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good performance watch

well, it's good and accurate watch that entitle it's user the ability to keep track of his running and performance .
the downside of this watch is it's limited capacity to store data , count steps and sleep duration.
the other issue is synchronization with Garmin connect which is big trap and Garmin technical support need a lot of work to fix and update this issue.
The watch alert sound is sound able.
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A brick, in the best sense of the word

I've been using this Heart Rate Monitor for over 6 years. I bought it refurbished online for about $167 with the Heart Rate Monitor in 2009. You can buy this online for about $35 now. Is it worth it? Absolutely. The HRM by itself costs more than $35, and you will not find a better functioning or more customizable GPS watch, even with all the competition that has sprung up in recent years.
Over the 6 years I've owned this product, I've replaced every other piece of electronics I've owned, but not this one. 6 years of consistent use and abuse and its still running strong and I'm sure I'll be using it for years more. I've never had to replace the battery, it still lasts for 10 hours or so with the GPS and days without it, and it functions absolutely as new.
The only part of the watch that I've had to replace are the watch straps (not included the HRM, which I lost at the gym and had to replace last week). The straps wear out at the top, but the watch comes with spares. I opted to replace the straps with a spare set from a suunto dive watch because they are more comfortable and bomb-proof.
The one drawback is that this unit is an absolute brick. It's large and indestructable and you will get made fun of if you wear it on the soccer pitch, so not for the sensitive ;) It will function during swimming, but it is not comfortable on swims as it is quite bulky.
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Excellent training tool, lots of data, easy to use

Bought a refurbished unit since this is my first sports GPS and did not want to spend $300+. Love the features, very easy to set up and customize. Love that you can see your route in google maps or bing. Heart rate monitor takes some getting used to (feels like it is going to slide down during running - but doesn't), but the data from this "tool" is amazing. I have had two workouts that would not upload to garmin website - not sure why, but I don't consider that a major issue. Still early in evaluation, but no regrets so far. May add foot pod so I can collect data from tread mill workouts as well.Read full review...


Great product, minor caveat.

My wife had the 305 and she loved it. Last year running the Chicago Marathon she was hit hard by another runner, knocking the Garmin completely off her wrist, and down a storm drain. She was using the quick detach mount system. She runs triathlons and marathons, the reason she likes the 305 is because it works on her bike with the pedal sensor and wheel sensor accessories. She can easily track cadence, etc. Also, the quick detach mount lets her switch easily from the bike to the run. The watch clips onto a mount on the handlebars, and then clips onto the wrist strap. Only takes a second to transition. However! As she knows all too well, if you get hit too hard on the wrist, the 305 can get knocked off. If you are just running, use the standard watch style wrist strap.
The Garmin I ordered from Ebay was used, intended as a replacement for the one my wife lost. Garmin has discontinued the 305. The used one ended up not working properly and I had to send it back. Thank you Ebay Buyer Protection! When purchasing a used 305, be very careful that it powers up properly, charges properly, and will run for an acceptable length of time. There are several small holes on the base of the Garmin where the speaker is located. The holes allow the beeps to be heard. They also allow moisture, usually sweat, to infiltrate the unit, which causes corrosion over time. Once the corrosion is bad enough, the battery is compromised. Garmin charges about $80 to recondition the 305. So, beware of the condition of the battery. The unit will power on when it is connected to the charging unit, even though the battery won't actually charge. Make sure it stays on when it is off the charging unit. That was the problem with the used one we got from Ebay. It would power on only when attached to the charger. Other than a minor design flaw they are a great unit.
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I love to see what the next step will be for Garmin !

My sons gave me a Garmin 205, so I was quite familiar with the use of the 305. The reason I upgraded to the 305, was the capability to monitor the heart rate and the cadence.
I recently purchased a Trek road bycle and my friend and I like to ride medium to long distances. It is a blessing - after adding the Garmin 305 - I am able to keep track of so many things at the same time (attaching the Garmin is a snap with the small rubber holder; you really don't need any tie-ons!). Adding the cadence was easy, if you give yourself the time to install this device. After setup I calibrated my Trek computer with the 305, so speed and distance are the same.
Through the Trek Incite 9i computer I keep track of speed, time of day and temperature.
My main page on the Garmin 305 shows: triptime, distance, heart rate and cadence.
My second page is setup with the following: time of day, sunset, date and distance. This page is helpful in deciding when to turn around on a long run.
My third page is set up with lap information. This is helpful when we ride in our local park and do some practice laps.
Overall I am very pleased with the capabilities of the Garmin 305.
I read a lot about the maps and their quality, but what I usually do is upload the Garmin data into Google Earth and get a true reflection of our trips.
Finally, the Virtual Runner helps me in my running workouts to keep improving.

Thank you Garmin
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Great but only one problem

I am a serious runner (is there any other kind?) and the 305 is perfect for what I need. It does all the things (and more) that other reviews mention, but it has one fairly serious flaw. It is NOT waterproof and it is not even close to being water resistant. The slightest bit of moisture may ruin it, so if it looks like rain, don't even consider wearing it. If it wasn't for this problem, I would give it a 5 in every category.

Fortunately, Garmin customer service is outstanding and will repair/replace it for a nominal charge, and even with the moisture problem, I would still want to have Garmin.

It can be a little hard to program, but that is probably because it has a lot of features. The lap counter that tells you the pace of your last lap (e.g., mile) is indispensable, and I have found it frequently helpful to know my elevation.

Just buy it. You won't regret it.
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This watch is the best.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: pspd806


It works! And it seems durable.

I've previously owned a Polar 800sd which stopped working after about 18 months of usage. Before that it had problems connecting with the footpod for about 6 months. Another friend of mine had similar problems with his Polar watch, it stopped working after about 10 months. Polar watches are expensive, look cheap, and are obviously not very durable. And the accompanying software is a nightmare for first time users.

I went for the Garmin Forerunner 305 because it has a reputation for durability and I don't want to spend USD 500 every 18 months on a pulse watch. It cost me about USD 200 including freight, I've had it for 2 weeks now, and it has been working great.

A minor drawback is that it takes the device about 7 minutes to locate satellites when being in a new location for the first time. The software is easy to use, however I miss the ability to add qualitative comments to workouts, which I had with the Polar. The ability to see my run on Google Earth is fantastic.

For accurate instant speed measurement, the GPS is inferior to the Polar footpod (for averages over the run, I figure it is about the same). I've actually gotten readings of running 20 km/h when I was doing only about 11 km/h. I've now ordered the Garmin Footpod for an extra USD 80, it should improve the speed readings. The heart rate readings seem much more accurate than the Polar (the Polar had a "lag" compared to the threadmill, and was sometimes way off in terms of displaying accurate heart rate, especially if the heart rate strap was not sufficiently moist at the beginning of the workout).

One thing Garmin can improve is for the device to not look for satellites every time I turn it on. I will use it mostly indoors, and will most of the time not use the GPS function. Having to turn the GPS function off manually every time I use the watch should not be necessary.

Overall, I am very happy with the purchase. The watch feels durable, is easy to use, has a super-cool GPS/ google earth function, has better heart rate readings than Polar, and cost me less than half than the Polar branded piece of plastic that is now lying dysfunctional in my closet.
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Great gps, the best

The Garmin 305 is an excellent tool to facilitate training for novice and veteran runners.

is very easy to use and the size of the screen helps to visualize your data.

can view and track your workouts daily, weekly, monthly through the Garmin website and pueder use Google Earth to see your travels.

The only drawback to this is that it has gps clock function and that my taste is a little big.

Overall a very presiso gps and useful.

I recommend to any runner, cyclist, who buy this gps.
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Garmin forerunner 305

Great price on a great tool for running

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: runner09

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