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Ipaq hp211

the hp ipaq 211 is very handy, the wifi has a good distance, and the touch screen is nice but sometimes have to push a little hard. the internet is decently fast but will lag and sometimes not load if multiple programs are running or in background. the quality is not the best but is not bad. the volume is very difficult to hear without head phones ( unless there's a volume button i have yet to discover). The screen is easily seen out doors, and doesn't hold a glare. the applications are moderately easy to find but sometimes don't work. I use this for school and download power points and other files I need or might need on hand it is failry easy to use and would recommend to others.Read full review...


iPAQ 211 compared to iPAQ 2495b and 2955.

I bought this because after several years of use my iPAQ 2495b failed. Subsequent to buying this item I repaired the 2495b myself (to my amazement) with a cheap new screen and socket which I ordered from China. Anyway, I have this to compare to the iPAQ 211 to as well as with an older 2955 which my wife uses.

The main thing that I like about the iPAQ 211 is its large, bright screen. Also, I've noticed improvements running Windows Mobile 6.0 compared to Mobile 5; however, as far as I can tell from the Microsoft web site, the software cannot be upgraded to Mobile 6.5. Wi-Fi works good as well as the other included programs (Microsoft Office, Windows Media etc.). It has the same great storage capacity as my other iPAQ - CF and SD slots plus there is a mini USB socket which can be used for charging.

There are few negatives (for me) with this model. The screen is not as responsive as what I'm used to. It's accurate, but it requires taping harder or holding longer compared to my other iPAQs. The 211 has a bulkier, industrial strength feel to it. I guess there's a price to pay for that gorgeous screen. Also, although I've never run it completely down, the battery life seems shorter than with the other iPAQs. I've had trouble syncing consistently with Vista 64 bit but no problems with Windows XP. The audio is not good unless earphones or buds are used.

Before retirement from the medical field I needed the 2495b in my pocket all the time. I don't think I'd want to lug around the 211. However, it's fine for checking email in a coffee shop, using it on an airplane flight, playing games, viewing photos and video, using Office and watching YouTube.

Bottom line is that if I hadn't fixed my iPAQ 2495b I would have been satisfied with the 211. Now I wish that I had saved my money for an iTouch or iPhone.
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Ipaq 211 Enterprise review

Great Screen Clarity easy to read.

Very quick and can run multiple applications.

Will work well as day planner.

SD Support works well.

Plays mp3 files fine, just need to be in a quite place :(

Wireless works well, connected easily to my DGL-4500 at 54mps.

Not good for web browsing, no flash capability but that seems to be the case for all pda's.

HP will not release update to mobile 6.5 or 7. If you want
the those you will need 2gb sd card and the hpimage loader, "do at your own risk"

Speaker volume is to low, worthless with in ambient noises.

Wife Factor:
Considering I'm much harder to please the wife loves it for what she is using it for.
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Ipaq 211 -- A Computer in Your Pocket

My wife was using a Palm Tungsten E2 for several years, but it was developing problems. She needed a replacement. I needed internet access when traveling without lugging a laptop. Specifically, I needed either an iPhone or a Windows-based system to run a certain application. The iPhone required a $30/month G3 add-on expense for the life of the phone. My internet access needs could easily be accommodated by going to a hot spot, such as a Starbucks. I had no need for access from the car, and my access needs are rare. The Ipaq gave us both everything we needed, including the ability to load all of the data from the Palm by backing it up to Outlook, then restoring to the Ipaq. The screen is large and bright. Internet access is simple. the onscreen keypad is adequately large. The availability of apps, including free apps, is amazing. In addition, the unit is quite fast, and can edit and read Microsoft Office files. Built-in memory is adequate for many needs, and storage can be expanded using Secure Digital cards up to 4GB. The unit also has a slot for a Compact Flash card or device, such as a GPS receiver or on-card programs.

In general, the PDA market is dying, replaced by Smart Phones. Unfortunately, the wireless phone companies gouge the consumer by requiring their network access, even if the phone has wifi built in. The Ipaq is the perfect solution for the occasional "away" internet user who wants nearly full PC power in his pocket.
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HP iPAQ 211 Enterprise Handheld

The unit is the best one yet. I have several others that I use for work with 3rd. party software. If I had a complaint it would be that you can not erase any of the pre-loaded software to free up memory. Most of the programs are junk anyway. HP should have that option built-in for those of us that need a clean computer for a specific purpose. With PDA's the more onboard memory the better. In mobile 6 they took away the memory slider that allowed you to allocate memory to performance or storage. The 211 is a great unit due to its expanded memory. ThanksRead full review...


Great product! Good price!.

While PDA's are pretty much played out now-a-days I bought this HP 211 Enterprise Handheld for use with the Unichip Engine Management System installed on my 350Z. The readout and colors on the gauges are brilliant and easy to see. This PDA has exceptional battery life compared to others I've used in the past. I highly recommend this PDA for anyone using a Unichip w/Flux Bluetooth Receiver.Read full review...


Great versatile PDA in a small and durable package

I use the HP iPaq 211 for my employees, who collect data about vehicles at car dealerships for posting to the web. I have 7 of these PDAs in use currently and I can attest to their functionality, consistency, and durability. They do everything we need them to do, and can even withstand a drop or two. I would recommend an Otter case to avoid screen cracks, but aside from the screen, the PDA itself is quite durable.Read full review...


Okay product for the price

The unit was okay for the price.

I already had an HP 212 PDA and this one was just a backup.

The screen is badly marked where the previous owner constantly used the stylus but it was otherwise okay. The marks are visible when the unit is switched off but not when it is switched on :)Read full review...


ipaq 211 4" vga screen!

I bought this for my wife who is a doctor of Internal Medicine. She works in two separate offices, and didn's want to carry heavy books back and forth. The high resolution large (4" diag.) screen makes reading e-books like drug references etc. pleasurable, plus a separate slot for CF and SDHC cards leaves ample storage space for any needs out there. A bit slower to startup that a Palm OS, but very stable and speedy once loaded! It's like having a pentium III in your pocket!Read full review...


HP iPAQ 211 Enterprise Handheld Refurb

The HP IPAQ 211, while a refurbished unit, provides all the features and capabilities of a new unit fresh from HP. It also caried a 1 year warranty backed by HP direct for support and repair should that be needed. I will use this means of purchasing HP refurb products in the future.Read full review...

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