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"Casino" is, without doubt one of the best films by Scorsese. The film runs for almost three hours and events take their time to unravel, and rightly so.

The performances: Robert De Niro is one of the finest actors to come out of Hollywood and that's a universal fact! In this movie, he delivers a performance that qualifies as one his best after 'Raging Bull'. He appears super-cool as the Casino operator and you cannot help but sympathize with him in some later parts of the movie when he is having a bad time because of various reasons. Trust him to play an all-in-one character: a mob-connected Casino guy, a friend and a loving father all at the same time! His powerful performance in this movie has to be seen to be believed. It is nothing short of mind-blowing!

Joe Pesci..what can one say about this guy! Delivering sharp dialogs and firing those F-words with a one-of-a-kind punch is something only he can do! He plays a wicked, wicked character who also cares for his boy-hood friend, Sam. Another brilliant performance after GoodFellas, he is the finest choice for his role.

Sharon Stone: Superb!! I never thought I would feel that about her performance, but indeed, she gets a hell of a chance to act here..and she does it exceedingly well! The drunk hustler who cannot find happiness is played to perfection by Sharon...I guess it is also kudos to the director for bringing out the actor in her.

Then there are some wonderful, but small supporting performances by James Woods as Lester Diamond, Frank Vincent as Frank Marino, Alan King as Andy Stone and Kevin Pollak (The Usual Suspects) as Phillip Green. Special mention here, of Pasquale Cajano, who is superb as the mob boss, Remo Gaggi.

The soundtrack is very much like that in GoodFellas. And much in the same manner, there is some playful rock'n'roll music playing in the background during any violent scene of crime!

The dialog is brilliant. Robert Richardson's cinematography is amazing. The wonderful screenplay for the film is co-written by Nicolas Pileggi who is also the author of the book.

As mentioned before, the film runs for about 3 hours but there is not a single moment when you'd want to take your eyes off the screen.

An under-rated classic, this one deserves a rightful place up there along with Scorsese's other acclaimed classics.
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Great Movie

I am very happy with this purchase and glad to add this movie to my collection

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Casino 1995 film

Excellent movie, a very accurate portrayal of the real lives of the mafia and their affiliates in the 70's and early 80's.

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Great movie

A great movie with great actors

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Good vid

Good product

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A Wonderful Scorsese Film

It's a look at the grimy undeside of a Las Vegas casino, and the goings-on and power struggles between the 'made' guys and, eventually, the locals. DeNiro and Pesce are an unbeatable combination, and this film follows 'Goodfellas', which also chronicles mob life.
Some of the scenes in Casino are so realistic that it feels like that we are given an inside look at what really happens.
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Nice deal

Was what I was looking for at a good price


Good deal

Used dvd but good condition. Came in 4 days

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Thank you sean

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My favorite movie ever

This is one the greatest movies all time, with an all star cast, including Robert De Niro, who is one of my favorite actors, he certainly delivered one of his best performances ever. Youre sure to enjoy this movie, if you enjoy true life story movies.Read full review...

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