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A nice little workhorse printer/copier for the value!

I bought this used printer mainly to use as a copier. It was purchased as a used unit with one ink cartridge empty, with the other ink cartridges having been installed for a long time with no use. I was a bit concerned about ink nozzle blockage because I have experienced this in the past. I installed new cartridges, ran one nozzle clean, and perfect copies! It's fast, easy to use, and a good value. Two thumbs up!Read full review...


Not what I was expecting


Epson RX500 Review

I had already owned an Epson printer of the same make and model as the one purchased. So, I knew the quality and functionality from the beginning. The issued that brought me to consider purchasing another printer was I needed to increase my work flow. This printer could provide that extra boost and at a very minimum effort. This printer provided me with the ability to scan directly to portable document format (PDF) saving me hard drive space while maintaining excellent resolution. I did not like the fact that this printer would not allow me to scan two documents using two separate printers connected to a single computer at the same time. It really made it difficult for me to increase my work flow, as I originally planned. Exercising some creativity I managed to find a solution, however, it still is not as fast. Overall, I did increase my work flow and have been very happy with the purchase.Read full review...


Almost perfect multifuction

I really like this multifunction unit. If I weren't moving that I'd definitely would not have sold my unit on eBay.

It fuses a really really high quality photo printer, and a lower end scanner with a card reader together in one nice package. Low end is good enough for 90% of the people btw... (My main scanner is $500 unit from Epson.) The only thing that I can find wrong with this unit, (and true of all Epson printers made in recent years) is that the unit will not function at all if any of inks are out or too low to print a full color page. In order to refill the ink cartridges or reset the setting, one has to get a chip resetter, which is available on eBay for like five bucks, or by a completely new ink cartridge before the unit will function again.

The person that gave this review only two stars was printing on Kodak paper. Being an avid photographer myself, and selling prints for profit, I know that using Epson ink on Kodak paper is a waste of time and effort. For whatever reason, all the Epson printers, down from the dye inks all the way up to the ultra-chrome inks do not stay or last long on the Kodak papers. Generally, if you stick with Epson papers (with an Epson printer), you will get the results they promise.

The software that comes with this printers, very good. I love being able to place a document and press a button that would automatically send the scanned image into my folder choice or program of choice. I love that it all the detects what type of document it is and scans it appropriately. It is not perfect, but it is very, very useful.

As for me I can't wait to try out the next one, the RX700.
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Fixing the Epson RX500

Epson RX500 is an excellent printer with the exception of Epson making it so it only prints for a while and then goes into service mode. You either have to pay alot to have it fixed or throw it away. A huge waste. Well, I found out how to five it. First you use something to soak some of the ink out of the wick. Then, with the power off do the following: for a few seconds, until the exclamation mark continually flashes (the screen will flash a few times during the process), hold down the following buttons, all at once: Power, load/eject, b&w, color, stop. The machine powers up automatically (keep the buttons pressed until the exclamation mark starts flashing) the following message shows on the screen: 'init eeprom' All you do now is press the color button. It worked for me. No Land Fill!Read full review...


Good all in one printer. inexpensive inks save money

I have been using Epson RX500 for two months. I print my digital camera pictures and I get vey good result. I also have Epson R340 and pictures from RX500 looks even better than my Epson Photo R340. Built-In Memory reader has a sliding door so dust will not get into the openening. I use compatible ink cartridges that I buy from online for about $2-$3 per cartridge.Read full review...


Very good every-day performer

An excellent score for an All-In-One photo printer? Well, make sure that your expectations are correct, first. I bought this because I'm an avid photographer, I'd like to make an occassional photo print, I need to scan something every now and then, and I print a document about once a week. If you're looking for a serious photo printer, this is not for you (there are better Epsons). If you have a heavy print cycle, this will not be for you (personal lasers are wonderfully cheap). But if you need something that does a little bit of everything, this is it.

All-in-ones are straightforward -- we've probably all used them before. Overall, there's nothing that this printer does that no other printer can do. It does it all and does it well. Six independent color cartridges saves you ink, which is a nice touch. The built-in media readers is something that I didn't think that I would use, but it is convenient because it's right there -- one less thing to keep around on my desk. The printer isn't small, but it doesn't use much more than its footprint. If you forget to open the output tray in the front while printing, paper can actually sit inside the printer without jamming. Speaking of jams, I've had none in the past year.

Don't bother with the Epson RX600, which only adds a color LCD display. I always tweak photos on the computer before I print, so I'd never use the LCD. HP printers are nice, but overpriced. Epsons are widely-regarded as the best photo printers and the RX500 leverages a lot of that industry-dominance to have a very good (but not excellent) photo print capabilities. Ink replacement cartridges from Epson are expensive, but I've used 3rd party cartridges with no problems.

If I wanted to improve something on this printer, it would be a) quieter paper feeding (it's not obnoxious, but it's not silent) and b) lighterweight client software (not required to be installed, but it does provide some nice functionality).
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RX 500

This printer works as described. It does not have a great feel...in other words it does not seem sturdy. However, so far it has worked well and performance has been as I expected. I also have an RX 580 and it is better built. For a business printer, I would recommend it as a day to day printer.Read full review...


Epson Stylus Photo RX500 All-In-One InkJet Printer

I have several printers between home and office--and this unit is proving to be a talented workhorse for the price. The color is clean, the setup and application is easy to configure and operate and the user defined setting allows for odd-sized printing capabilities. It occasionally pulls an extra sheet (or sheets) of paper--but this does not prove to be a serious complaint. Ink cartridges are long lasting and easy to change independently. Not too big--not too small.Read full review...


Espon Stylus Photo RX500 All-In-One Injet Printer

Do not purchase this printer from Epson. This printer prints great quality photos but the ink runs out very fast and is expensive. Epson designs these printers to only print a certain number of times and then they will stop working. My printer is less than 3-years old. Excess ink has collected on the ink waste pads and it stopped working. Rather than provide a way to replace the pads, Epson technical support told me that I need to buy a new printer. What a waste, this unit will end up in a landfill, I am disgusted with the Epson company.Read full review...

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