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Fantastic Introduction to the series, and more!

This is an excellent introduction to the Fire Emblem Series. And once you've learned the ropes, there continues to be quite a bit of depth. It can be approached in a few different ways, you can spend time shaping characters the way you want, or try to limit yourself and use each character and map to its fullest.

The character stories were pretty charming, generally. This is the first Fire Emblem I've finished and the first one that I've tried that really "clicked" for me. It taught me a lot about how to play these games well.
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I Love Awakening!

It had been a while since I had picked up a Fire emblem game. Everyone had been telling me awakening was not only the best point to jump back in but also one of the best FE games to date. After finally getting my hands on it I completely agree with all the fanfare. This games got great graphics, the story is one of the best I've played through. The music is both beautiful and memorable. Gameplay wise this game approachable and addicting. If you're thinking about picking this game up just go for it, it's definitely worth it.Read full review...

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Good game

I loved it start to finish, but I had a hard time. The game had compelling characters, and every time one fell in battle, I lost more than an asset, I lost a full character. This game gave me a lot of anxiety in that regard. I fully recommend it to anyone. There will be frustrating times in the end game, I played most of the missions with under 10 characters, and that's stupid hard. But my own fault.Read full review...

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My favorite 3DS game so far

This is my first Fire Emblem game after hearing about the series from friends. It's been my favorite 3DS game and I'm planning to go back and get all the others the DS can play and look forward to the new release in 2016! I love the story, the gameplay is fun, and and the graphics are amazing (save for maybe the tiny 3D sprites in cutscenes which are still pretty good for a handheld system).Read full review...

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Awesome game, a must have for all strategy fans with their 3DS!

Fire Emblem Awakening was really hard to find. I'm from Brazil and the game sold so fast here you couldn't find it anywhere. At first I thought that the title was probably been overrated, but I was wrong.

The game have 3 initial modes, Normal, Hard and Lunatic. Normal mode is really easy, very suitable for people who aren't used to turn strategy games. Hard mode is made for eventual players, it isn't really hard, really. In the Lunatic mode, things start getting REALLY hard.
In any of the modes you also choose the game type, that is Classic (In which a killed character won't ever return to battles) and Casual (Killed units return in the next battle). That's also a way to make your game harder or easier.

The 3D is pretty average, except in the animated video parts, when you can see the 3D effect in action.

Really a GREAT title, recommended to all 3DS gamers fans of strategy.
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Favorite Fire Emblem Game I Played So Far!

If you ever played a Fire Emblem you can expect the usual endearing gameplay and amazing cast of characters for your roster. This is the first game I bought for my new 3ds i got for Christmas and I'm so glad I bought it. Enhanced graphics and new options for customization on the world map and your personal unit you create at the beginning. I highly recommended this title for newcomers to the series or veterans who are wanting more. If I could rate this game it would be a 10/10.Read full review...

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Excellent Gameplay, Compelling Story, Charming Characters

I love the gameplay and storyline, the characters are very charming and the battle system is very engaging, all in all, a very solid game. 10/10 would recommend!

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Great Gift!

My friend has told me the game is great. If looking for a game then consider it. Came up in Best 3DS Games search in Google so I bought it as a Gift. 10/10

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Story book like game where you control the plot with beautiful animation!

The first game I got and played for the Nintendo 3DS and no regrets. Great way to get introduced into this style of gaming.

Pros of the Game

-The animation and the movie scenes between game play

-Picking out your own characters and getting different story line/endings depending on what choices you make

-The rich storyline and how you can be immersed into this game like a really good book but even better because you control the plot

Cons of the game

-The UI for controls is a little tricky if you are a new game player like me

-You have to do a lot of reading and sometimes that can be tiring to your eyes

-Lots of repetition in the fight scenes which I had to eventually turn off because it gets annoying

Overall great, try it out and you won't regret it!
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The new features are great

Was a big fan of the Game Boy Advance Fire Emblem and the Nintendo DS Shadow Dragon. This was a nice step up in every direction.

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