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Lightweight with great features

I now have two of these Garmin GPS units. They just work fine for me. You can find your destination, golf courses, shopping, restaurants, and parks or anyplace you need directions too. I got a great price on this last unit. Just a nice GPS for a good price.Read full review...

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Works Great

The only issue I've had is it won't support an sd card to load more maps I called garmin I've had one before and they aren't unable to help. the only way to update is erase maps and install new ones as long as it file isn't to largeRead full review...

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It is what it suppoed to be

It was complete, it came quickly, it has a holds good charge and it works great.

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Garmin Nuvi 2360 is a Great Unit

I bought this unit to have an identical backup. I'd be lost without it, pun intended.

Like all tecchie gadgets, it has pros and cons.

On the plus side:

The ability to find an address hands-free, using just your voice, is terrific and a good way to impress others in your car. The lifetime maps are a long-needed feature. The bean-bag "mount" seems flaky at first glance, but works surprisingly well. Unit has all the features most people would need or want. No matter where you are, it shows you what the speed limit is -- a very nice feature.

On the minus side:

One thing that ALL GPS units do, because of lawyers and liability, is to force you to respond to a stupid liability prompt when it fires up. It is VERY annoying. When ANY GPS unit is powered up, it should display your present position right off the bat.

If the unit is placed on the dashboard, which it is designed for, you'll have trouble trying to read it in sunlight. It needs and should come with, stock, a sunshade, as should ALL GPS units. I had to make one out of thin aluminum.

I would like it to have an audible proximity alert, but watching for the finish flag on the display will let you know visually you are getting close to your destination.

Common to most GPS units I've owned, when entering an address to find, the unit insists on starting from scratch each time; you have to enter the city every time. By default, it should assume you're going to look for an address in the same city as you did last time.

The over-the-speed-limit alert should also be audible; the user should be able to tell the unit how much over the speed limit he'll allow before sounding an AUDIBLE alarm. As it is, the speed limit display just turns red and the numbers are small.

Pick the name you give the unit carefully, a name you won't often speak, because the unit is always listening (!) and will respond to a word that is the same as or similar to the name you've assigned to it.


The unit is a terrific value for the money.
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Good as new almost

Item was in good condition and works well. I could not get it to interface with my computer until I plugged a mini-USB cable directly into the GPS. Other than that It is just as good as a new one. Docking port works good on sandbag mount but you can not interface with computer from USB cable on sandbag mount.Read full review...

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It could be perfect, and it almost is, but there is one giant problem.

I had a GPS of this exact model a few years ago when it was first release, and it was stolen from my car very quickly. (Warning -- even if you put it out of sight and remove the suction cup mounting from the windshield, thieves are sophisticated enough to recognize the circular mark the suction cup leaves on the glass and will break in assuming you hid it inside the car, so wipe the mark off...)

I bought a factory-refurbished one to replace it because it was the most useful one I'd ever used, and I liked it so well I bought this used one for my significant other. She loves it too, and the price being less than half what we paid for the first one is great.

A few quirks:
1. Not very intuitive when it comes to figuring out how to do some things, like saving recently-found addresses to your 'favorites' list, or how to change the 'activation phrase' that turns on the 'voice command' function, and a few other such things.
2. It has an infuriating habit of telling you to turn onto the highway you're already on when it would make more sense to merely instruct you to stay on that road, plus it often reads only the first part of the road name, rending the instruction to take the Baltimore-Washington Parkway as "take ramp to Balt" --
3. and it occasionally is just plain, maddeningly wrong, telling you to turn left when in fact it's clear as day that it's a right. or in one case -- my house -- it insists I turn just before I arrive at my driveway when there's absolutely no point in turning onto the road that intersects my street just before my house when I'm already on my street, and in fact you can't get to my house from that street without walking because my driveway does not go to that other street but rather exits from the street I'm already on...!)

Nevertheless, I think it's probably the best GPS out there right now, or one of the best. And it's certainly cheap.

BIG GRIPE: If you could get the damn thing to work in voice mode (speaking directions to you and recognizing voice commands) when you have it in walking mode, as it does when you're using it to drive, I would forgive all the quirks. But because Garmin also owns a subsidiary that makes walking GPS systems for the blind, which is very lucrative since they can jack the price up tenfold and usually Medicare/Medicaid or some public agency will cover it, they insist on blocking that on this model or any other reasonably priced one, so that they can protect that market. When you switch from driving to walking, the voice recognition turns off, and you have to watch the screen, which means it's essentially useless. They say it's because it kills the battery too fast, but that's BS -- I've used it unplugged in voice mode for two hours, and that's plenty. So I'd call this a mixed review -- very good gadget with good features, good warranty, a few minor faults -- and one giant cynical, greedy one. Garmin, stop being such wanders and fix this. Greed doesn't reflect well on you.
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Garmin Nuvi 2360

Nice Gps, Great Value, east to use, makes traveling easy and fun.

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Worst gps ever

All scratched and impossible to use, touch doesnt work!!!

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Faster than tomtom

I also own a tomtom so I can compare the two.
Compare to Tomtom, here's my view:
--Faster. Sometimes my tt is kinda hang but it's actually just slow.
--When power off, Nuvi knows to turn off within 15 sec, tt knows nothing.
--Bluetooth is more stable. Often my tt jams and require a total reboot
--Suction is better. My tt keeps falling off.
--Traffic nuvi is better. tt gets older news sometimes.
--Nuvi give you distance in feet. tt gave me meters which I have no clue; I tried to change it but it won't stick;

--From map to go to, you need to press "back", tt just need to tab screen;
--Map wise, tt is more accurate. Nuvi sometime makes mistakes thinking you are somewhere else; Nuvi also doesn't like sharp turns over 100 degress.
--Time estimation, tt is better. Nuvi always too optimistic

Overall, I like nuvi better. Map has more errors but at least you are making fast mistakes. tt sometimes appears hang.

But, honestly the best GPS is your app on smart phone like google place or apply navi. GPS device is going to die soon so all vendor should unload asap; just like PC parts, compact digital cameras, dvd/blueray players, etc.
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