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Easy to set up100% agree

Good resolution100% agree

Accurate colors100% agree

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Overall, I am happy with this scanner.

I purchased the Epson V33 to replace an old scanner that is not supported under Win-7.
This scanner set up easily under Win-7.

I use this scanner lightly; this one meets my needs, and it was reasonably priced.
In addition to this scanner, I have a multi-function printer that scans & copies, but in a lower resolution than the V33.

In additional to creating PDF & other files, I'VE useD the scanner to occasionally make photo-copies. I didn’t find an easy way to simply make a photo-copy with the accompanying software, so I downloaded a freeware program called iCopy. iCopy works wonderfully with the scanner and is simple to use.

The only negative I found is that I attempted to scan something with a somewhat reflective surface and it came out poorly. The same item scanned with no problem on my multi-function printer. I believe that the V33’s LED back-light may be causing the problem.
I do not know what happens when a glossy photo is scanned, I haven’t yet tried this.
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Great Scanner with Mac Mountain Lion. Great ebay seller, too.

I had to get a new hardworking scanner compatible with the new Mac Mountain Lion OS. The V33 has certainly fit the bill and it's especially easy using the scanner with Mountain Lion and the Preview app. The product arrived in a timely manner and came well packaged. The quality of the scans are great.Read full review...


Epson V33 Scanner: Excellent Product at Affordable Price.

Excellent scanner. Accurate tones, sharpness and detail plus fast scanning. I also like that it uses LED instead of fluorescent for the scan lamp. I bought this to replace one from a no-name company that showed lines and blurriness. The Epson scan software that comes with it is easy to use and offers excellent defaults and custom modes. Plus you can get the software direct from Epson if you don't want to use the CD. Another feature I liked is if you need a black background on your object, just keep the lid up. If I tried that on my old scanner, I would gotten odd artifacts and colors on the edges. In other user reviews on other websites, some people have criticized the location of the cables. (on the side front near the controls instead of the back.) But it's obvious why they did it, to keep it affordable. To add extra hardware would have added cost and lessened reliability. i have no problems with their location. So for a quality inexpensive scanner this Epson V33 makes the grade.Read full review...


I am very happpy with this product

A great scanner! Very easy to use and a really great price!
I bought this scanner because the price was right!


Epson Scanner has worked perfectly!

The scanner works wonderfully. The quality is great. Easy to use, easy to set up. The only thing I didn't like was that when you choose a high quality setting the scan takes a little longer, but that is to be expected...great product! I have scanned over 2000 pictures in and over 1000 documents in and have had very little issues!Read full review...


Copy that Jimbo

I needed to copy my screen play, but didn't want to go to FedEx and I couldn't believe my luck to find this scanner. Maybe not the fastest, but a great value for the price. Does a great job!


This scanner provides a sharper image but is slower then my old Visioneer.

This scanner provides a sharper image but is slower then my old Visioneer scanner. It's also a replacement for my original if it expires in a few years.


It work great the best buy all day, the use of my money.

Scanner works great but I should have got the wireless model.The scanner is fast and I'm able too scan old pictures.
This scanner will replace two scanner that i was working with.


Very good scanner for the price

I purchased this because my old Epson scanner died after many years of great service. This is a good scanner and comes with a great software bundle. I work with websites and doing video production and having a good scanner handy is important.Read full review...


Poorly represented product!!

DOESN'T WORK WITH WINDOWS 7! The appropriate drivers are not in it! This isn't told you until after installation and you attempt to use it. A wonderful on screen message say's "BOGUS".

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