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Refurbished AND Perfect!

I purchased a Garmin nuvi 1250 Automotive GPS from a local retailer when it was on sale and really use the display feature of both posted speed limit AND the speed that I'm driving at right next to each other. I knew that I wanted the same GPS in my second car. When the eBay daily deal email had one listed refurbished for 33% lower price, I decided to take a chance buying one refurbished. Although I was nervous when I got it and it would not turn on right, I merely had to plug it in for a full charge. Since that first day of getting the full charge it has run perfectly! There is a plastic guard on the rubber circle for the windshield that needs to be removed or it falls off. The only difference is that the location of the speed icons was on the right of the display, not on the left as shown in the product description on the eBay listing. For $99, it's well worth the peace of mind to get directions to and from home! It has never lost sattelite connection. This has changed my mind on buying refurbished. I also purchased the extended warranty for the touch screen and workings when I checked out. I would definitely buy this again!Read full review...


Terrific value - simple yet effective product!

Inexpensive; however, it was easy to set up, easy to use, bright, and loud enough to hear over the car noise and radio.

I bought this to help me drive across the state, and it helped me a lot. Sometimes I would get turned around with detours from construction (Michigan), but it would always recalculate and help me out.

This is my first GPS, but I am happy and would highly recommend.
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Decent, but lacks on some aspects....

I like the fact that it comes with 2010 maps on it. That's great so you don't have to spend even more to update them. The directs are easy to understand unlike my Magellan.
The one thing I don't like is buying the lifetime traffic report power cord. It doesn't work all the time. If you aren't in the right zone, you get nothing. My Magellan uses a different traffic report system and it's always on. There are several options with this Garmin, my suggestion would be to consider a different alternative to the lifetime power cord. I think you will probably get more satisfactory traffic reports more often with a different choice.Read full review...


Excellent GPS product! VERY user friendly!

The Nuvi 1250 is my first GPS and I love that it calls out the street names and it shows on the screen how far you have until your next turn and lists the next street name. I also like the feature that shows your current speed as you travel, and it shows speed limits on primary roads. I would like to have had a model with bluetooth capabilities, but as usual I got an excellent price with ebay, so I am happy. It far exceeds trying to read a mapquest or google printout!!Read full review...


Great value, easy to use, highly recommended!

This is my first GPS and I have found it to be very user friendly/easy to use. The value for the features it has I believe to be unbeatable - I highly recommend it.


An outstanding tool!

I loved my original Nuvi and realized that it made more sense to upgrade to this model for the latest features AND the latest maps than it did to simply update the maps in my old one. I'm looking forward to using the "pedestrian" mode later this year when I visit NYC and DC.

The only downside of this new, thinner range of models is that Garmin hasn't released any cases for them -- they fall right out of the old-style slipcase!
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This is a great product that we would recomend to anyone looking for One

This is our first Automotive GPS. We bought it after shopping for months and having friends recomend this make and model. We have no coplaints at all. In fact it works better than we expected and has more features han we needed. I would recomend this unit to anyone.Read full review...


Works for me

Bought this for when we take trips. It was easy to setup and I like the fact that it talks to you and gives you the direction of your turn (left or right) the distance to your turn, and the exit number to take off the expressway. Also if you decide to take a slight detour it will refigure the new route for you. It also displays the distance you have left to your destination and the speed at which you are traveling. You can go to Garmins website and download updates to your maps. The only negetive is if you put it in off road it will not talk to you and tell you when to turn.Read full review...


g!ps wont completely replace my wife but it's close!

never thought i needed a gps. now i wont be traveling without one.this garmin is great. my wife is afraid she has been replaced. it does get confused sometimes but we never argue with it.we just let it recalculate and move on. overall a good product that is really smart.gps wont totally replace my wifeRead full review...


Garmin Nuvi 1250

If you're like me and get turned around when visiting an unfamiliar area, you'll love this system. It gives you turn by turn instructions. Shows where you're at. Tells what the speed limit is and how fast you're going all at a glance. I don't know why I didn't get one earlier. It's very easy to program.Read full review...

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