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Long battery life57% agree

Good value33% agree

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The power button was broken and it never actually worked so that's about all I can say about that one never got it to turn on so never found out how it would work


Not The Best.But Well Worth What I Paid For It

Good little tablet for what I paid for it, $40.00 at auction. Wanted something to watch videos in bed or check the news without going to my desktop. Found myself washing dishes and watching music videos! Can't get it to play Netflix but Crackle works great and it's free. Comes with Youtube and it also plays great along with a news app and music video app I downloaded from the Amazon App Store. Goggle Search works just fine. I purchased a keyboard case for $10, neat thing to have, also a mouse. Sometimes I set it up like a mini computer on the kitchen table. Slow to start up, battery life sucks! Hard to get use to the scrolling on the screen, use a stylus or keyboard most of the time. Needs better speakers, ear buds work fine but I just don't like them in my ears. I plan to upgrade at a later date, there are a lot better tablets out there, but it is a cheap way to get into the tech world of tablets.Read full review...


Great value for the money.

Good value for the money. Does almost as much as a Kindle Fire or Nook tablet but at half the price. Good for the novice user. Lots of options to add apps and widgets. Browsing the internet is pretty easy. Android 2.3 is easy to acclimate to because most people have a phone that uses it or had a phone that used that platform. Don't expect the same touch-screen responsiveness that the Kindle Fire, Nook tablet, or iPad have. Battery life is average (about 3 hours). It's decently built and doesn't feel cheap or weak in the hands. For the money, it's worth it. Just don't expect iPad-type performance from it.Read full review...


Top product at price w/easy remedys to the issues most users complain about

I found it awkward to navigate at first since the Kyros 7012 uses a resistive display that is pressure sensitive rather than touch sensitive. However, found the tablet to be responsive and easy to navigate when using the supplied stylus or any other firm object like the bottom of a pen. It even works fine with my finger but requires a firmer hand, which takes some getting used to. In fact, I now prefer the resistive display while using the stylus to navigate since I can get more precision & speed, and actually accomplish several things that I cannot do with my finger tips, like quickly and accurately drop in edit insertion points in text or draw to the edge of the screen. Also, my kids can watch a movie without inadvertently touching the screen and stopping the movie or exiting the application, which was a constant annoyance with the iPad.

The lack of native access to the online Android Marketplace was also an annoyance at first, until I discovered the Amazon.com Appstore for Android which delivered and managed every application I was looking for efficiently and elegantly. It even addresses device compatibility concerns and allows online test driving of many applications before purchasing. I understand that there is a way to add Android Marketplace support to the Kyros, as some reviewers have reported, but I never dittled with it.

It's not the best tablet computer out there, but at the price point it can't be beat.
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easy use

so far so good its a great product so far very easy to use great features great quality. I bought this because my husband wanted one really bad. since I had gotten him this product its very hard to get him off. but it does everything he want it to do. hopefully it keeps up the great work. I he really likes the music part of it light weight takes a good charge. what he doesn't like about the product is it doesn't have a camera. with a camera it would be the best. has very nice screen saver. head phones that comes with it is very nice. good Wi-Fi connection. nice screen it was refurbished but it seems like it was well thought out and taken good care of. the all around body of this product is .niceRead full review...



I'm not terribly impressed. It frustrated me within the first little bit of attempting to operate it. I expected it to be similar to the android phone platform but it is not. For starters, it uses a different market system. You can't get big popular android apps on the "Getjar" market like you can on the normal Android Market. Things like Pandora or Yahoo IM? forget it, you have to get knock offs of those. Another thing that aggravated me is that it's touch screen's sensitivity is super low. So you have to press hard with your finger for any response. It feels cheap also.. iunno.. Overall I'm not impressed. Wouldn't recommend it to anyone to be honest.. might be good for kids I guess but not for a tech savvy adult/teenRead full review...


Great value for the money.

I like the number of apps I've been able to install in it, unlike the Velocity Cruz tablet that I have. It came with Skype installed and I can't delete it. It's an app that I think drains the battery even though I have WiFi disabled. The screen is too soft and as a result it has scratches on it. It doesn'e affect the display, yet, but I'm afraid it might somewhere down the road. It responds better to the bulk end of a ball point pen than it does my finger. Overall it's a great value for the money. The seller was very responsive. The unit was delivered before the date promised.Read full review...


For the money you can't go wrong with the Coby Kyros!

Very easy to use, connects easily to existing WIFI systems. We have downloaded many apps, watched streaming video, used Facebook and other internet functions flawlessly.
We also have the new Kindle Fire which lists for double the cost. The Kyros performs almost all tasks equally. The grandchildren cannot get enough time on the Coby Kyros. Excellent product.Read full review...


Very. Nice

Well. Worth. The. Money

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: rdm307


It is my constant companion and has replaced my home computer!

I love my Kyros! My laptop's screen backlight went out and I was weighing the cost of repairing it against a new machine. I found the Coby Kyros for about $75.00 and figured it would cost more than that to repair the laptop, so I got the Kyros. It fits in my back pocket or in a sports coat breast pocket. I use it for reading, for tracking finances, for surfing the net, for watching downloaded reruns that I like, for taking notes in meetings (I have added a keyboard/case for about $10), for email...basically everything I would do on my laptop (which was my home computer) I do on this. It is my constant companion. There are two down sides (maybe one and a half). Because it is an Android, it uses a good bit of battery trying to connect to cellular service, which means to save the battery you have to put it into "airplane mode", but that is quick and easy to do. The biggest thing that it does not do that a home computer would do is play flash videos. I have found no compatible flash software for it. There seems to be apps galore for it and a lot of them are free. I wish I had do this years ago.Read full review...

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