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Engaging spy send-up.

Fun frolic of spy genre, with plenty of action and engaging characters. The unwilling hero is a welcome switch from the standard heroic hero.

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Chuck is the best!

Chuck is a smart, funny, engaging tv show! The writing is fabulous and pulls from pop culture! Dvds eliminate commercials and have added features. Nice bonus for Chuck fans like me!

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Fun, Fabulous, Engaging, Top-Notch

Excellent Series, just keeps getting better and better (I'm up to Season 4 now)

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good show

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I purchased it for my son for xmas and he absolutely loves it and watches over and over and over again. And from the upstairs where my room I know when he is watching it because I hear laughing so hard he gets me laughing and I'm not even down there watching it with him, he wants to get all of the sets now. My son swears this is the best show ever put on tv, he goes to netflix and hulu to watch other episodes. It was well worth the month and to hear my son enjoy it this much is wonderful. Everyone who reads you must buy it and add it to your collections and place this as a #1 Thumbs Up :) THIS IS A MUST HAVE SO GET YOURS TODAY AND START LAUGHINGRead full review...


Great Fun & Entertaining To Watch!

I first watched Chuck when it debuted in the 2007-08 tv season.
And I was hooked from the start, the pilot was excellent and
each episode kept me watching. Acting, direction and storylines
were first rate all around. I have seen most episodes in
seasons 2 and 3 though not too many from season 4. I will also
buy the previous seasons to get caught up with the show. A
first rate dramedy and I am a big fan of Zachary Levi. And
Yvonne Strahovski is so lovely to watch. My highest recommendation for a television series!

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Chuck - "Nerd Herd" Hero!

I bought this DVD set for my wife for her birthday. Because of her work schedule, she hasn't been able to watch it regularly on TV, so I thought I'd surprise her with this DVD set.

My wife was very happy and loves the show. I've watched a couple of the episodes with her and I think it's a good show too. I had never seen the pilot, so I didn't know for sure what was going on when I occasionally saw it on TV. Now that I've seen the pilot and I understand the plot, I find it entertaining.

My wife and I look for different things in entertainment. She likes intrigue and "double crossing" and suspense — especially in "secret agent" type movies and TV shows. I on the other hand, just like to laugh and don't like to "work too hard" in trying to follow a lot of plot twists and who is a double- and triple- agent. I like my "good guys" and my "bad guys" to be fairly obvious. So far, "Chuck" has managed to keep both of us interested, even though we have quite different styles when it comes to entertainment.

I would recommend this show to someone looking for a fun romp that based on the interactions of a reluctant hero (Chuck), geeky computer nerds (Chuck and Morgan), a beautiful secret agent (Sarah) and a deadly hit man (Casey) plus an assortment of funny supporting characters (Chuck's sister, her boyfriend and other geeks at the store where Chuck and Morgan work.)
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CHUCK-The complete First Season

I actually purchased this DVD several months ago - ABSOLUTLEY LOVED IT - and now bought this same one as a gift for a friend. All 4 discs are so entertaining, I never want to stop with viewing just the first one. It has Comedy ( clean family type comedy) and intruge. You grow to really care about these people and what happens in their lives. Each twist and turn of the story line you are drawn in until you can't wait to see what happens next. I highly recommend this DVD !!!Read full review...


Chuck = Great Show

The 'Action-Comedy' TV Series known as Chuck is the show I've been dying for all my life. I love shows like NCIS and CSI with the guns and shooting and investigating; however, those shows seem to lack any type of humor. Chuck nails it. The writers and producers PERFECTLY mix guns, humor and romance between the characters.
There seriously isn't anything bad I can say about this show. I found Season 2 at a local Wal Mart but they didn't have Season 1. eBay saves the day again.
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This is a great show with great music one that you will not stop loving.

Funny Plot with great characters, makes you feel for them every time you see them. This show also has some of the best music I have heard from a TV show, great taste. If you haven't seen a show and you want something to laugh and get pumped about try this out, you will not be disappointed.Read full review...

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