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Memories last a lifetime.

There was a little sticker residue on the label but, I simply wiped it away with my thumb. Overall, great price for the product. Game works perfectly, it's just how I remember it from when it was first released.Read full review...

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Not bad

A little glitchy but works when inserted carefully.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: hgvgames



Great title for those that love the RPG genre! I strongly recommend this great game to all who enjoy a fun and exciting role playing games such as this one. Though not as sophisticated as your typical Final Fantasy title, this never the less will have you hooked if you look at it as an original Final Fantasy game, instead of comparing it to the numbered Final Fantasy games. Take care and God bless!Read full review...

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A little bit of childhood nostaligia.

Mystic Quest was the first RPG I remember really playing when I was a kid. Compelling story, at least for the time it was released. It was a great, easy to play intro RPG, for anyone who wasn't sure whether they like that genre or not. In my opinion, a must have for collectors.Read full review...

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Excellent addition to a collection.

Yes this game is for the "beginner" rpg players but that doesn't mean it's not good. A simplistic, yet exciting, adventure accompanied with some fantastic music as you'd expect from a FF game. Worth the value. Get it while it's still cheap!Read full review...

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Kids play

Named my child after a character in the game so.... Yeah I like it.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: 1965novaphil


A simple, fun old school game that's worth playing for any 16 bit fan.

I've been a long time fan of Final Fantasy, and this was the one from the 16 bit days i was missing. While lackluster compared to the main series, this spin off has it's own charm and own merits. It's simply a fun and easy play.

The graphics are what you'd expect from an early 90s game. The overworld looks similar to Final Fantasy 2/4 on SNES, but the enemy sprites during battles are very colorful and detailed for the time. The boss especially are great to look at, especially as the sprite changes to reflect damage taken. The battles themselves are easy to deal with, as your partner can be controlled automatically.

The story is where this game loses most die hard rpg fans, as it's incredibly dull compared to other Final Fantasy titles. However, I found it to be a charming reminder of the days when a game's story was only explained in the manual.

All in all I liked this game, if only for it's nostalgia. If you grew up with SNES and missed it or are younger and just dig classic games I recommend checking out.
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Good starter

Good RPG to start with for the inexperienced.

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Can't beat the classics.

I am an RPG fan and this is one of the great classics for the SNES. If you love RPGs you should have the game in your collection.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: oldwaygames


Great for a trip down memory lane, bad for an excellent gaming experience.

This game really is a joke in the world of Final Fantasy, but any Final Fantasy fan should own it.

I remember loving the game as a grade schooler, and I was completely ignorant of its faults at that age. So as an entry-level FF game, it did its job. I love Final Fantasy now, as an adult, because of my positive memories of this game.

But man...playing it now - the battles are painfully repetitive, the character development and storyline practically nonexistent, and with only two party members, there's never really anything in this game to look forward to.

There is plenty to look back on, though.
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