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It's a good little projector

Don't expect a top of the line led projection image with this projector. If your a beginner and just what to get a small in home theater experience , but don't want to spend a lot this will give you a good feel for what is possible.You'll have to have the lights completely off , which makes it hard to get up and get a snack during a movie ; with its low lumens. For projecting its best quality ; you'll need to stay around 70 inches.If you get the home theater bug ; down the road you can upgrade to a led Casio and either put this in the bedroom for TV viewing at night or give it to the kids to play video games on.Led projection is a major savings on the electric bill and the lamps last ten times longer then halogen projection lamps.I have owned several types of projectors and I am a electronics tech.. I personally love my Casio XJ-A230 Led projector for my home-theater and use the Favi projector as the bedroom TV /monitor.It's a good little projector.Read full review...


Decent Projector for a low price

Decent projector for a such low price! Give me a really good hand!!
I have a dlp projector that burned recently the lamp and I have to substitute fast a new unit before I find the lamop. The Favi has a decent image, Of course there is a inconvenience with the resolution change and sometimes the small fonts are not well seen but anyway for a PPT presentation, even in a illuminated environment it helped me a lot. I can say also two negative points. No buttons controls on the equipment itself and the case quality. Could be better! Thanks!Read full review...


The projector is a great product with excellent picture quality.

In Western North Carolina we have established an Education Foundation that gives scholarships to deserving young students. I am the Secretary/Treasurer of the Foundation. The FAVI RioHD-LED-2 projector will be used in presentations supporting fundraisers for the scholarship program. I like the portable makeup and size of the projector and its ease of packing. We will be conducting presentations in 41 different locations in Western North Carolina and portability is very important. Additionally, it is easy to use and its performance is outstanding. At this juncture, I have no dislikes about the unit; I have learned that for maximum quality picture-presentation eleven feet in front of a screen is a must; and, at times, that distance is a problem, relative to a particular location. I would definitely recommend buying the product again. For the money, it is an excellent buy!Read full review...


Big delivery from a small package

Bought this to do PowerPoint presentations for classes I teach. The video showing how easy it is to use is super. Loved the fact that it came complete with the case. Easy to set up, easy to use once I found the format it needed. From experiences with other projectors sometimes it just doesn't sync if the laptop is on and then the projector plugged in. Connect the projector first, restart the laptop and it finds its own way. Good product and very easy to use. It is so light
that sometimes you need to support more than the front screw leg to keep it balanced. Loved the fact that it is LED. Brightness pretty good in a lighted room.
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Experience speaks here:

I bought one of these a month ago. I used it to watch TV & DVD movies for about 15 hours so far. This is the 5th DLP type projector I have owned over the past 4 years. IMHO this is "OK" quality considering I payed 2-hundred bucks... what can you expect for that much money? By the way... I tried a few types of view screens & I mostly like/use a 8' by 6' piece of white cloth & the projector 'bout fills that w/the projector 12' away.(NOT a short-throw lens). The fan is too noisy. I use headphones mostly... so it is not so much of an issue for me... The RioHD-LED-2 is to big to be "small" & yet too small to be "big". The "power brick" (18VDC) IS about like a brick! Hahahaaa... & @ 18VDC... you can't take this out & about w/you... there must be a home AC-power source (120 or 240 VAC). SO... in conclusion: This is a cheap quality thing @ a cheap price. You are NOT getting a great deal here @ 2-hundred bucks. It WOULD be very good if it sold @ 100-bucks. I plan to use it for a while as I save up money for a few months... then sell this & buy a much better quality projector... I do like DLP projectors... I am thinking to buy the FAVI "B-1" ... that will be much better for my needs (low voltage & very small size & internal memory & SD-card slot /internal 'player' software & not so dependent on the 'remote' .
By the way... my remote failed right out of the box... The company sent another(slightly different remote) immediately & from that I see that: if you loose the remote or if it brakes? the RioHD-LED-2 will work... ONLY you can turn it on/off & ONLY use the "AV"-type input. No other input option was available to me(w/out the remote)... NO other 'options' can be used/controlled: picture quality adjustments/audio/etc...
(the: "tomb-stone"- correction function is mechanical as is the "focus").
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Not bad for the price

If your looking for a great HD picture, then this unit is not for you. If you are used to watching standard TV and don't care about high def and just want to have a cheap big screen, then this might be for you. This projector does a decent job despite it's limitations. Placed in a dimly lit room and projected onto a 100 inch screen, this projector produced a surprisingly decent picture with plenty of brightness to spare. It did require a bit of tweaking to achieve a balanced picture due to it's limited contrast ratio. I found decreasing contrast alot and increasing brightness slightly got the best result. (I had mine at 25% contrast & 65% bright in a low lit room on a 100 inch screen) The speakers are tiny but the sound quality was ok, without distortion, it just lacks any bass. I Used the headphone jack to connect to external amp & speakers for best sound and to maintain control of volume with remote.
The Pro's..........
Very small and portable
Can flip image for floor/ceiling mounting and front/rear projection
Multitude of inputs with full compatability on HDMI
Bright LED lamp
Low power consumption
Decent picture

The Con's......
Only a standard definition picture
Limited contrast ratio (picture may look washed out in very bright sceens)
Although it accepts 16:9 formats, it just squeezes them to fit 4:3 screen
(there is a 16:9/4:3 button on the remote, but it doesn't work on this model)

Overall this projector has served my needs very well, it works a DVD player and a PS-3 and it's portable. I even took it camping! This projector is very usefull for many applications depending on one's needs and I hope this review has helped the reader to be more informed. I gave this a "Good" rating based on it's versatility, overall performance, and price.
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Awesome Value on this Projector, Great Product.

I bought this product because I preform a lot of business meetings, and it would be nice to have my own projector instead of using a loaner. I like this product because it will be easy to carry around - given its size. I like how this product is brand new and will not have missing parts. What I dislike about this product is the way the product stand up to other projectors, most projectors that i have used in the past have a better remote sensor and the ability to connect multiple computer at once, and with the Favi - you can only connect your computer or a video player up to it. I do like the fact that I can connect a dvd or VCR up to the projector and still come out with an excellent video quality. Overall I really enjoy using this product and believe I paid a good price for the projector and the bag.Read full review...


Great projector for the price!

I bought this projector on a whim, but I'm extremely happy with the results and performance! The only qualm i have is I wish it had a zoom feature to adjust the screen size. The only way to adjust the size of the screen projected is to move the projector and/or the screen.

The brightness could be a little better too, but for the price, its a very nice image and the inputs (hdmi,vga,svideo,component,and composite) are very sufficient for all my devices (wii, computer, cable box). I highly recommend this projector to anyone looking to get a large screen (mine works out about 100" on a 70x70 dalite screen) with a decent image for a cheap cheap price!
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An "okay" projector. Good for the price...Decent picture but deff no HD

I bought this projector for my new room for my buddy and I. When first opening it and setting it up, the picture was horrible. You really need to play with the settings of the device to get it right. Also, You cannot watch in 16:9 when using the HDMI jack.... the main reason you would actually use that input. That is a con. The upside to this product is that its very light/portable, not all too loud, its cheap which is an important part, and easy to custom mount. If your looking for anything above fair picture quality, this is most deffenetly not for you. Picture is a little grainy at best without a screen. Its best used in a dark room, a dim lite room is okay, but anything over than that forget about it. Overall it gets the job done for cheap. Halo on it is fun but anything requiering lots of graphics wont tickle your fancey.Read full review...


Great little cheap projector.

The projector is exactly as described, i was a little unsure about this one because of the low price. It performed as expected but is not as bright as i wanted, i would not recommend this to a serious home theater enthusiast. it has an odd selection of resolution settings which aren't compatible with my macbook pro, i have to reduce the resolution so much in order to get it to play that it is not really worth it to watch on my projector. It claims "hd-ready" but don't be decieved, that doesn't mean it will play hd-resolution videos, whenever i have it on that resolution it glitches, and the picture does not stay still. however it is a great little projector for the price and it definately does the trick.Read full review...

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