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works fine


Garmin nuvi 3750 Best choice for local driving

As an owner of the Garmin nuvi 3750, and it’s main competitor, I can say the unit is well priced, on pat with the current market for a good GPS unit. The 3750 allows for easer address/destination input than the nearest competitor unit and get you to that destination in short order.

The voice prompts of the 3750 presume you already know the area and road layout, so one needs to pay close attention to road and street signs, because the voice prompts for intersections, turns and destination come very close to said turn, intersection, so care in speed must be taken, especially in high speed highways, thoroughfares and the Interstates. The 3750 will rout you via a toll road which is the fastest and most efficient means of vehicle travel, but for those of us who wish to avoid toll roads, you have to contend with a CONSTANT voice prompt saying “recalculating” and trying to reroute you back to said toll road your trying to avoid. That is annoying.

If you are a confident driver, the Garmin nuvi 3750 is a good GPS devise to use!
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Garmin 3750 - Eloquent styling and clarity.

I'm a GPS user and absolutely love the 3750, but it's not for everyone. Some of it's stronger points are it's glass styling, thin body, and responsive screen which can be rotated with the screen orientation moving like an iPhone. It quickly finds a satellite link and route. With that said it's not for everyone and what draws me to the unit may be a detractor for others, the glass screen. Web reviews state the screen can become scratched or crack if your a user who tends to throw their GPS in the glove box or center console without much concern. The other downfall of the glass screen is glare. Unlike the matt finish on the usual plastic screens the 3700 series glass screens have a reflective quality. Users who purchase this unit on its styling and higher def screen will have to accept it's reflective nature. For the price LTM should have been included, but if your looking for that feature Garmin sells the 3760 for a little more. Overall, I love this unit. The 3700 series is the most beautiful on the market and is a conversation starter as it's styling is immediately noticed by others.Read full review...


Being Garmin, this is a very good unit overall.

The G3750 is a good unit. I have had 2. Accidentally cracked front glass and Garmin price to repair is approx $150. Even they suggested new purchase instead! Nice packer too, with it's slim design. Typical Garmin unit here, in that it is easy to set up/navigate with. Very little/nothing you really need the 'how to' manual to figure out. Retail on these is high, approx $320. Pretty easy to find for lots less. I actually picked this model because of the charging recep being the smaller square kind, same as my Blackberry. That simplifies having to carry around so much stuff. Battery life on these are not very good. Maybe an hour approx. Is good to keep it plugged in or close to.Read full review...


The Best GPS available on the market!

I did a lot of research before buying the Garmin Nuvi 3750. I read reviews about the Garmin Nuvi 3760 and 3790. The only difference I found was that the 3760 had lifetime traffic and the 3790 had lifetime map updates. The lifetime traffic had one thing that did not appeal to me was that pop up ads come on the screen and i did not want it. So I went for the 3750. I bought the lifetime maps update card in a sale from bestbuy and that solved my problem for the map updates.
1- Awesome touchscreen.
2- Awesome color screen.
3- Accelerometer
4- Signal power
5- Lane assist

Fingerprint magnet(but it can be solved by placing a protective screen which is available for $3 on ebay).

Adding the phantom alert to it makes it alot more useful. I have already added it as premium feature.
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Garmin 3750

Review of Garmin 3750
Hi, I am an older guy and have owned and own many GPS units, guess am a little GPS nuts. This is a good looking unit, and it’s loaded up with POI’s. I like very much that it has a track log, meaning you can set it to leave a small trail on the map where you have gone. It’s important to me not only to have it show me where to go but to also show me where I have been. I wish I could download my address contact list from my email contacts on Windows Live into it. My second wish would be that they would send you a nice thin rubber sleeve to take the hit off when you drop it.Read full review...


Excellent product

This is a nice GPS in Garmin history, easy to use, easy to carry in your purse, pocket, car or any other place with or without car.


Amazing device for the price.

I love this GPS device. Ive used others in the past that are not touch screen and this one blows them all away. Its super thin and light. The touch screen is very responcive and easy to use. My parents were even able to figure it out and they are computer iliterate. Over all this is a great GPS device for the price.Read full review...



This little GPS is amazing, you can use it while walking.
So if your lost downtown you can use your GPS to find where your going by hand.
It has a large easy to read and use screen.

I enjoy my new GPS so much I have used it at home to find local
eatery, shops and entertainment before I have even left the house.

I strongly recommend it.
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Nice Unit upgrade from my 855

I replaced my 855 with this unit. It is slim with a very bright screen easy to see in the daylight. One tip I would give is when you move to a state different than where you last used the unit it will take a bit longer to find the 3 satellites it needs to navigate. I think all GPS's do that. This is my third Garmin and it's a beauty.Read full review...

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