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Tolle Fans

Recommend highly, but encourage buyer to read both books prior to listening to this so that you are well grounded in his terminology and concepts. Otherwise you will get hung up on the language and miss all of the wisdom that flows through this. This is one of those presentations that you have to hit pause periodically for what he just said to sink in and hit rewind because what was said is so profound that you just have to hear it again.Read full review...

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Living Wisely

Enjoyable talk of how to live. How to change viewpoints about living by observing yourself and others of actions and thinking that is the cause of unpleasantness. By changing ways of looking at cause and effect, people can have a handle and choice of whether or not they choose to suffer in life.
Eckhart discusses about the affliction of all humans....that of why we dislike this and that. Why we seem to be chasing our tail like some dogs, when we think we try our best and work hard to advance in our existence.
This audio is for those who are open to listen after having tried and failed. Especially those who have tried to the point of realizing happiness is not at the end of the effort.
The CD is enjoyable to listen to especially when driving. Life seems to be richer and full, mostly when we find out our situations are not personal, but a syndrome of the human condition.
I recommend this CD to anyone who is wearisome of the same hollowness of everyday life as we commonly know it as. It is not full of rules or how to's, but wisdom.
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Just what I needed to create a little peace in my life.

A great set of Tolle CD lectures. I listen to it in the car on the way to work or whatever. His clear, simple and direct insights about the nature of this life and our conditioned responses to big and small challenges has been a Godsend. I also have several other Tolle CD's. Antedotes for all that ails you.Read full review...


Eckhart Tolle's Findhorn Retreat (audio book)

I love this audio book. If you haven't listened to this guy before I recommend starting out with something like the Power Of Now to get something of an over view of the presented info. even though both of the items mentioned are great spiritual tools. I usually put on some of just about any of my Eckart Tolle files as of late as I go to bed. It can be so relaxing to hear and the audio that is contained in this is thankfully of a good production level quality for a spoken word product.Read full review...


Finding calmness

Insightful discourse on stillness, being and finding peace. Easy to listen to, great for journeys in the car. Tolle is on of the world's leaders in a new consciousness and furthers the idea to "not sweat the small stuff, because it is all small stuff."
These CDs are for those who want more calmness in their lives and are interested in another perspective on what the point is of our mad world.
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Eckhart Tolle is a genius

This man is a genius!

He gets to the core issues.

Excellent product. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that is into this kind of therapy.


this item is as stated quality

quality item soothing and relaxing mind working material
thanks for having a great resourse for us to have to use


Just what I expected.

It helps me find calmness and peace of mind in a mad world. This isn't for everyone I would recomend reading "the power of now" first.



I really like the way Eckhart Tolle delivered his lecture wrapped with his humor I found it both enlightening and entertaining. It is a must hear.

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