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The Celestron Powerseeker

Over all the Power seeker is a very good telescope . It needs help from its manufacture such as the most important part. The focuser it is of very poor quality and almost impossible to focus. I do have too say one thing it is built strong. And a snap too set-up!!Read full review...

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Selestron 127EQ

hello all , the telescope its self seem's ok for a beginner ,but the stand and mount are total rubbish , i had to spend 1 .1/2 hours pulling it apart and ajusting / mod it a bit so it would sort of work ,but i would not buy another one of these ,,,yes i am a beginner but if i wasnt a bit mechanical this mount would not be usable at all ,a grate way to put off a new bee like myself . i did send a email about it but got no reply so far ,,i Recomend doing your home work about this type of mount / telescope . for a few more bucks after realy looking and doing my home work,,, i should have got the ( Dobsonian ) .....good luck all and i hope this helps others . regardsRead full review...

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Stay Away - Not a Newtonian telescope - Poor Optics.

Bought one as a Christmas gift, only to return it after looking at the Stars one time.
First of all, I am an amateur astronomer with 45 years experience making, aligning and using telescopes
so I am qualified to review this scope.
First issue - Finder scope could not be aligned with the main scope - the screws werent long enoug to allow the travel needed to align it.
The BIG issue - It is NOT a Newtonian like it looks. It is a Bird Jones hybrid, with a cheaply made spherical primary mirror, Not a Parabolic one. This design uses a negative lens (like a barlow) in the focuser to increase the focal length and supposedly correct for the uncorrected sperical mirror. It didnt work!
I carefully aligned, then lazer aligned the optics and took it out for a star test. It showed really bad Coma - the stars looked like opened Japanese fans. Attempting fine collimation made no difference.
This looks like a very well constructed scope, with a precision mount.
It is actually an attractive, sturdy Boat Anchor.
If they had taken the time to make this a short focus Newtonian with a Parabolic mirrror, it would be a fantastic first scope. Other brands, like orion, have real Newtonian scopes in the same general price range - just make SURE they say Newtonian ot Maksutov cassegrain. They will not tell you if a company is selling a Bird- Jones scope- it's reputation is so bad they try to hide it's not a Newtonian.
I have always had great luck with Celestron. I have 10 inch and 14 in Newtonian now and they are fantastic scopes with great optics. They really dropped the ball on using the Bird Jones design to cut costs.
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EQ 127

Not as easy to use as the last one i had but easier to set up harder to keep the spotter scope aligned because of shims to go with the tightening screws. But well worth the money if we could get the planets to show up earlier it would be nice.Read full review...

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Celestron 127 EQ comes missing many components.

This is a task for an accomplished artist in construction. There is no obvious coherent pattern where a-follows b. Most of the material of the legs and body are marginal at best . They seem to bend and break easily. The lenses have black spots in them. I suspect somehow they detract from the light transmittal quality. There is no motor in the kit though the sales Flyer said there would be one. No motor = no following stars in their nightly movements.Read full review...

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It works, but frustrating and time consumming.

This telescope is only satisfactory as a starter telescope, and then, only if you have patience and time. The dilemma is clear: not knowing how interested you or your family will be in using and enjoying a telescope until you try it, one is reluctant to spend the considerable amount of money that is required to purchase a high quality instrument. Any less expensive equipment (under $300-400) is going to be a compromise of some sort. In the case of the Celestron 127, the compromise is in it's clarity of focus and quality of tracking and adjustment mechanisms. They all work, but are clearly inexpensively manufactured. It was said in the reviews I read before this purchase that better optical eyepieces, which can be purchased readily, would be desired. However, the dilemma rules again; should I take the chance on spending more money without the guarantee that the better quality eyepieces will satisfactorily correct the deficiencies? I will be doing more research on this before deciding.Read full review...


Good telescope

I was a little bit skeptical of this telescope because of its price an what was promoting of it capabilities, but I feel satisfy with it. I already has the opportunity to watch Jupiter an its moons, Mars a Saturn and its ring. of course they appears small shape. Using the barlow lens does not help magnification make image distortion on my telescope I already order a set of celestron eyepieces and filters to help in correction of the image of the planet. overall I recommend the telescope.Read full review...

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Celestron Telescope

Easy to assemble.Made of good quality material.Scope would be easy to use if i have better instructions for a first time beginner like me. how to use each lens and in what combination you can use lens in.Other than that i am very happy with scope.Read full review...

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Reveiw for the Celestron 127EQ

With a few modifications I changed the Celestron 127EQ to one that operates like a more expensive model. I added small amounts of Lithium grease to all the thread parts which greatly smooths the tracking. I also bought a better finder scope, Barlow lense, and a telescopic eyepiece.

So now it is a great telescope.
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Good product but obviously pre-owned

I truly enjoy this telescope! But, when it didn't come with instructions I had to find assembly instructions online. That's when I realized it was obviously a pre-owned telescope and maybe refurbished. Most of it was already assembled and I had to skip a lot of the instructions. Overall it's still a great telescope just disappointed it wasn't stated "pr-owned".Read full review...

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