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It is a fantastic camera and easy to use...still I have to try all the functions but until now is what I was looking for.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: carlosram006



I really like it. I think it takes great pictures. It's easy to use. especially since I owned a previous model that operates the same as this model. So far there is only one thing I don't like about it. I can't adjust the resolution as low as I can with my older Fujifilm camera. My older model lets me adjust down low enough so that I can take images that come in under 1 meg. At the lowest setting many of the pictures from this camera still come out above 1 meg. One of the sites I post to requires a submitted image to be less than 1 megabyte in size. Other than that I have no problem with the camera. I love it. I believe I got a great deal on this camera.Read full review...


Overall this camera is a great value for the money.

I have had this camera for just over 24 hours and I love it! It has all the features of a more expensive camera. It is a bit small in size so if you have large hands you may find this camera a bit cumbersome to hold, but easy enough to use. All the buttons are well placed and very easy to get to.

The only thing that would make this camera better is the ability to change lenses and filters - the lens cap tends to fall off easily.

Overall this camera is a great value for the money. I would recommend this camera to anyone wanting to upgrade to digital photography.

UPDATE: Now that I've had this camera for quite a while I wanted to update my review.

I have put this camera to every test that I can think of - I even duplicated CNET's testing. First, let me say that I found none of their problems to exist. This is NOT a professional camera but, if you plan to use it indoors you should learn how to direct light on your subject(s). I have taken well over 4000 pictures with this camera and I've only had a few, around 60, pictures that didn't make the cut - this was NOT the fault of the camera... it was my fault for not setting the camera correctly for the shot(s) I was trying to get.

I admit that you will have to learn some professional techniques to get some of your photos to "POP", but once you learn what the camera settings are for you will be able to take pictures that no longer look like an amateur photographer took them.

If you are not familiar with how to F Stops, Shutter Speed... etc. I would suggest buying a beginning, or intermediate, book to help you understand the camera functions. You can always you the "Automatic" feature and you will get decent photos.

I have used this camera for Parties, Weddings, Family Reunions, Birthdays, Weather Chasing, Stock Car Races, Outdoor Wildlife (still and moving shots), and many other events without any issues. I have a Canon T5i, T3i and an EOS REBEL (650) and I can get very close to the same quality photos as the Fuji. I have newer Fuji and Canon cameras but I am not able to remember all the model numbers (all my equipment is locked up in my shop and my memory is not what it used to be - thank Heavens for my Windows Cell Phone *grin*).

The Fuji models that have since replaced this camera far surpass many other models with the same features. Fuji has a way with color... just sayin'.

Hope this update sheds a bit more light on how well this camera performs.
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Get a used one cheap. Hidden gem.

This camera is a great value and overlooked because it won't zoom as much as others. Who needs that much zoom? Without a tripod zooming is tough anyhow.I use mine daily. I am an insurance inspector. I have this and a GE X550. they are comparable but the Fujifilm is faster at picture cycle time and the zoom works faster for zooming in on roof close ups. Just set it to auto and it will hardly ever miss a shot. I don't know about the video mode, I have never tried it. I wish it was not even built into the camera. This camera will put out a blurry one every 10-15 shots. Be sure and let it get focused. I even have to press 1/2 way ,focus, let off and repeat to get some shots where the roof line and sky are competing for focus.Read full review...


The image quality is average but was expected for my plans.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: treasurequest1981


Almost perfect - any bad pictures means it's the operator, not the camera.

I had purchased another digital camera and it was stold so when I found this on line for the sale price, I had to buy it. It was about the same price with double the features of the previous one. The only fault I have found is that that the lens cover does not fit. It constantly falls off so without a camera case it could get damaged. It has so many features to it that I still have not tried them all. I would recommend this to be used professionally. The quality of the prints and the options you have with them (various sizes, colors, settings, etc.) is wonderful. I am one of those people who learn better by someone showing me, so having to look up instructions frequently is agrivating. I did not get a manual with it so I went online to copy it only to find it is 141 pages. This makes it burdensome. You should also buy rechargeable batteries or it could get expensive. I purchased the recommended batteries at first and with the length of operating time it did not seem to last very long.Read full review...


Overall good camera, but not perfect.

To be fair I didn't have this camera long enough to fully evaluate it, but I ended up with the same brand but slightly better model.

Not completely happy with having to use 4 AA batteries even if you can and do use rechargeable batteries it can be a pain and I generally find that this never equals the performance of a rechargeable battery pack specifically designed for the camera. Especially since you can carry 1-2 fully charged spare battery packs much easier and I find they have longer life.

Have not found out exact reason but I have found that it does not sync as well with my laptops or transfer photos as well as other cameras I've owned, along with other little quirks that are a bit inconvenient.

Overall both fujifilms I have owned are good cameras and will do any job the average person needs but if you make a living with your camera or expect heavy usage I might go a different way.
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A very good plus, starter camera, for newby to intermediate user.

Bought this for my daughter, who has taken several classes in digital photography. She says the camera is a cheery, and was an upgrade instead of what was bid upon. The camera handles very well, color and focus is sharp,photos well defined. There is an occasional picture guality issue, but may be due to user error, or poor pratices. Overall rating should be 4.5 out of 5.Read full review...


Best Bang For The Buck

I began using this camera out of the box, on its auto settings indoors; it takes some very impressive photos. I was happy to see that my min pin didnt suffer the usual "I am a vicious red eyed dog" look. To compare the usefulness of the flash, I took photos in absolute darkness and then used the flash. It was great to see that the flash really did its thing without the great wash out effect. The flash worked just as well in regular settings that required it.

I used the other features for the photos I am going to describe in this paragraph. I work in the buildings behind the World Trade Center so taking pictures of the progress from our office is priceless. On this camera, the pictures are the kind that everyone who visits wishes they could take from this view. I had no light "bounce back" from the several floors of newly installed windows on the Freedom Tower (still under construction). The zoom feature is so amazing that I was able to zoom in on a worker cleaning out one of the reflecting pools. It was not a blurry "it could be anything" picture, you can clearly see him, the color of his skin, shirt, jeans and the hose he was using. I also have views of the Statue of Liberty, the surrounding islands and New Jersey. I used the zoom on these photos, again, amazing clear detailed photographs.

I'm still an amateur when it comes to using this camera but honestly you don't need major brains to figure this guy out. There are several settings for babies, snow, beach, flowers, night etc. Every one of the pictures I took with each of these settings came out VERY nice and clear with no doubt of what you just photo'd. You can take videos and also use the view finder. The camera is able to use any size SD card (I have 16Gs in mine) and standard AA batteries (this one needs four). My advice is get two sets of good rechargeable batteries. It is less expensive in the long run and you will always be ready to capture anything you find interesting.

An instruction manual is included for those who may have trouble figuring out certain settings or icons. There are manual settings which are good for those "professionals" who are tired of dragging around their heavy telescopes (I see your types when you come to visit us in NYC) around their necks but still want to get that quality shot.

In my opinion, this is a serious step up for anyone who still owns a pocket camera because of the quality of the zoom, panorama, pixels and other features that pocket cameras lack.
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Terrific camera for the performance and value! A++++

I am primarily a point-and-shoot photographer, and this camera has filled all of my needs. The size and shape is perfect for one-handed point and shoot, with all of the controls placed within a fingers reach. The digital viewer is the real plus in bright daylight, as no display screen, even as large and bright as this, can overcome the desert glare. The AA batteries make it easy to replace anywhere, and provide a little more heft in your hand, a plus for me. Picture quality has been excellent, and I appreciate the 18x optical zoom. Shutter lag is a little slow for the action photog, but a minimal inconvenience for the tourist. All in all, I rate this camera a particularly good buy.Read full review...

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