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Doris Day Collection

I am giving this to my daughter in law for Christmas, but the package and the contents appear to be in excellent quality. She use to watch her movies with her grandmother and I thought what a better gift then to bring back those wonderful memories. I am very pleased with how everything appears and can hardly wait to give this to her as a gift.Read full review...


I hope I can continue to add to my Doris Day collection.

Sometimes it just feels great to cuddle up on your sofa and watch some movies with warmth and laughter without all of the violence, open visual sex and negativity of todays world. These Doris Day movies are great for times like this. Not too mushy...just right. My husband even enjoyed one or two with me.Read full review...


wonderful collection of Ms. Day's early movies

My Mother instilled a love of Doris Day in me when I was very young. Mom passed away a year ago and listening to Doris Day sing and act brings back lots of loving memories of my youth. I love seeing Doris Day when she was young and just starting out. This collection has a nice variety to it and was considerably less expensive than the same product at Barnes and Noble. Also, I received it within 4 days! If you are a Doris Day fan, you will truly enjoy this collection of nostalgic movies from a bygone era.Read full review...


doris day was the finest entertainer of the 50's

In 1955 I was away in Japan playing baseball for the U.S.. ARMY. Doris day pictures were all over my locker. She was a slice of home, when you were alone. I bought these to think of the old days.


Great Collection!

This is the best of the best of Doris Day! The Cream of the Crop of her films, especially Romance on the High Seas (her first film) which features her signature song "It's Magic"-


not yet recieved package

hard to say when i haven't recieved package and the tracking has been taken off you can't review a product if you don't get it


Doris Day Collection Vol. 2

I am a great Doris Day fan. I have watched and loved her movies since I was a kid. I have my favorites, but this collection had some of my favorite musicals from the 1950's Worth every cent!!

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