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Perfect GoPro...3rd Party accessorizes, DON'T USE THE MICRO SD CARD. 4.5/5 Stars

I'll make this short and sweet.

1. The GoPro is the exact same one your would buy at at any retail store. It is in perfect condition, never been opened. I LOVE IT! It is amazing. But this review is more about the extras you recieve, and not the GoPro itself. Because the only reason I bought this package deal, was because I was saving a ton of money on all these are they worth it?

2. Everything included is a 3rd party accessory, but thats not a bad thing. Every single extra item works well, and feels durable enough to really be used in whatever action activity you want to do. The tripod grip isn't tall, but the postivie is its flexible legs which rubber legs and tips wrap and hold to so many things. The chestie, and headband are perfect. The selfie stick is a very good length and not too heavy. All clamps, suction cups and extra batteries are perfect.

3. The Micro SD card will not work with GoPro. It is non-compatible. I screwed up my GoPro and had to contact their customer support for an hour to discover I had corrupted the firmware of my camera. No big deal, once I had put in a SD card that was compatible.

4. Overall, BUY THIS. You will spend 400$ on the camera alone. These extras are ABSOLUTELY worth the extra $ that are included. Just plan on spending another $25 to $50 on a 32 or 64gb Micro SD card as well. Long as you know that, you'll be good.
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over rated & too many components/pieces

Too many pieces to keep track of, battery life short requires keeping on hand 3 or more precharged replacement batteries for filming vids,recharging takes too long and is not wireless thru induction. exterior clear body and backs lack unified size or fit for previous earlier owned models makes them NOT interchangeable. . Requires that if you own multiple models of gopro camera you are compelled to buy different fitting but repetitive items This unit lacks a magnetic back for placement positioning on metal surface. No oem interchangeable lens. Competitor brand manufacturers models have streamlined some of these items within their own brands.Read full review...

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Use if you plan to recording video for active experiences or water activity

Pros: Great product, very durable, case is sturdy, great quality videos, camera user friendly and easy to figure out, lcd touch screen, wifi option to external devices such as computer or smart phones, and comes with useful accessories such as mounts and interchangeable cases.

Cons: If you plan to use it for several hours you have to be conservative with battery life if you want to make it last. Taking quality photos can be troublesome especially if you don't have a LOT of light. SD card read errors happen here and there. Sometimes (even with low light option off) 60fps drops lower. No SD card comes with camera.

Other info: No zoom, slight learning curve figuring out how to use all accessories.
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Amazing camera, despite the color glitch.

I bought this for getting action footage as well as filmmaking. I like that the field of view is adjustable (Super Wide, Wide, Medium, Narrow) so you don't always have to use the "fisheye" looking wide effect. (which is great for action footage, but not so much if you're trying to shoot a "flatter" shot to cut into footage from other cameras.) When i'm not filming action footage, I like to use the Medium and Narrow fields of view because it looks like a "normal" lens with a natural field of view. This camera produces a very stable image with hardly any noticeable "jello" effect. I was impressed at how smooth the footage is even in rough and shaky conditions. The built-in touch screen is an essential asset in this camera, which enables you to frame your shots and quickly change camera settings with ease. It is also durable. I accidentally dropped it on concrete from about 8 feet up (with the case on it). It got a couple dings but was still good to go. I like that you can change the framerate, and that it has enhanced settings for low-light conditions. The Pro Tune setting is also great for custom light and picture settings. The resolution/framerate options are also satisfactory.

One bad thing about this camera (and even earlier GoPro models apparently) is that some models have a color glitch that is said to be common among all GoPro models. The screen gets these purple and green hues randomly in your footage which makes it unuseable. I am in the process of receiving my replacement GoPro after sending in the defective unit. It was a fairly smooth process.

All in all it is an amazing and versatile camera. It blows other action cameras out of the water. It is just far superior to any action camera in its class.

For batteries and storage, I suggest at least two backup batteries and a charger (i got Wasabi brand, which work fine) and at least one SanDisk Extreme 64GB micro SDHC card or equivalent.
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Good camera

My gopro hero 3+ came with a battery backpack and a WiFi remote. The battery add on is great. The camera is good. Waterproof is a wonderful feature. But,... The WiFi remote wasn't synced prior the receiving the camera and it wouldn't pair to the camera either. I'm only able to use the app as a remote feature. Went snorkeling and swimming with dolphins in the Bahamas with no issues! Remote issues is only reason I'm giving 4 stars.Read full review...

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Fun but hate the proprietary accessories

It's a great camera for action or recording wherever you go. You will have to buy certain accessories to make it functional like a clip that will accommodate a regular tripod screw or a selfie stick. Those are not cheap and only 3rd party vendors make them cheap. While recording, can't tell what view angle you have until u download the videos. High speed SD card is required too. If camera is found at good price, then go for it.Read full review...

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Good but go better

Straight up awesome product. But go bigger and buy next model up with screen. Will really make a difference when you are using and when you are editing. You will first notice you need to be closer than you think for pics and it will make it easier to see that you have the pic you want. I know you can blue tooth to your phone but sometimes no time. Used in Disney to make the most awesome video. Couple more weeks will b in Cancun🎉with Danielle and garret. Can't wait to see those videos. And adding music is a snap with free editing program. Buy, buy,buy.Read full review...

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GoPro Novice!!

I received my GoPro Hero 4 Silver as a Christmas gift, we bought it new through ebay. The camera, although very small by comparison to high end SLR's takes very good images. Again this is an action camera designed for video capturing of your...well what ever you are into-adventures. It is versatile and fairly easy to learn. if you are deciding between the Hero 4 Silver or Black, there are really only two questions to ask yourself: 1) Do you want the added benefit of a view lcd screen on the back of the camera? (Silver has view screen, Black does not). 2) Do you really have a need for shooting in 4k? (Black has advanced 4k, Silver does not). The current firmware pretty much makes the Silver and black identical other than those two aspects. There are some very good reviews and comparisons on You Tube pairing the Hero 4 Silver and Black. Dollars for doughnuts, the Silver was the better choice for me. There are a ton of accessories you can buy from ebay or any retailer that carries GoPro. Or you can watch some GoPro DYI You Tube vids and make the high dollar accessories for fairly cheap and they are great. I just made a clamp mount using a $1.00 clamp and my drill...retail at about $10.00 for the same thing. Navigating the GoPro is a bit clumsy at first but the learning curve is pretty quick. Again, there are some great You Tube Vides specific to the Hero 4 that walk you right through the steps. The GoPro Studio for editiong (Free download) is comparable to some high priced -no names mentioned- digital studio editing software. The GoPro Studio literally walks you right through the importing, editing and exporting of your projects with many custom edit options to help you get the finished product you want. I have been playing with the Night Lapse option and missed one setting, so the pics it did take were very high quality night shots of our starry with some cloud movement sky, but found my error and will do it again tonight. I have already clamped the camera to my 5 year olds fire truck and have a mad dash video of her trying to run over her 3 yoa brother, not J.J Abrahms quality action, but it is cold and wet outside so not rigging it top my motorcycle until early spring...i am looking forward to my learning process with this new addition. Suggestion: If you get the GoPro, it will come with the water proof skeleton case and several mounts, go out and get a secondary skeleton case that has the plug in side exposed so on the non wet or snow/muddy days you can hook up a portable charger to the camera and extend your recording time. Having a couple extra batteries on hand is a good idea two.Read full review...

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Great product

I used this camera on a recent trip. I expected the battery to last longer that 3-4 hours. glad I had taken 2 extra ones.
Picture image is great. Stability control is excellent. Still learning more.
Good value of the price.
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Terrific Camera

This little camera has many features to make your movies great. I love mine and when combining footage from my Canon 70 my movies have more options than I, an amateur photographer can imagine using. I have used this as a dash cam and am very pleased with the video when driving and the other ways to use this camera are near infinite and only limited by your imagination. Depending on your interests you may want an additional camera that can zoom in close etc. as this camera is not a do it all type; but then few items are.Read full review...

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