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small radios do work good

very ery enteresting,never had a radio this small,buy after haveing it tune up
and talk on it,come to fine that it does carry a lot of power for something so small.i een put it to my 6 elerment beams and talk skip with it,i think more people need to give these little radios a chance to see how much they can really do,i am a cobra man but like i said neer had anything this small.and now my dealer has gotten 5 to sell.
thanks for making such good radio,as i said i do own the cobra 19-89-135-138-139-148-200 and the 2000,the only one i do not have is the cobra 1000,in which i can not fine wright now but maybe one day i will.
thanks again
jonny walker black113
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Simple to use! Cobra 19 DX IV

This is a really easy to use unit. It tunes well and picks up others from a good distance. Easy to hook up, If I can do it, anybody can do it! For being a cheaper entry level unit the Cobra 19 DX IV is well worth the money.

I had a Cobra 148 GTL and had no idea what I was doing with the thing. It had too many knobs and buttons and this is how I ended up with the Cobra 19 DX IV.
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Cobra 19 DX IV CB Radio

I am a field service tech.for a major manufacturer and make service calls to homes and businesses throughout my state and thus travel about eleven to twelve hundred miles per week. The cobra lets me monitor highway and traffic conditions along my routes saving a lot of time in needless delays. This particular unit is very compact yet has all the features and power I need to accomplish this task. Fit and finish are very good, controls simple and easy to use without diverting attention from the road. All in all a very nifty package. I am quite pleased.Read full review...


Cobra radios are the most mintenance free radio on the market. my opinion!

First of all I am a great fan of Cobra cb radios. These radios are compact. They are stylish. They are maintenace free. They perform great. They are easy to mount. Cobra has been the leading radio for truckers for years. if these radios can stand up to the beating they receive in a big truck then thats good enough for me. will buy again. with slight mod Cobra will talk with the big radios at 1/3 the price. cant beat Cobra radios.Read full review...


CB Radio with size and performance

I bought the radio for my fiance for christmas. He needed it for the equipment he operates to talk to truck drivers in a local sand pit. He needed something that was small and compact. Easy to install and easy to operate. Cobra offers many sizes and styles to accomodate the user.

This radio works wonderful for my fiance with the compatability and the size. He mounted it near where he can use it and he can take it out when he is done and use it in his pick-up if needed. Cobra has a history of bringing a dependable and reliable CB radio for the amature to use for fun or for a buisness.

I would recommend this radio for anyone who is looking for a small radio to use and does not have a lot of experience on how to hook up or unhook for their personal use. It is also small enough for a traveler going the distance to hook in their personal car or truck to hear what is going on around them on interstates of in town and also to help getting directions.
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its for sure a cobra product great radio

really love this radio its easy to use and compact enough to save room and worked great. got great range before tuning in the antenna .


Cobra 19 DX IV

Great little radio. I wanted a small compact radio and this is a good one. I wish the power wires were the typical plug in style. That is the one change I would like to see. That would make it easier to take out and leave locked away so it doesn't give people a reason to break in to the truck while parked for long periods.Read full review...


great product

we bought the cobra for over the road. We like the size for it is easier to find a place to install in the truck. the cobra has always last a long time and we are happy to say that is one of our best buys thx thisandthat-4now...by a-z householdRead full review...


Low Cost CB

Probably the lowest priced CB on the market. Small & compact. The microphone is sort of clumbsy, but overall I am satisfied. My main usage is short range.

I bought it from a "Betterwaytobuy.net". I ordered it & rec'd it three days later, which I thought was rather remarkable.Read full review...


Great CB Radio

this product is easy to use and the price was great. I would suggest this product to anyone who is looking for a good CB radio.

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