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Classic Adam Sandler.

Classic Adam Sandler.

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Click (DVD, 2006, Special Edition)

"Click" is a very interesting comedy, with a serious approach about the importance of having a balanced life between family and work businesses. Adam Sandler performs the role of a liberal professional that does not give priority to his family trying to be successful in his own career, and having the chance to see how his procedure would affect his beloved family. There are some low level jokes, like the "entertainment" of his dog, but they are also hilarious. Kate Beckinsale is extremely beautiful, as usual, and shows a great chemistry with Adam Sandler. Christopher Walken is very funny in the role of a quite crazy angel. In the end, this highly recommended "Click" is a big surprise, leaving the important message that family comes first and many entertaining moments.Read full review...


Good Entertainment

I wasn't expecting much when I originally rented Click because I hadn't heard of it [either a lack of promotion or I just plain missed it]. I liked this movie for a variety of reasons. The storyline was interesting and not quite what I expected. There was an overall message of 'family' that comes through in a positive way, especially toward the end. Click starts out as comedy and slowly progresses toward a more serious note which is necessary to to develop the overall message.

It's mostly harmless with occasional swearing and light sexual content. Adam Sandler [as Michael Newman] handles his role well, retaining the character we are familiar with from his previous comedic and more serious roles [like Spanglish]. Kate Beckinsale is, well, as pleasant on the eyes as ever and is great as Michael's wife.

All in all, a likable movie that may have went largely unnoticed. And while this may not appeal to Sandler fans who are looking for lots of laughs in the form of crude, sophmoric humor, it's positive message about family and life, and mix of humor and seriousness should appeal to a larger base.
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click -dvd

Click is a film a lot of Adam Sandler fans are divided on but this movie was close to perfect Ilove this movie. Click was directed by Frank Coraci who directed the Waterboy & The Wedding Singer so he knows how to use Sandler right unlike a lot of other Sandler movies. It stars Adam Sandler as Michael Newman Kate Beckinsale as Donna Newman Christoper Walken as Morty & David Hasselhoff as Mr.Ammer. Plot is Michael Newman is a workaholic who just can't seem to fit anytime in for his Wife & kids. His Wife Donna doesn't like the fact that he can't keep his promises to the kids. Later he goes to a Bed Bath & Beyond he finds a room called Beyond this guy named Morty gives him a remote that controls his universe. The remote ends up taking control & fast forwards through his kids growing up his marriage falls apart & Donna's with this other guy. It even skips his Dad's death he never learned the quarter trick that he wanted to know since he was a kid it's a heartbreaking scene. I'm not spoiling it for you Click is a movie that earned my laughs & it leaves you with a good feeling at the end. I like how it didn't say it was totally a dream leaving it open.Read full review...


Called a 21st century remake of It’s a Wonderful Life

Called a 21st century remake of It’s a Wonderful Life (1946), Click (2006) is Adam Sandler’s second take in this genre (after Mr. Deeds (2002)) but with an added twist—“a universal remote control that remote controls his universe.”

Playing architect Michael Newman, Sandler’s character is not unlike most employees nowadays—who dream big. Wanting what everyone else covets—becoming a boss, a big shot, so that he can eventually hire idiots to do his work for him.

But at what cost?

With the excessive demands of his boss John Ammer (David Hasselhoff—its so weird hearing The Hoff’ call someone else “Michael.”), Newman (Sandler) workaholic tendencies become more apparent as he foregoes quality time with his family (children (Ben (Joseph Castanon) and Samantha (Tatum McCann), wife (Donna (Kate Beckinsale)), and parents (Theodore K. "Ted" Newman (Henry Winkler) and Gertrude "Trudy" Newman (Julie Kavner)) in order to pursue the American Dream.

That is until an inadvertent evening trip to Bed Bath & Beyond (BBB) in search of a universal remote—which he had hoped would “make life easier; quicker; not that much complicated”—turned out to be more than what he bargained for.

Enter BBB employee named Morty (Christopher Walken) and his non-refundable universal remote. Morty is cryptic as to the true nature of the device which he bestows onto Newman.

Newman discovers that the universal remote not only works on his television but on his Labrador named Sundance as well. Newman begins to frequently use the device and fast forward’s though other facets of his life that he is unwilling to deal with at that moment such as: arguments, Sundance taking a dump, shifting things to his favor, disturbances, sickness, showering, travel, a tan, a boring seminar, promotions, and “family time.” In the end, the remote assimilated his preferences and only his work remained.

One year goes by. Ten. Six. Seven. Newman’s life flashes before him.

His children have grown.

His father has passed away.

He losses his wife to a hobbit (“Captain Speedo” Bill played by Sean Astin is also Hobbit Samwise Gamgee of Lord of the Rings fame— Ouch, baby, very ouch).

Newman got what he wanted, he became a renowned architect. A boss. A big shot.

But was it worth it?

Newman finally sees the importance of his family.

Family first.

And luckily--much like "It’s a Wonderful Life’s" lead character George Bailey--Newman has a chance to do things right a second time.
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Great Movie!

Has a lot of humerus situations but also the serious situations in life that we don't always see in a movie. It was well written, but dragged out a tiny bit in a couple of places where it was really depressing but then it brightened up and flowed nicely again. We will definitely watch this movie again, it's great!Read full review...


Quality Adam Sandler Movie

Click was directed by Frank Coraci who also directed Sandler in the Wedding Singer and the Waterboy. The movie centers around Michael Newman (Sandler)who is an overworked and frustrated architect. His wife Donna (Kate Beckinsale)constantly complains that Newman neglects his family in favor of his work. His boss, played by David Hasselhoff, is constantly giving him more and more work which is causing more problems at home. One night Newman, frustrated at his lack of a remote control for his television, drives to Bed, Bath and Beyond in search of a new remote. After entering the "Beyond" section he meets Morty, played by Christopher Walken, who provides him with a Universal Remote. This remote changes more than just the tv, it can change Newman's universe.

Sandler gives his best performance since he starred in the Wedding Singer. He's simultaneously funny and sympathetic and some of the scenes in the movie make you laugh out loud. Kate Beckinsale is excellent and Christopher Walken is his usually creepy self although he does have a few funny lines. The movie starts out as a typical Sandler comedy but eventually attempts to make a statement reinforcing family values.

The movie is rated PG-13 and absolutely deserves that rating. There are also some decent extras on the dvd including deleted scenes, some commentaries, and some behind the scenes features. Overall, Click is a good movie even if it gets a little preachy and dramatic at the end. Some of the scenes are laugh out loud funny, the soundtrack is excellent, and the acting is solid. Finally, the ending is extremely predictable but still entertaining and after all what's wrong with a happy ending.
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Awesome story! Incredibly and surprisingly very very moving for a comedy!

Wow, what a story! It's a great story. Besides being a great fan of Sandler, his comedy and cast, this is a great story, very creative, very smart and incredibly touching, deep, moving! I bought this for the second time as a gift for somebody very special to me! I mean, not kidding, after watching this, I grabbed the phone and called my parents in my country. It's that moving!
Love Kate Beckinsale (she's my impossible love), love all the extra features on this DVD. It's just great!
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AN AWESOME FILM!! Dont let life pass you by!! 10/10

What a GREAT MOVIE!! We wanted this movie for awhile after it came out, bought it and didnt care much for it, based on the middle through the end of the movie. It then sat on the shelf for months and collected dust. We just recently pulled it out and watched it again! We were VERY IMPRESSED!!!!!
Considering this time in our lives(my life personally), this movie fits it to a T! There are many times when you just want to fast-forward through much of life, and you end up missing many of the best parts, only to later regret it. Working 120+ hours per week and having your life business-based(rather than family based) can lead you to an early grave with many missed memories!


This movie is just that... he fast-forwards through much of life due to lack of time and his very serious business/life goals. At the beginning, he was fine with it, and soon it became out of control! He lost everything family-wise, but had everything successful-wise!

We can relate to this movie VERY VERY well, and highly recommend it!

It may bring a tear to your eye....... then at the end there is a VERY unexpected twist, and not one you'd think!

GREAT ACTING CAST!! It will keep your attention from beginning to end! If you didnt care for it the first couple of times you watched it, take some time, sit down, relax...... watch it again(thoroughly). It really is a GREAT MOVIE that describes the life of many of us out there.


Buy It?? YES!!

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Don't Touch The Remote!

If it weren't for absolutely gorgeous Kate Beckinsale and a quirky performance by Christopher Walken, this movie would be a total loss. Adam Sandler is distinctly unappealing as a junk food-eating, overworked, pre-obese guy who gets a lesson a la "It's a Wonderful Life" in what life would be if it was as Sandler wished it. Walken as a Bed Bath & Beyond ethereal salesman gives Sandler a Universal Remote which has the power to control real-life actions, e.g., pausing, fast-forwarding, etc. At first Sandler restricts himself to the predictable gag uses (pausing the action of the town bully having a catch with his son so that the bully is hit in the face by the ball) or just racing through inconvenient moments such as fights with his wife or traffic jams. But, of course, he graduates to major leaps in time and change of life events that can only lead to trouble. When the remote starts to act on its own in response to Sandler's established preferences, life literally moves too fast. Of course there is a lesson in priorities and we can all guess the "dreamy" ending. But other than Beckinsale and Walken (and kudos David Hasselhoff in a kitschy Robert Wagner does #2 role), the characters are singularly unappealing and unmemorable. Julie Kavner and Henry Winkler as Sandler's Jewishy stereotypical parents/grandparents are pathetic. Gonna content myself listening to "The Hanukah Song" this Holiday season.Read full review...

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