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Flip Video Slide camcorder

Fixed mine by sticking thing into freezer for awhile ,it brought it back to life and starting charging again.

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Easy to use and a great value for the money.

The batteries were designed to last for 500 charges or 5 years.Most of the flip slides are more than five years old.The batteries are dying of old age.If you charge your battery for 7 to 9 hours and the little red light is still blinking,the computer went to sleep or the battery has given up the ghost,it is dead,replace it.Good news,EBAY offers the correct battery for the Cisco flip slide s1240 for 15-18.00.Just make sure it is for the slide s1240.The battery you receive WIIL NOT have the same colored wires,relax,it will work as long as there are four wires and one is black and one is red.The black wire should be on one end and the red wire on the other end.When you go to connect the new battery,REMEMBER,the red wire will be the wire closes to the end where the tripod port is.
The other problem I've seen is when the camera was assembled,the ribbon wires or I should say one of the ribbon wires did not get seated[connected] correctly.If this happened,you may or may not see a blinking red light when you're charging the battery.The good news,if you're going to replace the battery you'll have to disconnect the ribbon wires to get to the battery.Believe me,you need to replace the battery while you have the camera apart.
TOOLs YOU WILL NEED:plastic Tweezers,magnet,very small phillip head screw drver [not the one you use to repair glasses,too weak].and a thin blade knife.
1.Slide the screen up[open].
2.Look at top of the WHITE case[not the screen] and you'll see a glued on cover around the slide strip.Gently insert a blade under one corner of the cover,keeping the cover as straight as possible,peel the cover off.
2.Next,with the USB latch button to your left and facing you,insert a thin blade under the thin black pin stripe[looks like a gasket] and gently work it loose,take your time,you should work the front of the stripe completely loose,and about one fourth of the way along the sides,place a few tooth picks under the stripe to keep it from sticking.Do not loosen the stripe under the screen . 3.With the pin stripe up,you should see three screws that will have to come out, Above and to the right of the touch pad is one more screw that must be removed.That is a total of FOUR SCREWS,that's it.Leave the screws down in the holes alone.
4.Hold your magnet on the table,take your screw driver and pull screw driver in one direction across the magnet,do not push the screw driver back and forth,pull in one direction only.Do this until the tip of the driver will pick up a tack,pin,or needle.
5.Now,remove the four screws,gently lift up the screen and base plate.There is a thin ribbon wire and it pulls out of the female connector..The wider ribbon wire is held in place by a clip,pull the clip toward you.Remove the screen and plate as one unit.
6.Warning,the screws are not the same length,keep them seperated according to length and a diagram of where they came from.Now you should be looking at a green circuit board,to your left is another wide ribbon,release it by pulling the thin bar across the top of the female connector up,there are four screws on the circuit board with gold circles around them,remove the four screws.
7.The circuit board has to come up but not off,on one end of the board are two sets of black and red wires,rotate the board up and toward these wires.To get the board up requires you to gently pry up on the end where the black and red wires are then pry out the the other end.Remove the 2 screws holding the battery and unplug it.
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Best Portable Camcorder on the Market

The s1240 camcorder is very easy to use and share important family and business moments. The battery maintains about an hour of continuous use from full charge. It can be recharged through any USB charger device such as a wall outlet or computer. The video capacity is 4+ hours. The output is MP4 which easily imports into a variety of professional grade editing programs for a truly professional outcome by allowing scene transitions, background music and other editing elements, including DVDs. The included software (FlipShare) loads easily to you PC/mac computer and facilitates uploading to the internet as well as some editing by moving sequence of scenes and allowing the software to create a movie for you should you choose that option. Despite being no longer produced, the Flip s1240 remains an excellent camcorder for nearly every use. The only drawback is the battery can drain requiring a reset before charging.Read full review...

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Flip Slide camcorder

Great video camcorder perfect for Youtube and Vimeo, makes Phone videos look amateurish, this is the camcorder for high quality videos, and as always with Cisco camcorders they cannot be left in an uncharged state or they will refuse to charge when needed, always charge them monthly to avoid this problemRead full review...



A Great Product but Things you should know.

The product is cool white and has a wonderful touch screen flip up screen. Turn it on its side--close the flip and the touchscreen operative recording display.

Weak Microphone. That's about it I had bought the Flip to record college classes and I couldn't hear the lecture.(25ft) I also used it to record competitive policy debates and still couldn't hear the competitors. (7ft) If you were thinking of buying it for these things don't.

Quality and Zoom. It may seem obvious but the tech for zoom is more in the software than the lens.
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Great camera for value!

It's not the most high-tech video camera out there but for the price and ease of use, this is the best overall quality I could find. I needed something with a long lasting battery life to record hours of video and this measures up in duration as well as general ease of use. There are very few options but for home videos, YouTube videos, or general use there isn't really much need for lots of bells and whistles. I wouldn't take this to video a wedding or anything else you want high quality video of but for every day type stuff it's great!Read full review...


Very good video and i love the flip up to watch videos that are recorded.

this camera works great. The video quality is about the same as your normal every day video recorder from large retail stores. The battery life is very good i got 5.5 hours of video and the battery still didn't die. It was deffinitly worth the 100$ i paid for it, BUT i dont think it would be worth it full price at a retail store. I suggest to buy it on ebay if you would like one. Also if you buy one on ebay make sure the person you are buying it from allows returns for atleast a 14day period. That way if anything is wrong with it you can send it back and get a new one remeber they are made in china so you never know.Thank You for reading my review i hope it helps you out on deciding whether or not you want it.
Thank You!!!
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Bottom line it's a pretty good simple camcorder.

You have an near perfect Camcorder in the Flip SlideHD.The picture quality is awesome.It's so easy to use even a non-technical person can use it with ease. The downsize with this camcorder is that you can't rewind what you recorded to any desired point without going all the way back again and again. That's a HUGE let down!!But this inst $500 camcorder. But other than that it's ok. And if you're still you using an old Mac powerbook the slide editing software won't work.Read full review...


Great camcorder

This is a nifty easy to use video camera. Takes good videos even in dim lighting. Just wished it had more zoom capability.

I still have to check on the feature where you can supposedly capture still pictures from video. If it truly does then this almost replaces a point and shoot camera.

Love it!
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More than what you're paying for.

It's a great camera! I use it all the time, just to film dumb stuff. But the mic works really well, and it's very clear. Along with the camera itsself. I love the slide feature. It makes it easier to view your videos!Read full review...

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