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Intriguing concept, formulaic execution.

As a concept the "Exiles" is an intriguing mix of "The Age of Apocalypse" alternate reality-storyline (a storyline that I revere and which spanned all of the X-Titles during that glorious summer of 1995), and Marvel's now long defunct "What If" series; which is to say, here you have a "what if" series of tales that resonate beyond concept and intellectual import, in that the events of these alternate reality-storylines will have permanent consequences for the Exiles--even death. I have to say that I was genuinely surprised when the book killed off one of its more interesting and seemingly important characters early on in just this first TPB, which spans a mere four issues.

Having said that, "Exiles" starts to feel predictable and stale right from the start. It becomes increasingly clear that a few characters in this fairly generic superhero team (the "comic relief" guy, the mysterious sexy character, the Captain America look-alike, the big strong fella etc;.) will not be sleeping the big sleep anytime soon (see: Blink). This lack of true danger for its main characters, coupled with the formulaic framework being set-up for the storylines so far (see: "Quantum Leap" with mutants), deprives the book of the kind of urgency, epic scope, and visceral impact that made AoA, and some of the one-shot tales in the "What If" series, so haunting and memorable. Then again you can fault almost any other X-Men title in Marvel's long running franchise for the same reasons so...

Bottom line? "Down The Rabbit Hole" is mildly impressive and amusing in some of its twists and reversals (see what they do to an alternate timeline version of Xavier) but also fairly dissapointing in its overall execution. Bummer. Given the potential to run wild with a concept this intriguing, the creative team plays it a bit safer than I expected, content to give us an X-Men version of a show like "Quantum Leap", while also trying to profit from the depth and pathos of AoA. Perhaps as the series goes on, the book will deepen its characters and venture into unforseen territory. Based on this TPB, though? Amusing, but been there, done that.
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Good Stuff!

I really enjoyed reading this Trade Comic. It's very fun and very more Sci-fi than other Marvel comics. It's an all ages read. No matter how old you are you are sure to enjoy it. Its Marvel meets Sliders in a very imaginative and well written Comic. I read the plot and thought "Wow, I have to get it and read"! Great art! Great Expansive Story line! You never know what will happen next!Read full review...


Exiles vol. 1

This book features all of my favorite characters that have either been discarded or forgotten by writers and marvel through the years. This is a truly amazing read and has an awesome premise of reality jumping heroes that go to worlds we would have normally never gotten to see. Great stuff all around!Read full review...

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