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Kids love it & it came for the controller, stayed for the game.

Hey, it was only $10 more for the bundle. I expected to be pleasantly surprised with other game and controller bundles, but I was let down. Bought this for the wiimote & hoped my 7yr old would like the game for a couple of minutes at least. He loves it & will play it for ridiculous stretches of time, if allowed. Best part is that his 3yr old sister can play at the same time as the pony-tailed girlie character. This is the only game she CAN play, since her wild arm flailing seems to be an asset here.

The Wii Remote Plus comes with a silicone jacket, and everything looks like the previous black Wii remote model did, except for the fact that the MotionPlus is built in and the words "Wii MotionPlus INSIDE" are stamped on the bottom front. The back is still a soft, non-glossy surface, whilst the front is a fingerprint-magnet gloss. Also, I'm not sure if it's just my specific controller or black models in general, but the buttons are more clicky, which I like. I checked the buttons on the white and red Wii Remote Plus, but found they were the same as previous models.
On to the game.

The game comes more than just a puzzle. Trying to add a story, your characters pretty much have to collect items in order to progress, and the premise lies in saving an island from an evil power.
I had been quietly looking forward to this since seeing pre-release demos and exuberant first impressions from online gaming sites. If this had been a game alone I probably wouldn't have ordered it. Anyway, my nine-year-old sister had played it first and found it to be very fun; since I knew some reviewers complained about control issues, I asked her if the controls were hard. "Yeah, they're a little hard," she replied. I then proceeded to play a two-player round with her, and, initially, found it a blast. A few levels in, though, I swallowed my thoughts.

What blows the game are the controls. Go figure; a game touting the use of the MotionPlus fails in actually utilizing it. The sensitivity is too great, and I found myself propelling my character where I didn't intend. It's not like it's glitchy; I realized I was actually moving the character all over the place, but my movements were natural rather than sporadic. I was using the same jolts I'd used with previous MotionPlus titles, but this game is far too sensitive. The A button allows you to stop in midair, but many players will tell you it's much too cumbersome to utilize that feature.
Once I "fling" my character in one direction, it's hard to tell when he'll stop, so I try to "fling" him the other way, but he either hasn't finished his first fling, or he goes too far. Furthermore, say I was swinging him left. As a rightie, I'm not going to keep my arm left after swinging the remote, so I'll bring my arm back to its natural position and continue to fling him left. However, the game reads my moving my arm back to the right as actually flinging the character to the right--which I didn't intend.

It's a shame because the game has a lot of charm and presents what could've been another big Nintendo character (new Smash Bros. character?), and the levels have a ton of great puzzles. But because of the MotionPlus' sensitivity, mastering the controls proves futile.

I gave up after a while, and my sister was left to her frustrations when confronting a boss.
"Why aren't you helping'
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Great game for 3 to 5 year old and great remote

Excellent game for young kids. My 3 and 5 year old can both play. The remote is great!It is the motion plus one. The game is simple and not complicated. Only thing is it has a story line that you have to go through but it is typed down on the bottom of screen. So if kids cannot read, they will not know the story line or advice for playing. But once playing all they have to do it swing the remote and knock down things...easyRead full review...


Great for children...

I decided to buy this after watching the video ad for it online. The game is amusing but nor for too long. You do the same actions batting around your character, there is not much else you do at all. This game would be great for kids under the age of 11.

The Worlds and character are adorable.
There are very simple goals and the character is easy to use.
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Fun game, need a special wiimote for this one.

Fun game, Thank you!!!!! Don't know what more to say, Ebay wants me to write at least 100 characters, so I'll just ramble on until it's happy with my review. Again, this game needs a special wii remote or adapter for the game to work. Ok, I'm not sure if this has been 100 characters, but let me check.Read full review...



I wasn't expecting much from this game, as I only bought it because it came with the wii remote plus for a tiny extra cost. As I began to play though, I found a highly amusing game that was very easy to figure out, but very difficult to master.

The game is entirely unique, and responded well to the movement of the wiimote. Flingsmash is a title that is easily worth double or more of the $10 extra you pay on top of the wiimote plus, as it provides lots of entertainment value.
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FlingSmash (Wii, 2010)

My 9 year old son LOVES smashing stuff in this game.
He bounces around just breaking and smashing stuff faster then I can see.
I think that it's a great way to release frustration for him.
It's a little to fast passed for me, but I'm a little older then him.
I think that kid's will really like playing this game.
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Great wii game for small kids!

I have two boys, 6 and 2 1/2--the older one really enjoys Fling Smash and it is not sooo hard that he gets frustrated with achieving "levels" like some other games. The younger one can swing the controller and play as well; granted, one that young doesn't play as seriously, but after watching his older brother and wanting to play every game, too, this is one he actually can participate in!Read full review...


Great Family Fun - WTG WII!!

We bought this game for our 10&11 year old children. Wanted something different and fun. They love this game, it is simple, great graphics and fun. Might be a little young for the teens in your household. But, I have to say even I liked the game which I played with my daughter. Great Family Fun!Read full review...


Wii remote works great.

I bought this because there was a official wii remote included. Haven't played game. So if I need another remote I would buy this product again.


great game and value.

my 4 yr old loves this game and it is even better comin with remote makes it a great value too. you must make sure that strap is on tight. and both players are wide awake ready for action. 4 yr old gets worn out on it.Read full review...

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