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Good deal

Just what I was looking for

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If you haven't ever purchased an ELVIS PRESLEY DVD or any of his movies (Frankly, I cant imagine that but it is possible for some people out there) THEN THIS FILM IS A MUST HAVE!!
A very well made and EXCELLENT documentary of Elvis in concert, the man that has gone down in the history of world as the KING OF ROCK & ROLL.
I would, with out question, HIGHLY RECOMMEND this film...great versions of classic Elvis songs, good insight in to what it was like to have been THERE on tour, very well edited, just an outstanding film!
If you haven't ever seen or purchased any other ELVIS DVD (I would also steer you over to the 1973 ALOHA FROM HAWAII DVD, the very FIRST time ANYONE was ever seen through out the WORLD BY SATELLITE...yep, it was ELVIS. Even the President of the USA had never done that nor had anyone else either, for that matter, from that time era!) THEN DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND BUY THIS FILM...You will not be disappointed but perhaps, only saddened that ELVIS PRESLEY'S life was so short lived. Take it from me, this film is nearly guaranteed to make ANY Elvis fan have happy memories and may, very well, also convert the average "new comer" to Elvis person, into an ELVIS FAN! A shining example of the Great Talent of the man called the GREATEST entertainer of the 20th century, ELVIS PRESLEY!
In my humble opinion "Elvis On Tour" is A SOLID FIVE STAR 10+ Movie! You cant go wrong with this film!

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Elvis on Tour

Great DVD!" Love it!"

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The Elvis DVD library is now complete!

When the movies of Elvis Presley began to be released onto the home video market starting in 1978, the demand for this product was unprecedented, as no other artist ever captivated an audience like Elvis. He starred in 31 feature films and 2 documentaries that were all released to cinema playhouses throughout the world during his lifetime. His 33rd motion picture, "Elvis On Tour", is a ground-breaking film experience that brilliantly captures Elvis' 15-city tour of America during the Spring of 1972. For the first (and only) time, we get to hear Elvis himself provide audio commentary. He also performs a fine assortment of songs that were a part of his stage act at this time. The film opens with Elvis' spoken dialogue, followed by a rousing rendition of "Johnny B. Goode". The use of multi-screen images provide a unique visual presentation that has several stunning shots of Elvis on stage. This multi-frame sequencing was supervised by Martin Scorsese. Also included are clips of his appearances on the Ed Sullivan show from 1956. One of his biggest hits, "Love Me Tender", is featured by utilising the soundtrack of a live performance of the song, accompanied by clips from several of his earlier MGM films. The footage of Elvis and his group in the recording studio laying down a take of the song "Seperate Ways" could be used as a stand-alone music video. One of the highlights has Elvis and his back-up group jamming together on Gospel numbers, including "Lead Me, Guide Me", "I, John" and "Bosom Of Abraham". And, his 1968 rendition of "Memories" is a fine way to close the film. Winner of the Golden Globe award for the Best Documentary of 1972, the DVD release of "Elvis On Tour" now makes his entire body of film-work available on DVD. Long live the King!Read full review...


Excellent - great value for money.

I bought “Elvis on Tour DVD - 2010” from eBay some weeks ago, I love it very much, it is excellent and a must for every Elvis fan. The video and sound editing is very good and to see the King at his best, its surly a good value for money.
It is one of the best documentaries I ever saw about an entertainer,a great product to have.
I strongly recommend this product to others who are interested in modern music.
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Excellent! Worth The Price For Any Music Lover

This set gives the viewer a great "behind the scenes" view of what it was like to travel on tour with Elvis. Showed that Elvis did not like to stay backstage, he wanted to entertain the audience of which he did above and beyond. I like this set because it showed that Elvis really cared about the music and was always giving his best on and off the stage. There are scenes projected from the beginning and the viewer will understand more by watching this to see how Elvis voice matured thru the years to what it was. Worth the time to see again and again.Read full review...


If you are a huge Elvis fan and dont mind his jump suits, this= great buy

This was a great and exciting dvd to watch. I have been an Elvis fan my whole life and love having this dvd in my collection. I liked that it has so much concert footage from 1972, off stage scenes and even a montage from Elvis' early career. LOVE LOVE LOVE ELVIS!Read full review...


Great Elvis DVD!!!!!!

I really enjoyed this DVD. I played it for my brother and he liked it so I bought him one also for Christmas. Had him starting his show and felt the excitement of being at a Elvis concert. Lots of singing on stage. Great DVD.Read full review...


super quality and movie!!!!

Great movie! when you deal with elvis your dealing with the rags to success story! basically, the story of what America was and should be. in terms of talent there is no one like him and will never be. like Bruce Sprinsteen said,"there have been a lot of pretenders but there will never be anyone like elvis".Read full review...


Elvis on Tour

Nice movie for Elvis' fan, A trip to the past, the glory time of the rock n roll.
Full of memories, and songs. Make an image of the Elvis backstage.
I dicede buy this for my song, an Elvis fan, and he is facinated. He knew most of the songs, so this is for him like a video karaoke.Read full review...

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