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Dexter is my favorite show. The characters are engaging and the stories keep you wondering how Dexter will trap his intended victims.

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Wonderful and engaging plot

I absolutely loved the whole series of "Dexter". Each character is so fully evolved that I felt I knew them personally.

I couldn't wait to see each episode and was entertained through the whole thing.

The acting was excellent!

I recommend this series to anyone who thinks outside the box.
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Lightweight with great features

I love Dexter and wish it would have never gone off the air.

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Blood, gore, language

Full of blood, gore and offensive language. I was glued to it but I'm keeping it hidden away from my grand children and I'm not recommending it to anyone.

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Best Showtime Series!! Dexter Season 5 worth every penny!! Obsessed!!

This season was purchased to add to my collection of the other 4 seasons! One of 3 Series I connect with and have fallen in love with right from the start! Dexter never fails to deliver a suspenseful ride. It doesn't matter what season you are currently engrossed in, Michael C. Hall is relentless in giving his all in some of the best acting he as ever done. Dexter Season 5 keeps on delivering the same attitude all of us "super-fans" fell in love with from Season 1!! Each episode consecutively keeps you glued wanting more and more! Just when you think the show can't get any better or beat the previous season, Michael C. Hall and the writers seem to come up with MORE.
Thank you Dexter Morgan/Michael C. Hall for your gift! Entertainment at its best!!
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fifth season

had to watch it again. great series.

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Very good season

Dexter is a great series. Many tv series with a unique premise catch our attention for the first season but quickly lose their edge as the writers ideas run out. Dexter is the opposite of that. The series started out with a unique premise and the writers have continued to capture our imaginations and enthrall us in the world of a seriel killer/ vigilanty. Each season, instead of loseing creativity, gains interest with more complex and fascinating plots. I highly recommend watching season 5 if you've seen the previous 4 seasons. This series isn't for the faint of heart however.Read full review...


Intriguing story line--you'll love it!

I LOVE this show! The characters are very good & the writers do a wonderful job creating all the twists & turns in the story line. I didn't start watching it in the first season & the way it's written, you can do that & still follow the story line. I purchase every DVD in this series. It's that captivating. I wouldn't let kids watch it--language & violence & some sexual content. Dislikes? That there's only 10 episodes a season! But that just makes it more intriguing. This is a unique story--told from the view of the serial killer but he isn't the type of person you expect him to be & I would lay odds that you'll actually like him.Read full review...


Other that the blocks seen in digatl copies in a few episodes it is fine..

WONDERFUL SHOW!! Although it is starting to get a little slow in my personal opinion. This copy has several episodes showing those annoying blocks that you'd know to be a digital copy. Other than that i can highly recommend this product and the copy. Absolutely love the character Dexter Morgan.Read full review...


A great see for the Dexter fans.

I don't have cable so I have to purchase these after they come out. I was apprehensive after season four, not knowing where the story was going to go. But once Dexter started his 'recovery', things fell into place. If you have not seen season five, it is well worth the purchase. I found an excellent set on ebay pretty inexpensive and hope you can too. Bottom line: Dexter fans should get this if you had any questions like myself.
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