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A disposable video camera - what a concept!

I'll start out with the good things: This camera is tiny and light enough to carry in a purse. It's cute and not overly conspicuous when you want to take candid video.


I had to purchase an SD card because it wouldn't work without it. The images are dark and slightly pixelated, moreso when zoomed in. I bought it to record events at an outdoor Renaissance Faire. The recordings look like the day was overcast even though it was shot in bright daylight. It was difficult to hear what people were saying and much of the detail was lost. It has the same picture quality as the cheapie disposable cameras you get at the dollar store.

The bottom line:
I'm giving it to my 10-yr old and spending a bit more on a decent camera for myself. This definitely is a case of getting what you pay for.
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you get what you pay for

1st this is a very small yet very cute camcorder and super lightweight.Very simply put in ur purse or anywhere else.Its very simple to use also. But if your looking for great quality this is not it. Picture is a bit dark and if you zoom in.. it ends up looking like everything is a drawn picture with black outline.Basically Im handing this camcorder over to my 12 year old. Chances are she will enjoy it more than I can...you get what you pay forRead full review...


Good for a child's first camera

This was excellent for my 9 year old daughter for Christmas. She wanted a camera, and I wanted to know how she would take care of it. For a very small investment, she is happily using it to tape her brother and sister and her choreography she makes up for dance. She is very happy with the camera, but batteries don't last for long. Be sure to buy a LOT of them!Read full review...


Excellent price, pic's and easy enough for this Granny to use!!

I am extremely pleased with this purchase. I bought this for a vacation trip to meet my newest grandchild. It came with a great little carry pouch and is easy to get out turn on and shoot!! I am not savvy technically but this is a breeze to use. The instuctions are very clear and it also came with a usb plug and a disc that I have not used yet. I'm sure it will show even more operating tips. The picture quality is great and it turns off automatically if you stop filming for a bit. Good battery saver. It takes regular batteries that are available just about everywhere instead of those fancy little round ones that all pretty much look alike until you get them home!! This really was a great item for a great price and definately takes better pics than my Galaxy 3 phone. My only complaint is that I am not a "red" person but for the quality and the price I may learn to love it.Read full review...


No estoy satisfecho

Distinguished Ebay.
My latest acquisition by Ebay, as you know was a camera Cobra Digital DVC910 16 MB Camcorder - Red I express that I am not Agustos with the appliance. They did not explain in its description that the camera works with alkaline, ie, I have to buy the same at end load.
If I had not bought it explained this, because I can not use it with such batteries.
In other words, do not like the product, I am not satisfied.

Att. Enrique Antigua

PD. Ebay is not to blame, it was simply a channel to make the purchase.

A hug.
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awesome camcorder

love the camcorder its just the right size for my purse its has great quality for pictures love it thats all i can say


great product for cheep price

its very good camcorder and easy to use and it's not heavy camera. you can put SD card in it. good flash light


nice to have if you get it at a good price

It is alot smaller than I thought it would be. It is very portable and also memory can be expanded. LCD flash makes it useful in low lighted areas.


Good very basic little camera

Good very basic little camera I use it mostly for webcam.simpleand easy to use alternative for hd webcam.



EXCELLENT PURCHASE especially for the price. I bought this camera for my nephew to use in his high school photography class and he loves it. He loves the facebook connection !!!

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