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Casio G'zOne Boulder C711 - Orange

This is seriously the toughest little flip phone you will ever find. It can really take a beating. The replaceable extended use battery lasts for days. The available charging dock is great. Just pop the phone into the cradle without having to open the tab. The MicroSD provides extra storage so you can carry your own tunes, photos, etc.. The Casio G'zOne Boulder is easy to use and has loads of fun and useful options...flashlight, pedometer, compass, calendar, calculator and much more. It fits snug in your hand and in your pocket. And this color is not only good looking it makes it easy to locate. :) If you or a loved one prefer an old school flip phone or would just like to have a sturdy spare on hand this is a great choice. I wish Casio would continue to offer this phone but with the newer and faster 4G/LTE. As of now it is still only 3G.Read full review...

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Cumbersome and bulky

For it's small overall profile the phone is suprisingly bulky. This is due to the oversized rear mounted battery which holds a charge about as efficiently as a government run operation.

The functionality is crude. For instance - when sending multiple texts there is no alphabetic prompt; one must type out the entire name of each recipient exactly as it appears in the phone book.

The text function lacks an auto capitalization feature, and my phone repeatedly defauilts to numerals. This is annoying.

The reception is inferior to my previous phone - a basic LG flip model.

My summarized conclusion:

short battery life
inferior reception
clumsy text function
bulky design

Hate it.
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I really like this phone. It is small, waterproof and easy to use. I wish the manual came with the box instead of having to get on the computer.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: cell4u_1


Toughest phone available

I just ordered a replacement for my original orange Boulder. That one lasted almost nine years (with replacement batteries), and survived numerous drops to concrete off of ladders and from the truck. It swam in buckets of water and puddles, I found it floating face down one day in a bucket of paint years ago. It worked fine through all that abuse, plus some. It wasn't as tight and waterproof as it once was, and finally met it's end while in a sweatshirt front pocket with three eggs. I was clearing snow from the chicken yard, had collected the eggs first, and did not realize the eggs somehow got broken. The phone was infiltrated with raw scrambled eggs, including behind the battery and in every speaker/earpiece tiny hole. I did clean it out the best I could, and it again worked fine.... for about a month. It simply froze yesterday while answering a call. I couldn't answer, I couldn't turn it off, I couldn't return the call. After removing and reinstalling the battery, it powered up as usual, but none of the buttons work, including holding down the call end button to turn it off. It's finally finished. But, to last through what it's endured, I've been impressed enough to make it my next phone again. I don't want or need to do internet on the phone. It's a PHONE. ....and this one is the best phone out there. I'm glad some are still available, because Verizon hasn't offered them in years. Imagine dropping an iphone or any other "smart phone" from a ladder while answering. Imagine stepping on it. Imagine having it go through the washing machine. Get the picture yet? If you get one of these, extended life batteries are available and are inexpensive. It's worth the buy. Anyhow, good luck, you can't go wrong with a Boulder, if a phone is all you need.Read full review...

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Small & weightless

They were excellent on the shipping !!! I got it very fast The sound has been ok I can hear people & people can hear me fine ! It just doesn't pick up at all when I am in the basement or in more closed in area's the reception is really bad !!! The phone is very small & it does what I need it to do just fine & the pix are not bad at all either, over all I think the phone is good.I just think that $ 80.00 was alittle to high for what you are getting. But overall it's been a good little phone !!!Read full review...

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Boulder phone

The battery doesn't last that long. Sometimes the hues on this phone are correct. Sometimes they are really pink. The phone works though and considering this phone was released on July 28th 2008 I can't complain.Read full review...

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Had so much hope for this phone

My son has used this phone for years doing hvy construction. I bought it as it seemed to be bullet proof in his enviornment. This POS lasted less than 6 months and was dead as a door nail.
Pure junk.Read full review...


It's not like the Gzone

I have the Gzone (black and red) for a secondary line and wanted something similar for a 3rd line - just not the same so the kids don't confuse them. I was a little disappointed with it. It's not as rugged and it has a recharger unique to the phone. Which is a huge headache when moving around.Read full review...

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Rugged Military Spec Phone

Large easy read user interface when closed. Stands up drops or spills. Better with larger optional battery than smaller std battery that get with product. Especially love light up orange numerals when phone on. Takes decent photos and has enough bells & whistles to satisfy those of us who aren't looking to use phone in lieu pc when on go.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: dealscaly


A tough dependable phone!

What can I say, I've had this thing thru 2 free phone upgrades thru my company's Verizon 2-every-2 plan.That means that there are four brand new phones still in boxes because I prefer to use this one. Rugged, dependable, almost indestructible, with just the right amount of features to keep me happy. I work in the agricultural industry and my old G'zone had terrible things done to it over the years, and it still came up smiling. As long as these phones are available AND Verizon allows me to keep my "minutes" plan, I will keep this phone, thank you.

Oh,always get an extended life battery (the thick one) When new, they hold a charge for damn near a week!

Now the minuses:

1.Always get a G'zone Boulder with the added, front and rear speakers. My replacement only has the rear, and volume is not what I am used to. A minor point.

2.That darn battery lock in back is the weakest point on the phone. I've had to replace my two times after it snapped out/off after a severe mishap. Fortunately the replacement kits were available.

3.The battery adapter plug fits into a standard phone cradle, no problem there, however when using the adapter WITHOUT the cradle, or using the car charger, you must insert the adapter plug into a slot in the bottom of the phone, an extremely tight fit. It is impossible to plug in at night, and that tight fit has led to my pulling the battery jack section right out of the motherboard on both phones. Admittedly this was after a number of years of hard use, and you could still charge the phone in the cradle so it was still usable. I simply kept a small A/C adapter in my glove box to plug in the phone cradle until my new phone came in.

All in all, this is a superior quality product, which is probably why they no longer make them. While my company's salespeople have gone to smart phones,a modern business necessity, the majority of my mechanics still carry their G'zones because of their rugged dependability.
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