP was no help in getting me to a screen that presents the 1200 dpi. option or the toner density adjustment. Both are advertised features. I would rate HP support on this as poor to the point of arrogance. Forums were dead ends, gratis the HP participants. More than merely noting that it is a discontinued model,the HP network seemed to treat the P2015 as a disowned child.
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Hp P2015 Laser Printer

Good all around office printer. Bought this for home office. I have one at my work location and it has been going worry free for 3+ years.
Less expensive way to print vs photo printers if your not interested in printing photos at home.
When you need a good fast black and white printer ( 29 pages per min) you can't beat it.
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Geat printer work fine. thanks

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: hectormadlinava...


HP P2015

We just purchased a fourth P2015 to replace one that died. We found the P2015 easy to use, very fast and produces clean, clear copies. The machine is used in a business environment in a dusty location. We blame the dusty environment for the failure of the P2015 and an 2 Oki printers in that location earlier. We preferred the P2015 over other printers used, primarily for its first copy speed.Read full review...


"Great laser printer"

It's the printer I've used before and works for me.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: techmalloutlet


Excellent aquisition, one of my best purchases online

it was in excellent condition, it prints about a second after i send the document to the printer, it goes up to 30 pages per minute, it saves toner, it is great in every single way, the front feeder for envelopes or other size of paper takes more than one, i think about 40 pages which is great! i would definitely recommend the product to all my friends and family, thank you for this great price of a great product!Read full review...


Fast, small and efficient - everything you need at home

I was looking for a replacement for my venerable LaserJet 6L for a while. I had a small space to put printer in my office cabinet and it was hard to find something that would fit the footprint of 6L but be much faster and have built-in duplexer.
I missed the opportunity to buy LaserJet P2015 at Staples when they had $249 off the original ($449) price of the printer. After learning that the printer was sold out in all locations around Boston I bought it on eBay for $230 with shipment.
The device is very easy to install (thanks G-d the driver and installation package haven't been developed in India and therefore work well). I use this printer with both Windows XP and Ubuntu 8.10 on the dual-boot machine.
The speed of the device is amazing. We have Color LaserJet 3600dn throughout the office and P2015 flies compare to those.
Knowing the durability of HP printers (mine 6L was c. 1996 and still going strong after I gave it to my in-laws) I expect at least ten years of dependable service.
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Just as described. Thanks!!!

This was just what they said it was. Thanks

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: egreenrecycling...


Great Printer !!!

A great printer for home or a small office. Lots of features and the toner goes a long, long way. The footprint is a little on the large size but well worth the purchase.

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