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Great movie


Doom film

Really good special effects.

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Very Good Movies

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.•:*¨¨*:•. Absolutely Wonderful ! :o) .•:*¨¨*:•.

In "Doom," an estranged brother and sister meet on Mars, where she is a forensic archaeologist and he is a soldier sent to quell an uprising of mutants. Desperate to humanize the characters in this video game turned action flick, the writers came up with this bit of tension, when Samantha Grimm (Rosamund Pike) chides her gifted brother for squandering his intellect: "Does it ever bother you that you could have spent your life looking into a microscope instead of a sniper scope?" We expect a moral from a tale about the Grimms, but this claustrophobic mess of a movie offers only carnage. This spectacle is really just a formulaic shoot'em-up, with dead bodies amassing on the floor of an underground Martian laboratory.Read full review...


Pretty Good Movie

I wasn't really excited to hear there was a movie coming out based on the game. I thought they couldn't live up to the excitement I had all the times I played the game but I was wrong. The action and everything goes with the games almost perfectly. There are some scenes where you think "I remember that pit, I fell in it a couple times before". The monsters are also done very well.

The best thing about this movie is that they do a scene were its in single person shooter mode. It looks just like the game! I think they did it just at the right time and not to much (You could almost get sea sick from it if they did it too long).

All the actors did a great job and you could tell they had been trained for this movie. Also the special features are great also because you get a look not only into the movie but the game also. It brings back a lot of memories watching them talk about the game. If you like the game, This is a must see!!!!
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Doom (DVD, 2006, Unrated Extended Edition)

It's not the greatest sci-fi horror movie ever, but I liked it. I'd say it's the second best film adaption of a video game after Resident Evil: Apocalypse. If you're an FPS game freak, there's lots of game references in this movie to amuse you all the way to the end. A pretty decent videogame adaption.Read full review...


Awsome Movie, even better Game

Love this movie, its funny, has action horror love the blood and gore, the special effects are cool- the zombies are great. Its a movie you can watch over and over and not get tired of it. The soundtrack is also cool kinda techno metal. Hope they are going to make a part 2 to this movie. 3 mutated thumbs up.Read full review...


Not Doomed after all!!!!

This movie Rocks!! It has everything you could ask for in a movie based on a video game. If you played Doom 3 you can definetly see the connection to the movie. The only reason I give this a 4 out of 5 is for 1 reasons. 1.) it's the monsters. Doom and Resident evil seemed too much alike in the zombie thing and that didn't fly with me. However the mutated monsters looked AWESOME This movie is definetly a must see, so go and see it NOW!!!!Read full review...


Doom 2006

This movie gets a 3 rating by us which is a bit higher than I think it should get.Ok maybe you gamers liked it just because you play the game.For the viewers it a mere average movie at best that drags quite often and after watching the whole thing has a very stupid ending.The Rock plays a good part but even he can only save this disaster so much.This film is all over the place and once it gets going only slows back up again as if they were trying to lull you to sleep.Its a shame as this movie could have been made so much better but it just drifts all over the place.What a waste.Read full review...


Doom the movie

The rock was great in this movie. The story line was ok. I wish the ending had been a little better. There could have been more women in it. But over all for a scary movie, or a sci-fi movie, it footed the bill. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRead full review...

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