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Very cute, enjoyable movie!

My wife and I have watched this movie several times, and just find it to be thoroughly enjoyable.
No car crashes, raunchy sex scenes, blood and guts or wall to wall profanities.
A quote on the cover describes it as a "perfect date movie". I would be inclined to agree. (Unless your date enjoys car crashes, raunchy sex scenes, blood and guts, and wall to wall profanities.)

Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker are both entertaining; and I'm not usually a big SJP fan.
We enjoyed the rest of the cast of characters as well. (We could listen to Sam Elliott read a telephone book.)

There are smiles and chuckles throughout the entire movie, with at least a few "laugh out loud" moments. (The bear scene comes to mind.)
A couple of situations, and the infrequent four-letter word might be questionable for younger children, but then I tend to be more cautious about that sort of thing than most people today.

If you're looking for a nice, light, romantic comedy, consider "Did You Hear About the Morgans?"
We really enjoyed it!
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Did you hear about the Morgans

Good family movie, we really liked it

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A Very Good Comedy

Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex and the City) stars with Hugh Grant (Music and Lyrics), Sam Elliott (Ghost Rider) and Mary Steenburgen (The Open Road) in this Comedy. Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker are recently separated and heading toward a Divorce until the witness a murder. This sets off a chain of hilarious events that entangle the couple and leaves the view laughing.

This is a good movie that is at times funny and at times the humor misses it's mark. However overall it hits more than it misses and it is well worth watching.

Additional Case Includes: Elisabeth Moss, Michael Kelly, Wilford Brimley and Jesse Liebman.

If you don't enjoy Sarah Jessica Parkers type of humor then skip this one, but if you do then definately get this, you will enjoy it.
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Excellent Romantic Comedy

My husband and I rented this movie and liked it so much we purchased it on Ebay. Any romantic comedy with Hugh Grant is, of course, a chick flick and I love them all but my husband likes this one. I think he fell in love with the sheriff's wife in the movie, Mary Steenburgen, or, rather the character she plays - like me, she's a gun-toting, knows how to shoot it country woman. Everyone is great in the movie. I'd never seen anything Sarah Jessica Parker had done and found her very good in this movie. I'm not reviewing like others - I'm not going to tell you the story - let's just say it's a wonderful romantic comedy set mostly in the great vast country out west that has some really great parts. You can't go wrong with this comedy. Bear spray anyone? You'll at least like it if you don't just love it like I do.Read full review...


Did You Hear About the Morgans? (DVD, 2010)

It tells the story of Paul (Hugh Grant) and Meryl (Sarah Jessica Parker) Morgan, a separated couple who witness a murder and are forced to stay together in the witness protection program.

Paul cheated on Meryl and the busy lawyer (Paul) and real estate agent (Meryl) have been apart for some time when Paul makes a call and arranges a dinner. Afterwards, they realize a man being pushed off a building and are soon after rushed into protective custody because of the danger they have gotten themselves into.

As there are no single setups available to them, the Morgans have to pose as a happy couple while staying with Meryl’s cousin (Sam Elliott) and his wife (Mary Steenburgen) in Ray, Wyoming on their ranch. Ironically, as the couple forces themselves to act happy they begin to feel the connection that originally brought them together. Can getting away from their busy city lives really make witness protection a blessing ‘in disguise’? Only if they don’t get killed.
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Did you hear about the Morgans

Both main stars are always great, and did a great job in their roles. Some great laughs and lots of giggles and smiles thru out. The story moved along smoothly, and I have to admit I didn't see the ending coming.Read full review...


Good romantic comedy,watch again and again

excellent romantic comedy. The kind of movie you will want to watch again and again. hugh grant and Sarah Jessica parker make a great team and good supporting cast.


The funniest movie I've seen in a long time.

This movie is so funny! Couldn't stop laughing :) Good date movie. This product is a lot better than most movies out today. I deffinately am a fan of Sara Jessica Parker, and believe she is the reason this movie was so great! You just have to see this one.Read full review...


Did you Hear About the Morgans

I didn't like it as much as I thought I would. It was full of bitchy back biting. My sister recommended it to me. My humor is not about the back biting kind. I wish I had not bought this movie.



I love this movie.... Its has a good story line and down to earth meaning. Actress and Actor do very well together in this movie. Funny Funny Funny!!!

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