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Gone on Sixty

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The 1974 classic version

Just exactly as advertised. The DVD and the jewel case are both in perfect as if new condition. Not one blemish. I have been enjoying the movie and am very pleased with my purchase. Thanks.

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Love the 70's movies and muscle cars!

Excellent deal, Great all time movie!

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This movie will forever be in the top 10 greatest chase scene

The original 1974 version by far has one of the greatest car chases in movie history. The re-make with Nicolas Cage does not even compare. The cars that are stolen in the 1974 version are in a way "harder to steal" in the sense that some were actual race car drivers cars such as Parnelli Jones' offroad Bronco! The second the yellow `73 Mustang (Eleanor) come flying out of the parking garage my mouth hit the floor and stayed there for the duration of the 45 minute chase! A few of the accidents and crashes werent even planned but look so good they still used the footage! I think what also helped was that the director was the stunt driver.Read full review...


Nothing better than the original, record setting, Car Chase and Crash movie

All I can say is GREAT! There is nothing as good as the original especially when remastered. The remake with Nicholas Gage, despite his award winning acting skills, does not have the action, the interest, and the fun as this original. This copy is an must for any fan of car chase and wrecks movies. The fact that there are no professional actors in this original makes it even more fun and focuses on the primary interests of the movie. For the sheer fun of it all, for car enthusiasts, chase enthusiasts, this is the beginning. An Guiness Book of Records, record setting film.Read full review...


Gone In 60 Seconds, Original Movie

No stupid special effects like the new movies always have. You can't jump an old Mustang more than 50' or so and still be driving. Love the old cars and time frame. You can definitely tell when he has the unplanned accident. Heckuva shot to the car. My favorite part is the Mustang rounding an intersection corner with full pursuit behind. The car sticks tight in the corner and not the wacky Starsky slides and drifting they go overboard on these days. Looks tough and more real.Read full review...


1974 Original Classic "Gone in 60 Seconds"

WOW!!!! This is way better than the newer 2000 version. It's kind of like the original Walking Tall. The original movies from the seventies are just that, they are original and the newer versions can never seem to do them justice!
This movie is non stop action. If you like crush em' up, bang em' up and wild car chases from the great decade of the 70's, then this movie is for you. There is a forty minute police chase in this movie!! It's great!!! The maker of this movie, H.B. Halicki, whom also starred in the movie does all the chases and stunts and it is incredible!! There were 93 cars destroyed in the making of this movie!!!!! I loved it and my teenage son has watched it more than he ever watched the 2000 remake. Don't let this one slip between your fingers. Own it if you can.
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Exciting product!

I like this one. H.B Halicki is Great Stunt man.
The length and the continuing car chase look, are borne, and : enough.
When music was original, it was more wonderful.


A blast from the past!

Great movie! I saw it on the big screen as a kid.Love to see actual stunts without computer generated effects.One point that I argued as a kid.That is NOT a Mach 1!It's a '73 sportsroof.No hood scoops.Look at any picture of a '73 Mach 1,and you will see that i'm right.Sorry,I had to get it off my chest.Read full review...


Fast action show

I watched the movie when it first came out. It doesn't have much dialog,but it does have ample car chases and crashes. Other movies have been patterned after it.

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