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oldie, but a goodie

I love this film, and I love the characters. Set in World War II the film introduces the first Marvel Avenger. Steve Rogers, a frail “little guy” is given the opportunity to serve in the fictional SSR, Strategic Science Research Division if, he is willing to allow a German doctor to experiment on him with a super serum. Rogers is chosen due to his temperament; a frail guy with a lot of guts, intuition, perseverance and compassion. His lifelong friendship is a clue to his devotion to all things that matter and also sets the stage for later Captain America films in the Marvel franchise. Chris Evans, cast as Steve Rogers, is fantastic in the role of bringing mental as well as physical strength to Roger’s transformation. It is a film that also should remind us of our military’s commitment during the World War as well as our allies’ commitments, and this is reflected in the military footage, the posters, flyers and even the defense bonds sold in that time. It’s retro but retro/old fashioned can be a good thing…and this film is.Read full review...

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Its a bird, its a plane, no its....a man holding a sheild. 3.75stars

This was great to see one of my boyhood comic book characters come to life on the big screen. I really enjoyed this movie, sticking to my rules on reviews I won't go into details about the movie. But HEY!, what really is their to know? It's captin america on a big budget film. I think the movie did a great job in breaking in the character to people whom might not of known much about him. But as far as it rates with the other "hero" type movies, Spiderman, Batman, Thor, Ironman ect. I felt it was kinda weak. I almost rated this movie a 3star! In a perfect rating system it would go for me as a 3.75stars. Its worth watching/owning. But don't expect to be blown away with cutting edge stuff. But for me, just getting a chance to "geek out" and see 1 of my again, boyhood hero's jump to life again with so many others on the big screen made the movie a must see. ITs much better then greenlanter, but not as good as Iron man. I feel like maybe they just kinda pump these movies out in order to get people excited about the Avengers. The last really good movie they did about a super hero was Ironman. And this is no Ironman. Overall, I don't think you'll be disappointed, and its worth buying. Just not a 5star movie.Read full review...


First of the Captain America Trilogy

This is a very interesting movie with an important content, especially in the context of this one and 'Captain America, The Winter Soldier'. I think the third one, 'Civil War', will follow by culminating the series with a serious message for what's going on in our world today. I'm looking forward to its release. The characters are well done with great acting. In my opinion, well worth seeing all three.Read full review...

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Captain America... Wonderful!

I love Marvels! ALL Marvels! Lets me get away from reality for what, 2 1/2 hours or so! Can't beat it! No sex, No strong language. Most Marvels are this way and I love it!

However, I am completely saddened that Mark will not be returning to the franchise as the Incredible Hulk! I've grown accustomed to his face and I'm not the only one!
:-( Bring him back! Pass it on please!
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Captain America 1st Avenger is the right title for this film!!!!!!!!

Saw it years ago great film a must have in anyone Dvd collection this movie ties into Endgame do not pass this one up before it goes away and the price goes up!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A Fun Time With An American Hero That Has Never Gotten The Respect Deserved

This film reveals the origin of Captain America with Chris Evans as our hero. For the superhero movie fan it is an enjoyable trip from the serials of the 1940's and through to the action packed hero movies of the late 1980s that began with Michael Keaton's "Batman" and beyond. “Captain America,” is based on a character that first appeared in comics and movie serials in the early 1940s along with all of the other escape heroes like Superman and Batman.
“Captain America” is not original in any of it's creativity. There are hints of Indiana Jones, 1940's serials (as stated before) and the movie, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. It does, however, take these things and make an enjoyable movie.
If you like your super heroes, you'll love this movie.
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Best of the Avengers stories

This superhero retains his underdog determination after transformation. Reminded me of the Iron Giant's heart. Tommy Lee character has best line: "If you have something to say, this would be the perfect time to keep it to yourself."Read full review...

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Great movie and morals! Totally worth the money!

Don't be fooled (only a 1 disc), but it is well worth it! This movie takes you back to WWII but incorporates a new character into the mix, Captain America! He initially doesn't start out as a superhero, but as a small guy who wants a part in America's fight for their freedom. This DVD includes a few featurettes on the movie and Capt. America's patriotic uniform which aren't the best, but the movie terrifically makes up for it. Overall, this movie is one that the whole family will enjoy and will truly want to watch again and again.Read full review...


Starting my collection of MC movies!!!

Big fan of Marvel Comics (ageless classics) 5 Star service

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Captain America the first avenger is an action/war movie- A Guy Flick

This movie is a good one for those who like and appreciate the "War movie" type setting. The acting is good and the cast is a good cast for this type of movie. It has Tommy Lee Jones and Chris Evans in it. They play just a couple of the main characters. It has some good action scenes throughout the movie but, there are quite a few non-action scenes that tend to make the movie drag out some.It starts out slow but does build up and ends with some good action. I would recommend this movie for adults and older teens due to the nature of this being so much like a war film. The guys will probably like it more. This is definitely not a chick flick or a family movie. I gave it 3 stars since it is a good movie but it would have a limited audience that would enjoy or appreciate it.Read full review...

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