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Not so good

I've once own a flip share camcorder before, so I browsed upon one here on EBay. The one I've received wasn't anything like the one I had before. The quality of it was less than I thought because the one I had before was of a higher quality sound and picture, crisp clear HD this was a risky purchase yet cheap
Also disappointed.
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Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: brady9925


Great camera, great price

Too bad they stopped making these..l use them with my middle school video production class.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: andrewepp


Excellent value overall but understand its limitations

Knowing this isn't a full featured camcorder costing hundreds of dollars, the Flip has (pros) stunning picture quality and incredible ease of use plus the handy FlipShare software, but (cons) sound/audio has no range, no zoom, and limited battery. It is somewhere between the limited video capabilities of smart phones and full-fledged camcorders. The video is true HD, amazing for such a small, inexpensive camera. The pop-out USB for charging and working from your PC couldn't be easier. Mine has an HDMI port unlike the Flip in the picture; no cable. It also has a screw hole on the bottom for connecting to a tripod. One button operation basically; once it's on, push the big red button to record. That's it. The audio works fine at close range and directly in front of the speaker. I taped something that was to the side of a speaker and about 20-25 feet away, and the audio came out very, very soft, even though the speaker's voice was amplified by a sound system in the room. Also, for some reason, it shut off after an hour of recording; it was re-started and then continued another 15 minutes. I don't know why it shut off; the battery was low. You may have 2 hours of recording time, but you may not have 2 hours of battery life to continue recording for a full 2 hour stint. The FlipShare software makes working with your videos a snap. Again nothing fancy, but basic titling/credits, editing/cutting, stitching/ transitions between clips. Actually producing a single movie from several clips is a few minutes for you to set-up, but it can take an HOUR or more for FlipShare to complete producing a 25 minute movie from a couple of clips. Same with emailing an embedded video or exporting a video to your PC - an HOUR. If you're not in a rush, it's fine; it operates in the background without tying up your PC or its memory. But for faster results, you'll want more powerful video editing software. FlipShare will also pull out a still/frame shot from your video. It bought it because it's so compact - about the size of a pack of cigarettes - and easy to use while also producing high quality video that's easily shared. I'm disappointed in the audio, but for well under $100, no complaints really. Being able to share the video easily mattered; I remember working with someone's higher priced camcorder that used a proprietary file format - it was insane to convert to a use-able MPEG4 format. No problem with FlipShare, but your results won't always be quick using FlipShare. Hey, I can wait. I'd highly recommend it for family and personal use videos. Taping a lecture or a speech from a distance is unlikely to work well. Excellent value overall and very happy with it.Read full review...


A nice camcord to buy but 1 problem about it.

What I love about the "Flip Video Ultra HD" is that its small enough to put into your pocket and take it anywhere you go and the prise is great you don't have to pay an arm⋚ to have it. The video taking is just awsome high defenition.

But the problem is that the charging battery is an issue for some reason when I plug the USB part of the flip ultra into my laptop it say "It's really hot Charging paused" meaning its 2hot and its not charging. So I started looking online to see is there anyway to fix the problem and I found 2 answers that may work. But it'll cost you more $$ ( but you can get these items pretty cheap on Ebay or either Amazon).

1) You need to buy a USB Adapter and a 2.0 USB Cable for the flip ultra to charge. First you'll need to plug the Flip ultra USB into the USB 2.0 Cable then plug that into the USB adapter then plug the adapter to the wall charger thingy.

2) You can try plugging the Flip ultra into the computer with out the chargable battery then once its pluged in then you put the battery in the flip ultra while its still pluged into the computer after that you safely eject the icon or white disc to unplug the Flip ultra and once thats unplug wait a comple of seconds and plug it in with the chargable battery still in it. It should show that its charging. Other then that everything about the flip ultra is great to have. I'm still keeping mines I'll work the problem out in any way I can.

If you feel that its not worth the money or the hassle then the flip ultra is not for you! Check out reviews about this problem on YouTube.com.. Good Luck and take care
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Great product

Easy to use battery life could be longer really happy overall, easy use with the tripod and a lot of acc, on the market for the flip video.


It does not stay charged.

I have not been able to charge the Flip. It dies without being used.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: blitzkiller21


Darn Good Camcorder!

This is a nice compact camcorder. Simple design = simple to bring along so you can capture anything at the press of a button. Video quality is very crisp and clear and sound capture is great. Would give a 5/5 if not for the use for battery....I haven't bought batteries in a loooong time cause most tech these days have rechargeable ones and its nice to save that extra money, but imma assume the battery life with some decent batteries are good.Read full review...


Great Little Camera.

I wanted to get into video-blogging, but didn't want to use my mom's video camera for it so, I asked for this one for Christmas.

-Shoots good quality videos with amazing audio too.
-Very easy to use, a completely tech newbie could figure this out.
-Simple design, nothing flashy or complicated.
-Great customer service, answered my question within 24 hours.
-Easy to hold, exterior is soft and "grippy" feeling. Also light weight, not bulky.

-Lens is exposed; I keep it in the pouch at all times when I'm not using it to keep the lens from getting damaged.
-Power button is too easily pushed; Sometimes I go to pick it up or put it in my bag, it turns itself on. Thankfully, it powers itself off after a minute.
-Battery won't last for the full 120 minutes, must charge after a few uses.
-Mine wouldn't turn on after I disconnected it from the computer, I had to take the battery out and put it back in to make it work. Just hit a button to light up the screen before disconnecting and it's fine.
-The FlipShare editing software isn't very good. It might be if you only wanted to cut some off the beginning or end of the video, but if there's something in the middle of the clip you want to cut, too bad. Windows Movie Maker decreases the video quality considerably, invest in better editing software like Sony Vegas.

All in all, I really love this camera, it's light weight and easy to use. The few cons are easy to overlook (or fix) with all the great things the Flip Ultra HD has to offer.
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I now have two of these cameras and love them both

Real nice product. I don't know how else to describe it. It does more than I thought it would. I like the fact that the battery can carry up to two hours of charge. I also like the colors the high resolution that it offers. The fact that I can hold it in the hand and that is one hand only.. How many words does that meke. I mispelled a word here or there. Does that count for the 100. What does it take to get the 100 words? I think that we should cut it down to fifty words. This is insane to have me write 100 words. I'm sorry that it is no longer available to purchase in stores. Thios could be a collector's item in the near future. I know that the smartphones out there are great with cameras especially the Nokia phones with the Windows Operating System.Read full review...


FLIP UltraHD makes it all so simple!

I loved my first edition FLIP video camera so it was a no-brainer to move up to HD with the digital FLIP UltraHD, 120 minutes. These digital movie cameras are compact enough to fit in a pocket, purse, or day pack without a problem. It is camera that can go almost anywhere to shoot parts of graduation, your kid's birthday party, swimming at the dock, capturing exciting moments at a baseball game, or making a memory of your latest vacation.

The drawbacks are its durability. This camera is not water-proof and I would not take a chance to go mountain climbing with it. The zoom is limited and the small screen makes this product a move down from "excellent" to "good".

I still decided to purchase this camera for ease of filming and just as importantly how it downloads in its digital format. The USB-like arm springs out when a button is pushed. You simply insert this to your storage device and the filming segments are transferred. Did I forget to mention that automatic software is incorporated within the camera? The features of the software are easy to use to organize, edit, and share with friends or family. I believe this type of format with its relatively economic price tag will continue to make FLIP cameras outstanding!
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