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Good graphics100% agree

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not glorious, but may be fun

I just finished the latest Dragon Quest, so nothing can follow that, but I'll try. I'm only 4 hours into the game. The first hour, I was unhappy, the fighting was no more than button mashing. I actually read a mag while pushing over and over till fights were done. Then I got to the Mines, things changed. Routine battles were harder, I died. Now I actually need to think, use magic and skills and items, yippee, fun at last. Suddenly I can enhance, forge, things to do. To soon to say for sure, but I'm having fun now.Read full review...


Excellent RPG for the DS/DS Lite/DSi

The graphics weren't exactly cutting edge, but the game itself was phenominal. The game starts when you wake up, washed up on a beach in ancient Grece with no memory of your past life. You soon find out that you are immortal and find others like yourself, immortal and no memory of their past life. Throughout the game, you discover who you are with many surprising twists and turns along the way. During the battles against monsters, you can use weapons, skills, abilities and magic in a turn based battle. It is a realatively long game, so you will get hours of enjoyment out of it. Without a doubt, this is one of the most gripping and exciting RPG games for DS/DS Lite/DSi out there.Read full review...


Glory of Heracles (Nintendo DS,2010)

I bought this game for my youngest son who is 14 years old. He loved the game so much, his older brothers who are 18 & 21 had to have one,too!! Don't know that much about the game but it is a BIG hit with all three of my boys!!Read full review...


Good game

For those who love any story of Heracles will like this for its originality. :) Its bring a new twist to who he himself was and brings in new companions that are entertaining in a good way.


Glory of Heracles is an epic RPG!

Awesome storyline and gameplay. Don`t want to put game down it`s addicting. Just all around great game! Very satisfied to have had the chance to play this game. Great RPG.


OK but not great

I just started playing it, and I don't think its really all that great. To me its really not that addicting of course I'm 24 yrs old maybe to someone younger it might be better.


Fun game, hard to know what objectives are.

Battle was excellent. There is no quest book or guide, so it's hard to know what the next step is, especially if you haven't played it in a while.

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