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Dezel works great

I have been using the dezel products for years. I can count on one hand the times it misguided me. Very infrequent. This is the best for use on driving buses because there are no bus GPSs. This is the cure for the problem.Read full review...


PL Trucker

Very easy to use self explenatory GPS, just touch and go it will get U there 99% of the time. U should always know where U are going ( like IL to TX or IL To Indy. ) and use the GPS as a back up . But I think it's a great unit to own in a Semi Truck. It will show U weight stations ( all of truck drivers know them by heart anyway) and rest areas and truck stops at least the major ones. And U can switch to RV or a 4 wheeler if needed to. I still use my map to study my trip, but the GPS is nice. If you decide to get it will do its job .Read full review...

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IFTA Feature

Love the IFTA software that's included in the tools. It couldn't get any easier than this. Add your fuel purchase info every time you get fuel and the gps takes care of miles run in each state. When it's time to do your quarterly taxes just run a report onto the micro card. From there transfer the card to your pc and you are done.Read full review...

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An excellent choice, I recommend giving this unit a try.

I'll start by saying that I've owned two new Rand McNally Road Mates, one TND 510 and a TND 520, the speaker failed on the 1st one after one year, the 2nd one was recalculating every time I stopped & would tell me to make U turns while on the highway??
After 2 weeks of painstaking research, I purchased this one new at a great price, I had my doubts, but, so far this little unit is by far the best truckers GPS I've owned. I love the features, the speaker is nice and loud, the display is perfect and the BlueTooth works great. It may not have all the features that the Rand McNally's had, but so far, it no doubt has outperformed them both. Remember, there's no GPS on the market that is perfect, however, this unit combined with a little common sense will get you where you want to go. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the unit, read the owner's manual. Bottom line is: I have no regrets.
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Car, RV or trucker you will love it. Has everything and simple to use.

We bought this gps for our RV. The regular one we had was just for cars and a few times the thing had us going down all kinds of back roads and residential streets. Not kool in a RV.
This unit gives you a choice between truck, RV or car.
It will keep you on main roads in RV or truck mode. Much better.
Plus it has campgrounds in the data base for when your traveling.
The other thing that is really sweet is the lain assist.
When your on the highway it helps to have some advance warning witch lane you need to be in as soon as possible for your next junction. You hate to have to switch 3 lanes at the last second in a RV.
Another really helpful thing is the speed limit is shown on the display also. How many times have been driving and wondered what the speed limit was because you missed seeing the speed change.
I like the screen size too. Just the right size.
I would recomend this gps for car, Rv or trucker.
Almost forgot free lifetime map updates too already tried it.
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great item bought it used but it looks new.

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It helps to make truck driver's live more easy!

I am a truck driver from Europe. Until I both Garmin for trucks, I was using regular Garmin for cars. That was working fine.
But Garmin for trucks is better, because it has more functions, what is useful specially for truck drivers.
Screen is bigger. In the day time easy to see.
It is easy to use and understand.
The only problem I had with it - is to find the Europe maps for it. But it seems that will be solved too.
I like this product - it helps to make truck driver to make he's working life a lot more easy!
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EXCELLENT--Most Bang For The Buck For Oversize Transport.

I am a commercial pilot, run an over-dimensional/OVERSIZE commercial trucking company and an owner-operator.

Garmin is the leader in aviation electronics and manufactures the best "glass cockpit" electronics in the industry, so it is hardly surprising that Garmin also is the best in the crowded field of the Commercial Trucking GPS market.


1. TOUGH-The 560LMT can take the vibration and abuse in a commercial truck environment that other GPS manufacturers can't. Other GPS units I have used have shaken apart in the yoke.

2. DISPLAY is excellent, even in daylight. Auto dims at night.

3. EASY to use--enter the dimensions of Truck and Load (and save that particular profile for later) and your route is automatically displayed.

4. VOLUME is sufficient to hear over truck noise.

5. SOFTWARE interface is excellent by comparison. Every step is logically laid out. GARMIN units do not take a dump in the middle of a route like their competition does--which is EXTREMELY important in the Oversize transport business.

1. Takes a little longer to reroute, but considering the huge database utilized and the fact the route needs to be reviewed by the driver prior to proceeding anyways, worth the wait. Other units I have tried will take a dump in the middle of the route and re-route for no real apparent reason--Garmin only re-routes when the driver or traffic demands it.

2. Would like a detailed list of the route displayed while displaying position on the map.


The unit itself is rugged and paid for itself the very first run when the load was higher than the broker stated--the re-route for the higher clearance meant that the EXACT miles and route could be determined, the proper permit and route could be ordered and I could get paid MORE money for the load because I knew what the re-routing was going to take. The moment you go off route and the new route has a lower clearance for your load, a warning sound and warning avatar is displayed, along with the distance to/from the obstruction.

This GARMIN 560LMT unit has it all--the best software for over-size load routing, the best comprehensive database that doesn't choke in the middle of a route, AND a quality manufactured product that WILL withstand the harsh environment of a commercial truck. The GARMIN 560LMT is the most bang for the buck and I highly recommend this unit for anyone in the OVERSIZE transport business that doesn't have time for anything less than the best.

Do NOT waste your time or money with anything less!
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Great product, easy to use. Display easy to read, features easy to understand. Great for the trucker, Garmin is the best GPS brand to have for ease of use. Reasonable price and its a good product. Have used other brands and they do not compare to the Garmin and the ease of use when driving a semi and trying to get in and out of traffic.Read full review...


very nice unit that gets me around really well for a truck driver!!!!

im a truck driver and I had the garmin nuvi 465 for about 5 years and I loved it. It just died on me so I got the garmin 560. I hope it last just as long or longer. It got me around real well especially local stops when I unloaded at one place and had to go somewhere else in the same city to get loaded. It's a very nice unit.Read full review...

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